Crystals for Beginners

Top 6 Healing Crystals for Beginners | Crystals and Their Meanings for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners | Crystals and Their Meanings for Beginners | Best Crystals for Beginners | Chakra Crystals for Beginners

Crystals, one of nature’s precious gifts that have been used for centuries to add extra beauty. Believe me or not, crystals are not only for looks but they have the mystical power to do many things for you.

You, reading this article, says you are attracted to crystals and looking for some of the best Crystals to start working with. Yes, crystals have variety and it’s used for various reasons in different situations.

Therefore, knowing about its power and effect on the human mind and body is crucial. If you are newly introduced to crystals, this article is specially written for people like you.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the best Crystals for Beginners. These crystals will help you develop connection and recognize its energy as well.

Top 6 Crystals for Beginners

1- Clear Quartz

For a new crystal, I will recommend starting with the master Healer, Clear Quartz. As the name says a lot about this particular semi precious gemstone, it’s one of the most powerful and versatile crystals.

Starting with clear quartz means you will get clarity in thoughts, your intention, emotions and energy as well. When it comes to spirituality and healing words, it provides growth and protection.

Clear quartz is an ideal Crystals for Beginners as it can be used for various reasons to gain experiences with crystals mystical powers. Even having a small piece of clear quartz around your meditation place will enhance your experience instantly.

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2- Amethyst

When it comes for a beginner to grow their spiritual experiences with the help of crystals, amethyst comes to mind. This beautiful purple crystal directly connects you to your higher sense, crown chakra.

Amethyst is one of the crystals that provide you with calmness and relaxation that lead you to better meditation and productivity. In addition amethyst helps enhance the intuition power of the person which is the key when it comes to work with crystals.

Amethyst cleanse the negative thoughts around you and enhances your spiritual awareness. It’s one of the best Crystals for Beginners as it will balance your spiritual and material life which is crucial.

3- Rose Quartz

Rose quarts are one of those mythical genies that makes you fall in love with your inner self. As a healer and spiritual person one needs to have a heart full of love, compassion, forgiveness and be emotionally strong.

Rose quarts are primarily associated with heart chakra that enhances all of the above qualities by enhancing self love. It helps you better your relationship with your true self which leads to better inner peace, wisdom and healing power.

Therefore, Rose quartz is one of the perfect Crystals for Beginners who wish to have more peace, love, harmony in their life and others as well. Wearing a rose quartz pendant or having a chunk near your bed will do magic.

4- Citrine

The vibrant Yellow citrine is one of the radiant crystals that will instantly steal your heart and eye as well. Everyone on this planet, including you and me, are looking for success, positivity and abundance in life.

Citrine is popularly known as “Money Crystal” and “Success Stone” worldwide as it genuinely does its work. While beginning your career with experimenting with crystals, I would recommend having it around yourself.

Having a citrine around your working table, in your wallet or money box attracts abundance and more success financially. It’s one of the essential Crystals for Beginners as it helps you to manifest your desires, especially grow your business.

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5- Black Tourmaline

You are living in a world where everyone is fighting for something and desiring success more than other people. Therefore, it’s crucial to protect your energy and success from people who are jealous of you.

Also, sometimes success brings arrogance along so it’s essential to have something that keeps you grounded and protected as well. When it comes to the packaging of both, black tourmaline is the most effective crystal.

In addition these crystals also provide protection against electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices. You are living in the world where everything is shifting from human to machine so black tourmaline is an essential Crystals for Beginners.

6- Selenite

Do you know, even crystals need to be cleansed as it protects you from outer negative energy by holding itself? When it comes to cleaning and recharging your crystals for better results, selenite is one of the best choices of healers.

Selenite is a beautiful, transparent crystal that embodies peace and purity. This beauty has the potential to cleanse negativity around along with spreading purity and peace. Selenite is popularly used for cleansing and energizing other crystals on a regular basis.

Therefore selenite is one of the crucial Crystals for Beginners to have balance in spiritual and material life. It can be an effective tool to enhance your meditation and healing if you can have it around yourself.

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1- How to use crystals for beginners?

For the beginners, it’s crucial for them to feel the enhanced energy which gemstones generally do. There are many ways to use crystals like keeping them around home, office or body.

In order to feel the better effect as a beginner, you must wear some jewelry. When you wear jewelry, it touches your skin and makes you feel instantly. The enhanced energy helps you develop your faith and use more for your own benefits.

2- How to program crystals for beginners?

The simplest way to program your crystal is cleanse them first either washing under flowing water or in sage smoke. Once it’s closed, charge it under moonlight as it will make your crystal grab your intention faster.

Once cleansed and charged, sit with it, hold in your hand and ask for your intention to be fulfilled. You must focus on your intention and energy only, make sure to not to manipulate it with many thoughts.

After words, your crystal is ready to wear and manifest your desires.

Final Words: Healer or no healer, now you know the uses of these crystals, so choose a good quality and use it for your own benefits. Having crystals around your body or home can invite more positivity and harmony in your life.

It can enrich your lifestyle by spreading more purity and peace and enhance your spiritual journey as well. Let me know in the comment box, which one of your favorite crystals and why?

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