Daily Routine for Mental Health | Daily Routine for Depression and Anxiety

Daily Routine for Mental Health | Daily Routine for Depression and Anxiety

In today’s crowd and fast moving world, taking care of mental health has become more important than physical health. Increasing depression, overthinking, loneliness are a loud sign that mental health is getting worse day by day.

As physical health fitness is based on our eating habits and diet, mental health fitness is based on our daily routine. Our mind is a powerful tool God has gifted us, believe it or not.

Now taking care of mind is the main cause behind all the mental sickness. Therefore, taking care of mind, guiding it by following a routine will help to get in better shape mentally.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach I will share some of the tips and Daily Routine for Mental Health. By following this simple schedule you can transform your mental health miraculously.

Effective Daily Routine for Mental Health

1- Start Your Day with meditation

First thoughts in the morning have a powerful effect on the human mind. Today, after waking up, people think about yesterday’s stress. It’s crucial to clean your mind by practicing mind cleansing activity which is meditation.

When you practice any meditation such as mindfulness, om chanting or breathing exercises, you allow your mind to relax. Unlike our body, the mind also needs relaxation which is lacking these days.

Include meditation as an essential habit in your Daily Routine for Mental Health and upcoming day. Calming your mind in the morning helps you activate for the day more effectively.

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2- Include Physical Activity

Do you know your body is the second brain and it also holds thoughts and emotions exactly like your mind does? When it comes to mental health, remember you’re a combination of mind, body and soul.

When you work out, stretch your body, you allow your body to release those negative, painful and stressing energy. In other words, you free yourself from a lot of pain and heaviness by simply working out for ten to 15 minutes.

Physical exercises such as Yoga, Zumba, or cardio can be included in your Daily Routine for Mental Health and physical health as well. Even walking alone for e half an hour in the morning or after dinner will do magic.

3- Eat Nutritious Meals

It’s scientifically proven that your food doesn’t feed your stomach but it feeds your mind as well. Therefore eating mindfulness is crucial for a healthy mind.

Including more green vegetables, fresh fruits and fresh food in your diet is one of the Daily Routine for Mental Health you must take care of. Limit processed or sugary snacks or readymade food.

Eating a balanced diet and being mindful during eating will help your body feel fresh and light. In addition eating fresh foods stabilizes the mind and increases the energy level.

4- Schedule Regular Breaks

One of the main causes behind poor mental health is constant being busy in thinking or working on something. Now, when you are trying to improve your mental health, make sure to take a break after an hour and relax.

You may choose some powerful affirmations and affirm it during your break time. You may use this break time, 5 to 10 minutes to walk around, mindful breathing, stretching or simply closing eyes will help.

Giving a break to your mind from time to time is a healthy and effective Daily Routine for Mental Health. You may include some activities which will boost your mind and make you forget everything you had been doing before break.

5- Practice Gratitude

As we think and feel, so do our life shapes. When we think negative thoughts, negative feelings and circumstances keep coming in our life. When we shift our thoughts, feelings change and circumstances too.

No matter how current life is, be grateful for being alive and feeling something. If you can sense or feel your emotions, you are fit and can overcome any challenges. Therefore, make a Daily Routine for Mental Health to express your gratitude to God for whatever you have today.

Before going to bed be grateful for the day and before leaving the bed in the morning be grateful for the new day. When you start counting your blessings, more blessings keep coming into life magically.

6- Connect with Others

As a human being, we are meant to connect and leave a positive mark of our parents on others hearts. In order to do that, we must learn to connect with other human beings selflessly.

Make some friends, help the unknown, take care of your responsibility and let them feel blessed to have you in their life. You may also visit some social places and get involved in social activities to develop new connections.

Creating and maintaining new connections can not be a Daily Routine for Mental Health but once in a week or month is healthy. Connecting to others, sometimes helps develop emotional well being.

7- Set Boundaries

Life is a precious gift which needs to be nurtured with love and kindness. I am talking about you, not others, therefore learn to set limits to everything that’s disturbing your mind, body , soul, your life.

Establish healthy boundaries, let others know when you are available when you are not. When it’s needed, don’t hesitate to say no as it will give you authority in your life. Make your mental health, happiness and peace your first priority.

Letting your happiness and peace be on your top priority list is another Daily Routine for Mental Health and better life. Include some fun activities that burst your worries and allow you to live in the present.

8- Unplug Before Bed

It is scientifically proven that your last thoughts go into the deepest of your subconscious so choose it wisely. When you watch television or explore social media before bed, think about what you are feeding yourself.

Cultivate bedtime rituals where you will disconnect from the world before an hour to bed. Developing a reading habit, meditation or simply reflecting upon your day before bed and expressing your gratitude will help.

In other words, engage yourself into something that will help you have a sound sleep and prepare you for a better tomorrow. Make it a Daily Routine for Mental Health and better physical fitness as well.

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9- Practice Self-Compassion

No matter how loving and kind you are to others, until you love and care for yourself first, nothing will be fruitful. Yes, remember an empty plate can’t feed others.

Therefore spare some time to pamper yourself, talk to yourself, forgive yourself for a newer and healthier version of you. When you do it, you shift into the higher version of you.

Spending time with your own consciousness is crucial so make it a Daily Routine for Mental Health. Love and care for yourself similarly as you do to others in need.

10- Reflect and Adjust

It’s crucial to check your own action and its result by sitting and thinking about it. This simple exercise will not only help you grow your wisdom but help you make things right in time, if needed.

Reflecting on your day, activity and experiences helps develop a sense of responsibility. It also helps you understand where to adjust and where to let go.

As one must be flexible to adjust or fit in this world, reflecting helps to know where to bend. Therefore it’s an effective exercise that can be used as a Daily Routine for Mental Health.


1- What are the 4 C’s of mental health?

The 4 CS model simply means measuring your mental health toughness for better outcome. The four Cs stand for Confidence, Control, Commitment and challenge.

Check your confidence while dealing with life, have control over your emotions, be committed to your own growth and accept the challenges. Know in your heart that you are in control of your life and you will win over it.

2- What is the ABC of good mental health?

The ABC model is based on three messages starting with letter A,B and C for better mental health. The letter A stands for Act which means do something.

The letter B stands for Belong which means do something with someone. The letter C stands for Commit which means do something meaningful with a committed mind.

Final Words: Cultivating good habits that support physical and mental health is the only way to have a balanced life. A good and healthy life demands healthy daily habits.

I am sure if someone can adopt these simple yet powerful habits, life will transform within a few weeks. If you found this article healthy and guiding, do like and share with someone who might benefit from it.

Let me know your thoughts about this article in the comment box. Also, make sure to bookmark this page from more informative articles such as “Daily Routine for Mental Health” for instant access in the future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed