How to Calm Down Anxiety | Techniques to let Go of Anxiety

How to Calm Down Anxiety | Techniques to let Go of Anxiety | Anxiety activities | Tips to let go of anxiety

Today everyone is stressed over something. In other words, anxiety and fear has taken over human’s consciousness. It’s an experience that needs to be gone and it’s possible.

However, it’s not going to go away by itself but with a little conscious effort, it’s possible. Life is unpredictable, so things may always not happen according to us.

It’s wise to develop a mindset that doesn’t stress over circumstances, live life and solve challenges in easy ways. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will answer some effective tips or consider the answer to “how to calm down anxiety”.

These simple exercises will help you heal faster, live in the accept and accept life as it comes.

7 Effective Techniques to let Go of Anxiety | How to Calm Down Anxiety

1- Deep Breathing Exercises

Think about what I am going to say, if you don’t have breath, what will happen? Life doesn’t exist.. right? Then How much care should we take for our breath?

Investing ten minutes every morning focusing, cleansing your breath can take away all of the mental blockages. Simply sit in the morning, take a deep breath, hold it for 10 seconds and exhale.

This simple practice is the secret key to Yogi’s health and answer to your query, How to Calm Down Anxiety. Within a few days you will experience ease in your stress and more energy in your mind, body.

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2- Progressive Muscle Relaxation

PMR on progressive muscle relaxation is an effective technique to tense your body parts intentionally and releases the stress. This exercise helps focusing and releasing stress hidden in your muscles.

Anxiety is the result of stress you are holding on a different body part or in the mind. When you start releasing stress consciously, anxiety fades away. Divide your body in different parts and work on it systematically.

This simple practice can be your answer to How to Calm Down Anxiety and feel relaxed. Start from toes and go till the head. Let your body relax completely and let go whatever ever comes in the mind.

3- Mindfulness Meditation

Working on your mind, keeping it calm is another way to let go of anxiety and stress. It’s not magic but mindfulness helps to live in the moment making you accept everything happening around you.

Find a quiet and airy place, sit for a few minutes and simply observe your thoughts coming and fading away. Mindfulness also teaches to understand the mind and your unnecessary, unhealthy thoughts that you may eliminate.

Mindfulness is a practical answer to How to Calm Down Anxiety and live peacefully. It will help you know yourself, let go of stress, accept everything and live in the blessed present moment.

4- Stretch your body Regularly

Stress only exists if the mind or body is holding something heavy that needs to be released. Physical activities such as cardio, yoga asanas or simply fast walking are the greatest ways to release endorphins.

Have a goal to spend at least 30 minutes either in the morning or in the evening to work on your body. Whatever suits your mood, and schedule, practice and stretch your body.

It’s How to Calm Down Anxiety, stay fit and look younger at the same time. Stretching your body helps in many more ways to live a healthy and happy life.

5- Limit Caffeine or Tea

There are many substances we consume that’s unhealthy for our brain and mental health. Tea coffee is one of the essential or first drinks for millions of people around the world.

It’s one of the reasons that people who drink coffee or tea in the morning find themselves unable to live without it. No matter how hard it seems, if you feel anxious and think tea or coffee is helpful, you need to change your mindset.

Replace these drinks with fresh fruit juice or other healthy green juices. Cutting down tea, coffee and other beverages is the key to How to Calm Down Anxiety and live in the moment.

6- Get Sufficient Sleep

One of the essential needs of our body is sleep which is the only way to heal yourself unconsciously. When you get a sound sleep your body itself is happy and heals the area that needs healing.

Lack of sleep, in the long term, damages not only mental but physical health as well. When you don’t sleep, you get disconnected to your body and feel stressed, anxiety and fear.

Reconnecting to your mind, body and soul is the true answer to How to Calm Down Anxiety. Fix your sleep schedule and follow it strictly as nothing is more important than your mental and physical health.

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7- Count Your Blessings Everyday

Expressing gratitude in your heart helps your brain release some chemicals that maintain a healthy state of mind. Make a habit to count your blessings when feeling stressed.

In fact, if a person develops a habit to count their blessings in the morning, it will tone their mindset for the day. When you feel grateful for something, you receive more blessings for doing the same.

Cultivating a grateful heart is another answer to How to Calm Down Anxiety and be happy in life. You may choose to write in a diary for more effective results.


1- How to calm down panic?

In times of panic, it’s crucial to shift the attention to something else. The best way to let go of a panic attack is take a deep breath. Deep breathing will help thoughts to slow down and it will directly help the mind to calm down.

2- What foods are calming?

Foods that are rich in magnesium are super helpful in keeping the mind calm in certain situations. Consuming a lot of green vegetables and nuts seeds can be calming as they too contain magnesium.

Final Words: Managing your mood and thinking pattern is crucial as it affects and creates a future similar to the current feelings. If someone is suffering from weak thoughts, a habit of thinking good thoughts and getting better can bring change in life.

I hope this article helps someone to train their mind positively and invite more health and happy moments in life. If you find this article guiding and helpful, do like and share it with someone who might benefit from it.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed