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5 Essential Oil for Bone Spurs |Tips To Heal Bone Spurs Naturally

Essential Oil for Bone Spurs Images

Looking for Essential Oil for Bone Spurs? If you are  tired of the pain-causing your extra-grown bone, this article may help and guide you to get rid of it.

Overuse of any specific bone such as feet, joints, shoulder bones lead to Bone Spurs which is extremely painful. Medication isn’t wrong; however, healing any body part naturally is the better option.

This article will answer what essential oil is best for bone spurs or planters facilities. Essential oils hold a lot of properties that release pain inflation and help cure any disease in the long term.

Also, we will guide you on how to dissolve bone spurs naturally by using oils in a specific way. At the end of this article, the recipe we will share will help you prepare the best bend to remove the pain.

Before we jump to “what essential oil is good for bone spurs,” allow me to explain what and how Bone Spurs occur in the body.

Bone Spurs and Its Process

In medical terms, a bone spur, commonly known as osteophyte, is a small outgrowth of the bone at the edge. The feet, joints, and shoulders are the main parts of a bone spur.

When the extra-grown bone meets with another at joins, it gets rubbed and causes severe pain. Most of the bone spurs cause no initial symptoms for years, which obviously harm the joints in the long term.

Bone spurs are often caused by local inflammation such as osteoarthritis or injury near nearby cartilage or tendons. Running, more physical activities without taking care of bone, and a few particular foods also cause bone spurs.

Now let’s see how to dissolve bone spurs naturally without going for surgery. Yes, Essential oil is one of the best and most effective ways; however, a few activities also helps dissolve and heal it fast.

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Ways to Dissolve Bone Spurs Naturally

Yes, there are ways to dissolve various bone spurns organically by adopting a few organic remedies.

1- Stretching

If you are experiencing bone spurs, pain stretching might help get rid of those pain. Stretching your toes, feet, and ankles will help to relax your joints and dissolve the extra growth in a few weeks.

2- Footwear

Do you know using wrong fit and uncomfortable footwear may cause many issues to your body joints? Wearing proper size shoes, which feel comfortable while walking running, or working out, helps eliminate pain and dissolve bone spurs.

3- Ice packs

One of the most popular methods to eliminate inflammation is using ice pads. Place a frozen water bottle or ice pack on the place of bone spurs and let it be there for at least ten minutes.

Apart from using Essential Oil for Bone Spurs, ice packs are among the most influential and famous remedies to help you get rid of the pain.

4- Vitamins and supplements

When getting rid of Bone Spurs, it’s crucial to keep your vitamin requirements in order. As magnesium and vitamin D are essential to absorb calcium which is a vital requirement of healthy bone, make sure you don’t lack it.

If necessary, add supplements available in the market and keep your bone health in check.

5- Massage therapy

Another effective and relaxing way to get rid of bone spurs is massage therapy. In comparison, considering using Essential Oil for Bone Spurs, adding massage time to your regular activities is beneficial.

Massaging is the most effective way to release pain from the body, be it bone spurs pain; it will do wonders if done correctly.

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Certain essential oils work as a natural anti-inflammatory and help to reduce pain and swelling. Here are some essential oils you may use to naturally get rid of bone spurs at home.

Top 5 Essential Oil for Bone Spurs

1- Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is the most popular oil, not to mention for decades when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation. It carries a few properties that eliminate all the swelling and provide instant relief to users.

If you desire to use essential oil for bone spurs in feet and eliminate the pain naturally, it’s one of the magical essential oil you must try first.

Apart from the above effect, it also helps in boosting immune and bone health if used in the right manner for a few weeks regularly.

2- Lavender Oil

Being one of the most loved worldwide for its fragrance, Lavender is another helpful Essential Oil for Bone Spurs. Along with other symptoms, stress increases the pain and decreases healing chances.

Use lavender essential oil in your bath water or any other way you feel comfortable and eliminate any stress you are holding. Healing your body naturally requires a relaxed mind which Lavender does very well.

You may use this oil directly around the areas of pain and inflammation. Make sure to mix it with any carrier oil before using it directly on the skin.

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4- Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils

Peppermint and eucalyptus together work like wonder to inflammation and pain. Mix these two essential oils together and apply them to the affected part of your body.

If you are looking for the answer to what is the fastest way to heal a heel spur, this mixture is a must-try formula. The cooling properties of peppermint instantly reduce swelling and eliminate pain.

Adding peppermint and eucalyptus together heals the skin, reduces pain, and eliminates any inflammation.

5- Ginger Oil

One of the most influential and effective natural ways to eliminate bone spurns is ginger essential oil. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation and relieves pain.

Even using ginger in your daily tea dose helps eliminate bone spurs naturally. According to a source, ginger organically eliminates many substances that cause joint pain or inflammation.

Massaging the affected part of the body for a few weeks with ginger oil decreases the pain and immobility. It increases the energy level of the person and enhances overall body functioning.

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6- Black Cumin Oil

One other effective and multi-beneficial Essential Oil for Bone Spurs is black cumin oil. Many studies have confirmed that black cumin oil’s pain-relieving properties are very beneficial for knee pain.

Using Black cumin Oil directly on the affected area helps reduce inflation and pain. Even Black cumin Oil helps in many ways, including breathing problems, and promotes overall health.


1- Does apple cider vinegar dissolve bone spurs?

You might read on the internet that adding apple cider vinegar to your diet may help dissolve bone spurs. Often lack of K2 and D3 vitamins contributes to developing bone spurs.

Along with the above tips, adding vitamin K2 and D3 will help you get rid of swelling, pain, and bone spurs.

2- Is Epsom salt good for bone spurs?

Epson salt is a rich source of magnesium, and magnesium is a required element for bone health. Bone spurs are the result of lacking all the required food.
Adding Epson salt to your diet can help you lessen your heel bone spurs pain.

Final Words: I hope this article about “Essential Oil for Bone Spurs” will help you reduce your pain, lower the swelling, and get rid of bone spurs. As a healer, I will recommend checking the intensity of your situation and then deciding on alternative healing.

You may use this method to relieve yourself; if the situation is complex, go to your doctor and get a suggestion. If you liked the article and found it helpful, share it with others and help them take care of their health.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed.