4 Types of Insomnia | Types of Insomnia and Causes

4 Types of Insomnia | Types of Insomnia and Causes | Acute Insomnia | Chronic Insomnia | Onset Insomnia | Maintenance Insomnia

Sleep is a vital need for overall health and well being. However, due to stressful life and busy schedules, these days, people find it difficult to have a sound sleep.

Lack of time, stress and late night technology use is causing insomnia in many people including young adults. In other words, we may say that insomnia is one of the most common disorders spreading very fast.

Unlike other health issues insomnia also has some stages which are crucial to recognize in order to treat it. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share Types of Insomnia in detail so that you can understand the difference.

Types of Insomnia And Causes

1- Acute Insomnia

Acute insomnia is a type of insomnia that is often for a short term. It can last for a few days or a few weeks. It is commonly caused by sudden stress such as financial challenges, loss of loved ones, job loss and so on.

As you know insomnia in any situation isn’t good for physical and mental health, this one goes away when the challenges are resolved. Yet, you must not take it easy and practice some stress relieving activity such as meditation.

Once you recognize the Types of Insomnia, it’s crucial to strategize your day so you recover fast and don’t let it affect other parts of life. Even a few days of insomnia can have a bad impact on other body parts such as the digestive system or headache.

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2- Chronic Insomnia

As the name says, chronic insomnia is a type of Insomnia that means having consistent trouble sleeping for a long time. Now only in sleeping trouble but a person can not stay asleep for the entire night as well.

Chronic insomnia is not caused by any specific triggered moment but it’s connected to many life issues stuck in the mind.

Chronic insomnia lasts for a long time such as four weeks to 3 months. If chronic insomnia isn’t treated in time, it can cause many other problems, specifically cognitive issues.

3- Onset Insomnia

Onset insomnia is a type of Insomnia when a person finds it difficult to sleep in the beginning of bed time. They struggle to fall asleep while feeling tired and in need of a good night’s sleep.

Onset insomnia is frustrating because of wanting but not being able to initiate sleep. A person can stay awake for hours trying to sleep which causes more stress than real stress in life.

In other words, it develops poor sleep habits and makes a person worry about having easy sleep time. By developing some relaxing rituals before bedtime can help to invite good night sleep on time.

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4- Maintenance Insomnia

Maintenance insomnia is commonly known as middle insomnia as people find it difficult to stay asleep through the night. In other words, frequent awakening through the night is considered as middle insomnia.

Middle insomnia is often caused by some physical pain or discomfort. This type of insomnia can make a person feel tired and lazy throughout the day. Also, If not taken care of in time it can lead to other insomnia.

Understanding the cause and treating sleep disorders are essential to improve the sleep quality for better well being.

4- Comorbid Insomnia

Comorbid Insomnia is caused by undergoing medical or mental health issues. Health conditions such as depression, chronic pain, substance abuse can be the main reason behind this insomnia.

These conditions make a person restless throughout the night and make them feel restless and uneasy in the morning. Comorbid insomnia requires some associated approach that helps both the situation.

It requires treating the primary cause, as by addressing that will help to work on sleep issues easily. Taking help of a therapist, by practicing breathing exercises, meditation or other healing methods can help ease both the situations.

It can be a slow process but it’s definitely an effective one for those struggling with such types of insomnia.


1- Who suffers from insomnia the most?

It’s unfortunate that women are more likely to suffer from insomnia than men. The reason behind it can be their work routine, emotional and mental states.

Due to other responsibilities, if they don’t care for their own needs, their sleep pattern changes. With older age, they need to focus on self care as the hormonal changes also cause stress and imbalance in them.

2- What is the rule of 3 insomnia?

While treating insomnia, there are three rules that are super helpful in having a good night sleep. The three rules are 3 hours before bed, no more food or alcohol intake. 2 hours before bed and more work or discussion about work and 1 hour before bed no more screen including mobile laptop or television.

Following this rule has helped millions of people get better sleep at night and wake up feeling more energized.

Final Words: Insomnia is really a complex sleep disorder that requires special attention and treatment in time. Not to mention a person must be very much about their sleep pattern which is key to balanced life.

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