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Catholicism, One of the purest ways to connect to God and learn His best teachings to live the best life. Millions of people have been following the teachings and devoted themselves to understand and live their faith.

The belief and traditions of Catholicism have been transforming millions of souls everyday by its messages. The books that share deep knowledge about this religion can make you more aware if you are one of the believers.

In this article of BigBrainCoach I will share some of the Best Books on Catholicism you must read at least once in a lifetime. These books cover a wide range of topics, including theology, spirituality, history, and much more.

Best Books on Catholicism

1- The Catechism of the Catholic Church

The book talks about the traditional way of Catholicism, the faith, the guideline, the basics. In other words, if you are interested in the traditional, core teaching of Catholicism, this book is for you.

If you are into history and the growth of this religion, and want to dive deeper, you must read Catechism of the Catholic Church. I believe, if you are a believer you must know the core teaching of what you believe in.

By keeping the book on top of the list of Best Books on Catholicism, I intend to let the reader know that you must go deeper into your faith. You will get more than you would expect by reading it.

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2- “Mere Christianity” C.S. Lewis

Every religion, including Christianity have some rules and regulations, considered as restrictions by many. In my opinion those are the boundaries to protect you not to suffocate you.

In this book the author has shared his experience with Christian beliefs that connect to those who are deeply with Catholics. If you want to know the fundamentals of Christianity and understand the truth behind it, this one is surely for you.

To all those seekers who are trying to go deeper with the right knowledge it’s one of the Best Books on Catholicism to uplift you. By understanding the intention, and the outcome, you might feel free while being a deep believer.

3- “Introduction to the Devout Life” – St. Francis de Sales

A book that can be a helping tool or encouragement to those who desire to live a true Christian life for the rest of their days. The book is full of timeless wisdom and guidance that a true catholic requires.

No matter how much you have already absorbed the Bible teaching, there is always scope to learn more. Therefore, one needs to learn, erase, modify, relearn and grow for lifetime.

I believe it’s the only way to survive and live one of the best lives as Christian. SO, do you desire to have a life full of Biblical teachings? Well, if your answer is Yes, it’s one of the Best Books on Catholicism you must read and reread once in a while.

4- “Story of a Soul” – St. Thérèse of Lisieux

The book is popularly known as The Little Flower among many readers. It’s an autobiography of the great St. Thérèse who has been a true guide to many. The book offers a glimpse of the principle Beloved Saint lived.

I believe one of the simplest ways to live life is to follow a saint who has left His footprints on millions of hearts. If you share the same thoughts, just go to the market, buy this book and start reading.

His journey will inspire you to be someone who can change millions of lifestyles by His reflection only. If you want to inculcate humanity, simplicity and inspire others, it’s one of the Best Books on Catholicism you need to read.

5- “Theology for Beginners” – Frank Sheed

This is one of the most simple and accessible books for those who want to know the fundamentals of Catholic theology. Based on my experience, a lot of things in Christianity were out of my understanding initially.

While studying different scriptures and books I was able to go deeper. If you too have unclear concepts even now, you must read this book once. This book is mainly focused on theology so if you are interested in exploring the same, read once.

For sure, you will learn the rich concept of catholic faith and dive deeper into the wisdom it has been spreading. Undoubtedly, one of the best Best Books on Catholicism, recommended one!

6- “Confessions” – St. Augustine of Hippo

If you are more into exploring spirituality in depth, this book can be a serious guide to you. Based on personal experience of St. Augustine, this book shares a lot of wisdom along with His journey of conversion of Christianity.

The most intense thought, while walking on a spiritual journey is self inspection about Karma. It’s one of the reasons, the journey to spirituality or God is always a roller coaster, no less than scary one.

The book is thought provoking for those who are walking slowly towards salvation. If you want to learn the profound effect of Life’s depth, “Confessions” is one of the Best Books on Catholicism.

7- “The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth” – Scott Hahn

As the name says, the book talks about the connection between the mass and the book of elevation. The author, Scott Hahn, who is a renowned catholic theologian, shares all the in depth knowledge about His area.

The book offers a deep, refreshing opinion on the liturgy and its dimension that gives a heavenly feel. If you are a true catholic, you might be willing to experience the bliss your faith carries.

The truth is no matter how experienced or true religious you are, there is so much left to experience for the lifetime. Therefore, I think to experience a higher blush of Christianity, it’s one of the Best Books on Catholicism you must read once.

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8- “Orthodoxy” – G.K. Chesterton

While some people believe that being orthodox means following everything the religion offers, it’s not the entire truth. When it comes to the depth, There is so much left or not practiced by orthodox as well.

Although The book is not entirely focused on Catholicism, it gives a good overview about Christian orthodoxy. The truth is that orthodox are those who try their whole intention to follow everything God says.

The book is a delightful read as it offers an insight that connects you to catholic theology. If you are someone who wants to go deeper while being orthodox Christian, “Orthodoxy” is one of the Best Books on Catholicism to start with.

Final Words: Reading books is the only way to gain knowledge and enhance your own inner wisdom by thinking over the content you read. Words are the best way to print anything or everything you want to gain.

Having a desire to learn about your faith means you are meant to grow in that area so go find the best attracting books for you. Read, Re-Read and you will see that every time you read, learn something new.

Let me know in the comment box which one is your best choice on this list. Share this article with some of your friends to make them aware about these gems. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more articles like “Best Books on Catholicism” for instant access in the future.

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