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Being a teenager’s parent is one of the most demanding tasks you may encounter. This article includes a powerful Prayer for Rebellious Teenager and simple tips to make your task easy.

Believe me or not, The generation gap between parent and child makes their relationship more complicated. If you find it challenging and painful, this Prayer is for you.

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Dear God, I pray you provide the parent who is reading it with more patience, wisdom, Love, and care. Let their bond with their teens grow vigorously without any complications. Amen.”

I went through the phase you were in a few years ago, so I know how to deal with a rebellious child. Prayer not only strengthens you, but when you surrender your task to God, He does it in a better way.

Along with the Prayer for Rebellious Teenagers, I will share some tips to help you stay calm and develop faith in God’s will. Before we go to the prayers for teenagers, let’s see what God says about a disobedient child.

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Bible Verses for Rebellious Teenager Images

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

Proverbs 30:17 “The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother will be picked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vultures.”

Before mistreating your child for their disrespectful behavior, Read the above Bible scripture. As I always mention, when it comes to others’ behavior towards you, Leave them to Karma.

I am sure after reading these Bible verses, every parent will feel bad for their child. Therefore, I always suggest my clients stay calm and Pray to God to guide their children silently.

Believe me, I have seen miraculous results of silent prayers, especially for children. Have compassion for your child, for He is in the wrong association, but your Prayer for Rebellious Teenager will change situations.

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

Leviticus 20:9 “For anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death; he has cursed his father or his mother; his blood is upon him.”

Catholic Prayer for Disrespectful Daughter Images

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Dear Lord, I pray you provide me with patience and tolerance to invite Love, peace and togetherness into my home. Let my daughter understand the value of her parents and become an obedient child. Please forgive us if we lacked to teach her morals, But guide Her to obey us Lord, Amen.”

If your children seem to be walking in the opposite direction you have been teaching, it’s time to stop stressing and recheck. Teenage is when they want ot take control of their lives.

In other words, they find it challenging if you try to rule their life during this period. Do you need to leave them alone? No, Not at all; this is the time they need you the most.

Then, what must you do? Be her friend and just listen to her, gain her trust and guide her only when she asks. It might be difficult, but your silent Prayer for Rebellious Teenager for your daughter will help her obey you.

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Heavenly Father, I pray you to guide my daughter to understand the value we have been teaching her since childhood. Lord, Please forgive us for our mistakes but Let my daughter become a child we feel proud of. Guide her, strengthen her and make her feel loved and cared for, Lord, Amen.”

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Powerful Prayer for Rebellious Son Images

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Heavenly Father, Better upbringing of My son has been my life purpose, and Now it feels I failed. His behavior hurts my spirit and steals all of my happiness. I pray you to guide him, Lord, Protect him from harmful friends and let him realize how valuable he is for us. Amen.”

As compared to girls, boys are bound to ask for their freedom as they enter teenage. As parents, you need to understand their needs for space and self-growth.

Unfortunately, sometimes they get involved in the wrong circles and become a disobedient child. Be it a girl child or boy; I always suggest parents become their friends when they enter in teenage.

Of course, politely ask them to follow the rules and boundaries; however, let them explore things and learn from their experiences. Have faith that your “Prayer for Rebellious Teenager” will guide him to follow your instruction.

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Father in heaven, Let your guiding light show my son the right path and keep him away from anything or anyone who can misguide him. I pray you to become inseparable part of his life and protect him Lord, Amen.”

Short Prayers to Break The Spirit of Rebellion

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Heavenly Father, Our Good Lord, our ray of hope in the darkness, I pray you to cut all the evil tread connected to my loved one. Let their spirit find you in the very moment when they go against your guidance. Let your protection shield stay around them, remind them and connect to you Lord, Amen.”

That’s right, and it’s not always you who is responsible for others’ behavior or accountable for their bad behavior. Sometimes, planetary movement or evil spirits make them behave in a specific way.

So, if you feel that your child’s behavior isn’t theirs, think twice before getting hurt. In such cases, you can clearly see the difference and notice that your child is changing.

You need to be more loving, caring, and protective of your child during such days. Along with using a Prayer for Rebellious Teenager, let your child be themselves and feel comfortable with you.

Prayer for Rebellious Teenager Images

“Dear God, I feel my child is not in his senses and becoming something He was never before. Their temper troubles me, Lord, so I pray you to cut all the evil ties my child has attached to. My faith is in you, and only you, so let your shiny, sharp, and protective shield cut all the evil connection to my child. Heal them Lord and keep us in your protection so that we stay together and feel safe with you. Amen.”


1- How do you deal with a rebellious child biblically?

Well, spiritually, you must always have God between you and your child. You might lose your temper during conversation so having God around you will help stay patient and loving.

Keep praying to God to guide, strengthen and fix your child’s emotional and mental health. As A parent all you can do is love, care and pray for your child’s well being. Trust me, one day your prayer will be answered.

2- What does God say about a disrespectful child?

Ephesians 6:2-6 NIV “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy a long life on the earth.”

If you are a parent reading this, know that God is there to take care of everything including your own child. Therefore, you be at peace and keep loving and praying for your child.

Final Words: If you want your child to obey your instructions and go close to God, respect their decision and show your support. Your care, Love, and support are the key ingredient to gaining more trust and respect for your instructions.

A powerful Catholic Prayer for Rebellious Teenager can do what works and a lot of preaching cant do. I will suggest you stay patient and expect a miracle.

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