How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

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If you are a dreamer and looking for the most practical and effective answer to How to Set Goals and Achieve Them, this article is for you.

Most people think that having a goal is enough to achieve greatness in life. However it’s the most distracting thoughts that stops them achieving their desires. It’s a thought that needs to go to the next step, come out of your mind and have a practical action plan.

A few percent of people do set their goals and work hard to achieve them but unfortunately fails. Having a goal and setting them does not help until it’s a full actionable daily plan.

I will answer to your query “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them” with a details guide so that you understand the concept of achievable goal settings step by step.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Successfully 

Let’s dive into the steps and prepare you to have a bigger goal and achieve them easily.

1- Have Goals that Seems Impossible

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Yes, do not limit your mind to something that’s easy to achieve. Believe me, if you are looking for answers to achieve something easily means you are meant to do something unimaginable.

Therefore, allow your brain to exercise a little by working on something your conscious mind is still afraid of. Know your goals and dreams yet, plan for something bigger than that. When you plan for one million, you easily earn thousands, It’s natural law.

Think beyond your need and ask for a little extra and trust me your mind will amaze you with its potential in the coming weeks.

The first and foremost practical step and answer to your question “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them” is to plan and be sure about your plan. Do not let any doubt remain in your mind or heart.

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2- Prioritize Your Dreams and Goals 

Those who know their priorities, easily achieve their dreams and goals. Not only achieve their dreams but live balanced in their personal, spiritual and professional life. Therefore Knowing your priorities is crucial.

If you know how to prioritize your goals, it’s great but If you don’t know how to, learn it. For example write down your ten goals on a paper and compare 1 to 2, give them a start to the one you want first. Move on to 1 to 3, 1 to 4, 1 to 5 and so on. In the end, see which number goal has most of the stars, put that on top of your priority list.

Similarly, according to the number of stars, prioritize your dreams or goals. Once your goals have priority, it becomes super fast to achieve them. Putting sequence numbers to your goals is the second step and answer to “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them”.

I will suggest you to have a paper pencil and write down your goals right now so that you can act upon it later.

3- Divide Your Goals

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Once you know your top priority, it’s crucial to have a daily, weekly and monthly plant to act accordingly. In other words, you need to divide the efforts so that you can work step by step and have full control over your progress.

For example if you want to have one million dollars in six months, know your weekly earnings and measure How much more you need on a weekly basis. Measuring your goal in time and money helps finding other ways or more action to match the difference.

They say time is money, I believe it’s true, because the time you waste on watching television and feeding your mind with junk can be utilized in being freelance and earning money to achieve your goals.

Dividing your goals weekly and daily while valuing your time is another step and answer to “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them easily”.

4- Action Plan for Your Goals

This step might be the number four but it’s the most important and essential step to achieve anything in life. Without action, no matter how effective you have planned, you won’t be able to achieve anything.

As I suggested above, you might have something bigger than your monthly earnings to achieve. Let me tell you one universal Law, when you start dreaming above your capacity, Know it’s time to change something.

Yes, there are things that you need to change in order to achieve your heart’s deepest desires. It might be your morning waking up time, your daily routine, your job, your friends circle and so on.

You need to check your reality, your working style and the outcome. Measure everything that needs upgrading. According to your requirements, have a plan that gives you an outcome to match your goals.

So the most important step and answer to your query “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them” is to have a practical action plan. It will save your time, energy and earn you more money.

5- Start Practicing Your Action Plan

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Here comes the fifth and most practical step to take you where you want to reach. If your goals are your inspiration, you will be easily and effortlessly able to adopt the change.

Along with your working plan, here is a suggestion I would like you to think on. If you are in a job and have a fixed salary, until now, you might have figured out how much extra time and money you require to achieve your goals.

Also, I am confident that you need something extra to live the way you want and have whatever you want. The modern world has a unique gift for you, the thing you are using now called the Internet.

Beside your day you get a few hours to chill and spend time with your family. Take out one more hour from them and find an online platform where you can spend some time working and match the money with your day earnings.

It might seem tiring right now, but trust me, one hour extra can give you more than you have imagined. It’s one of the guiding answers to your question “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them” easily.

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6- Visualize as If you Have Already Achieved Your Goals

Giving a plan to your mind by setting a bigger goal was your command and it will definitely act accordingly. However, you need to show a picture to your mind from time to time and remind it of the progress.

Visualization is a powerful tool to use and allow the universe to work for you in the most effective manner. Frame some of the powerful affirmative lines for yourself and your desires in the present tense. Affirmation such as “I am earning one million dollars every year and have every worldly desire I ever dreamt”.

You write according to your goals and repeatedly visualize and affirm in your mind from time to time. Especially the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed is the most effective time.

Visualizing yourself living the type of life you have planned is one of the other crucial steps and answer to “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them”.

7- Keep Going with Action and Visualization

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Here comes the last part of effective planning that will allow you to achieve old goals, set new ones and keep repeating the same process. Follow the action pan you have written down and just keep repeating it.

Visualization will boost your energy and Inspire you to stay focused while working for your cause. Visualization along with constant action is the secret key to all the success people around world achieve.

Last part, the visualization is necessary as it generates specific emotions that you will feel when you will achieve your goals. The feelings, the changes in body and mind will take you where you have planned to reach.

Therefore, the last but most crucial step and answer to “How to Set Goals and Achieve Them” is to Live those winning moments everyday.


1- What are the 3 main goals?

There are three main types of goals which are known as process, performance, and outcome goals. When you set a goal, you must focus on these three steps to let your goal manifest.

In addition, when you combine your spiritual self and life purpose, focusing on your life purpose and working on your goals are the way to build a meaningful life.

Fina Words: Your dreams and goals are fuel to your life and making them real is your true power which you must attain. All you need to do is have an effective action plan. I am confident that you found this article useful.

I can assure you, if you can follow and act upon your plan, nothing can stop you reaching the life you want to be. If you found this article helpful and worth reading, share it with others and guide them to achieve their goals.

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