Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

9 Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home | Signs of Bad Energy in Your Home

Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home | Signs of Negative Energy in House | Bad Energy in a House | Symptoms of Negative Energy in The House

Our Home is a space that gives a kind of peace and pleasure that no luxury can give. I am sure you agree with me. Unfortunately, sometimes things keep going wrong and we feel the absence of those peace and pleasure.

Emotions are energy and it generates from the kind of energy available around us. If the amount of negative energy increases or any negative energy enters into home, the positive vibes get absent.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the most crucial Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home. It will help you find the happiness block in your home and clear it.

9 Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

1- Persistent Fatigue and Lack of Motivation

Are you someone who is self inspired and has big goals to achieve? If the answer is yes and suddenly you are finding yourself blocked, unable to finish your daily task, you must pay attention around you.

First and foremost Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home is a sense of losing motivation to do your business. In other words, simply not finishing your daily task can be a sign of block in your life or home.

Feeling low energy, thinking negative about results or finding yourself distracted might be an indication to cleanse and energize your space.

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2- Unexplained Mood Swings

Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

Negative thoughts and random mood swings are not at all normal, it’s a sign for you to pay extra attention to yourself. If your home doesn’t make you feel calm and happy, it needs cleansing and healing.

Even if any of your family members seems aggressive, sick or not normal, it’s one of the Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home. Use any of the cleansing methods like salt water and cleanse your home.

Decluttering your space naturally enhances the house energy and half of the problems immediately goes away.

3- Sleep Disturbances

Home is the only place where you sleep in the most peaceful and cozy states. No matter how luxurious a place you chose to experience, you can’t find the same peace for a longer time, you start missing home.

It happens because your home is a space you have created and fill it with your love and care. The way you nurture a baby, you nurture your home as well.

Therefore, sensing disturbance in your sleep is one of the crucial Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home. Disturbing sleep patterns, nightmares and fear are signs that are telling you to cleanse your space.

4- Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Negative energy often affects physical health, if you are aware it’s easily noticeable. Sudden headache, nausea, body pain or any physical challenges are common signs.

If you sense any of these physical health issues and don’t find the cause, know there is something unnatural. These are some of the physical Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home.

You need to declutter, heal and energize your space to feel better and balance mind body spirit and your space.

5- Frequent Arguments and Tension

As we know home is home because there are people who love, care for you unconditionally. It’s common to have thoughts, conflicts or imbalance between family members.

However, if you find the arguments and conflicts are increasing unnecessarily, don’t react but clean your home. It’s one of the most common Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home.

Instead of raising your voice and arguing with your family, silently take care of your space and experience the change in mood and atmosphere.

6- Decline in Houseplants and Pets’ Well-being

Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home

If you have any pets or plants in your house, change their health first and get affected by negative energy. If your pets aren’t eating their regular food, or plants drying for no reason, it’s not normal.

Plants and animals are most sensitive to energy so change in them is one of the first Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home. If you notice them in stress, declutter and cleanse your house.

7- Unexplained Electrical Issues

Electricity is one the energy that clearly indicates other energy around it in many ways. If you have been experiencing malfunctioning in your devices and fluctuating electricity constantly, Know that you need to clear your space.

Negative energy affects other energy like electricity that looks like fluctuating electricity. It harms your electronic devices and makes you get irritated and spend more money to fix them.

Therefore, when you experience unexpected electrical issues back to back, it’s one of the Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home.

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8- Strange Noises and Unsettling Atmosphere

Strange noises such as suddenly dogs, cats or other animals crying or making noises, especially in the nights are signs of harmful energy. Such situations affect your peace and night sleep as well.

Negative energy affects all the surrounding so animals around your home also get affected from it. Sense of heaviness and unsettling feelings are one of the Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home.

Make sure to clear all the clutters in or around your home and let the fresh energy flow and make things better.

9- Objects Moved or Missing

Negative energy can make this disappear that’s needed in the moment. It doesn’t mean that you may see the moving object but you might feel that it was here but now it’s gone.

Things getting replaced or disappearing is one of the Symptoms of Negative Energy at Home. In such circumstances, clear home things, remove unwanted things and relocate furniture a bit.

It will not only make you feel better but allow your space to breathe in fresh air and energize your space.


1- How do I stop attracting negative energy?

First and foremost you need to know that where your attention goes, things grow. Therefore, in order to attract negative energy, shift your attention to the positive side of life.

To shift your attention, read good books, Do cardio for ten minutes and meditate for 10 minutes morning and evening. Stay away from negative and toxic people and use self talk to become your own inspiration.

2- Which salt is used to remove negativity?

Salt, any salt helps to eliminate or cut the negative energy and cleanse your space. However, sea salt has been used since ages to cleanse houses as it comes from one of the powerful elements of water.

It is organically able to wipe out every toxic energy and make your home lighter and pleasant.

Final Words: These signs are clear indication that your home is affected by toxicity and it requires your attention. Make sure to act upon it and allo the nature’s energy to make you feel better and attract health wealth happiness to you.

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