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Anger Management Prayer | Prayer to Calm Down Anger | Prayer for Temper Control

Anger is one of the most damaging emotions a person holds in their mind or even expresses. It has many physical damage including high blood pressure, anxiety and headache.

Anger can be controlled by gaining the right wisdom, accepting situations and looking at the bright side.

Managing stress, worry or an emotion like anger can be a challenging journey. It’s challenging but not impossible so know in your heart that this blog post is a guide for you to use a short Anger Management Prayer and experience peace in life.

As I said this blog post will be a guide, I will share some wisdom that helped me to get rid of anger easily. If prayers are combined with some behavioral, or right thinking, it works like magic.

In this blog post I will share some of the short but powerful Anger Management Prayer for you. Select anyone that touches you and use it at least five times a day, regularly to see the results.

Anger Management Prayer for Peace and Happiness

Prayer to Calm Down Anger

“Dear Lord, Give me strength and patience to remain calm in adverse situations. Bless me with your peace to stay peaceful so that I can reflect and understand the situation before my Reaction. Amen.”

Anger is simply the outcome of things going against our will. Know and accept that not everything will happen according to you. Most importantly, not everything deserves your energy so choose wisely where to connect and what to avoid.

While using a short Anger Management Prayer, ask God to give you wisdom to differentiate the important and not necessary. Also, accept that everything happens for good only, even if right now it doesn’t appear so.

“Dear God, Bless me with your wisdom to understand others’ perspectives and respect them. Strengthen me so that I can respond in a better, polite way and be at peace in my heart. Amen.”

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Prayer for Temper Control and Forgiveness

“Heavenly Father, Give me strength and wisdom to forgive those who trigger me. Bless me with your strength to gain control over my impulsive emotions and response in a Godly way. Amen.”

Have you ever noticed, situations always appear in ways that trigger your weaknesses and make you angry? I am sure your answer is Yes! I want to tell you that it happens with everyone because that’s how life is.

The same situation that triggers your anger, can trigger someone’s pain. You see, it’s different emotions! We can’t change situations so it’s wise to change our emotional response for our own good. Use this Anger Management Prayer to gain control over emotional response.

“Good Lord, Help me understand the root cause behind my emotions and get rid of those that trigger anger within me. Shower your wisdom, strength, peace and love upon me to stay calm under your guidance and protection when things don’t happen according to me. Amen.”

Prayers for Anger Management and developing Empathy

“Dear God, fill me with your patience and kindness and keep me calm in adverse situations. Guide me to approach challenges in a better way with a calm mind. Amen”.

Gaining an insight about others’ mental situations is another way to respond in a better way. Also, having empathy will keep you calm and polite, even when things don’t happen in your way.

In order to gain that insight, you need to learn human behavior and of course say an Anger Management Prayer along with gaining empathy. When you will start seeing things from another perspective, you will be able to easily stay calm.

“Dear God, Help me, strengthen me, guide me to become wiser and see things through your eyes. Let me become a person who spreads love, kindness and empathy around me. Amen.”

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Prayer to Get Rid of Anger and wisdom for Clarity

“Dear God, Help me clear my mind of negative and violent thoughts. Bless me with the insight that lets me see and think clearly especially during the moments of frustration. Amen”

One of the main reasons behind negative or aggressive emotions is the lack of knowledge. When you will be able to see things clearly, it will help you remain calm.
Regular prayer can help you gain insight and see clearly the situation.

Anger Management Prayer and the right knowledge can develop an insight in your vision to accept any situation because it was bound to happen.

“Heavenly Father, Bless me with your light to heal any past wounds that fuel my anger. Guide and help me to replace them with your love and kindness. Amen.”

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1- How do I release my anger to God?

In order to let go of angry emotions or the memories that trigger anger in you, you need to get closer to God. God is an ocean of Love, compassion and power. Talking to Him, sharing your true emotions to Him will naturally heal you.

You will experience God’s love flowing through you. Make a habit to spend time everyday in prayer, reading scriptures and talking to Him. It will also empower you to control your impulses.

2- What are the dangers of anger?

Anger is one of the most damaging emotions a person holds in their mind or even expresses. It has many physical damage including high blood pressure, anxiety and headache.

Anger can be controlled by gaining the right wisdom, accepting situations and looking at the bright side.

Final Words: Any negative emotion is harmful for your health and has a negative impact upon your relationship with others. By adopting good habits such as praying daily for gaining control and reading scripture.

Remember prayer has the power to turn wounds into wisdom and sadness into happiness. Therefore, include some prayer in your daily routine to receive God’s love, blessings and power.

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