Prayer to Remove Blockages | Powerful Prayer to Remove Bad Luck or Blockage

Spiritual Blockage Prayer | Prayer to Remove Stumbling Blocks | Prayer to Unblock Blessings | Powerful Prayer to Remove Bad Luck or Blockage | Prayer to Remove Blockages

Spiritual blockages have become one of the most common challenges in this time and world. Sometimes, it’s because of our own thoughts and conditioning, sometimes it’s others’ evil eye.

It’s crucial to cleanse yourself from time to time and heal your present past with great intention. There are various ways to do it such as using sage, crystals, reiki or simply prayers to do the miracle.

When prayer comes from the core, it has more power than any other tool. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the most powerful and short Prayer to Remove Blockages.

Powerful Prayer to Remove Bad Luck or Blockage

Short Prayer to Remove Blockages

“Divine Spirit, I pray to you to clear all obstacles coming in my spiritual growth. Guiding me in the right direction and letting me move forward towards my purpose with clarity and strength.”

While moving forward, especially on a spiritual path, you will experience more challenges than you have ever faced. It’s because when you choose to become pure, and go closer to God, the devil fears and tries to block your way and pulls you back to where you were earlier.

Knowing about the secret behind challenges will help you have patience and move forward with faith. Using this Prayer to Remove Blockages from your spiritual way will help you stay positive and keep going.

“Dear God, Let all the barriers that hinder my progress fade away as I move forward towards you. Grant me with enough courage and help me to overcome any challenges in my way.”

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Prayer to Remove Blockages from Life

“Heavenly Father in heaven, Please remove all blockages in my life which are holding me back from living a fulfilled life. Please fill my heart with renewed energy and inspire me to pursue my life purpose, You have planned for me.”

Life is unpredictable, no doubt in this quote, however, having God on your side will never demotivate you or block you. When you have a habit of Having God on your side, praying daily, meditating twice, life becomes easy.

In other words, when you make Him a part of your life, challenges come and resolve easily. As we know life is challenging therefore include this simple and short Prayer to Remove Blockages instantly.

“God, please remove all negative influences and blocks that are stopping me doing what I mean to do. Lord, please clear the path and space to let all of your blessings and guidance come easily into my life.”

Prayer to Remove Financial Blockages

“Heavenly Father, Grant me the wisdom to recognize obstacles coming in my financial growth and turn the challenges into opportunities. Have mercy upon me and my family, forgive our sins and let your financial abundance shower upon this family.”

Financial challenges are one of the most unsolved problems around the world these days. Those who are suffering, they continue to suffer. The reason behind this suffering is their own mindset and some past bad Karma.

The good news is that both reasons disappear when we surrender to God and believe that all we have is His and we are trustees. Using a short Prayer to Remove Blockages from your life will allow God to let money flow to you.

“Dear God, May the power of Your love and my faith dissolve all money barriers and make me clean. Please allow your abundant energy flow in my life and fulfill all of our needs.”

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Short Prayer to Remove Blockages of Success

“Dear God, Guide and strengthen me to break through all limitations that’s stopping me from achieving my career goal. Let your shining light be upon me, clear the darkness that obstructs my journey.”

To those who are beginning their career, changing their work area or starting a new business, it can be challenging to succeed. Every new road of life often gives obstacles to either demotivate or motivate us.

As God says, you have full faith in me, It’s my responsibility to take you where you need to be. Therefore using a Short Prayer to Remove Blockages will definitely give strength to move forward, even during low time.

“Divine Presence, my savior, please clear my mind and heart of doubt and fear of failure. Please lead me towards the fulfillment of my highest life purpose and live my full potential.


1- Which God to pray to remove obstacles?

Lord Ganesha is recognized as the Lord to remove any obstacles in life and give much success and fulfillment in carrier. Fasting on the day of Chaturthi or chanting the mantra of Lord Ganesha helps remove mental or any other blockages.

Lord Ganesha definitely blesses His devotees to achieve their goals and clear all the mental and physical blockages.

Final Words: Life these days has become more challenging than it has ever been in the past. Along with time, people and circumstances become more challenging with time.

Prayers, meditation and positive affirmations are essential to practice these days. It helps clear the mind and move forward easily.

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