Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

12 Effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for Beginners | Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for Female

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for Beginners | Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for Female | Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Flat Tummy

Yoga is one of the most effective holistic activities that provide the human body multiple benefits. This article is focused on some of the most effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

The good part of the modern world is that people are attracted towards holistic activities like meditation, yoga asanas, breathing practices and so on. When it comes to balancing mind, body and spirit, yoga asanas are the most effective.

Although yoga is considered as stretching practice, it offers numerous benefits only regular practitioners can understand. If you are looking for Yoga Poses for Weight Loss in particular, this article is especially for you.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share 12 effective yoga poses that can help you lose weight if practiced regularly.

12 Effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

1- Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

There are many yoga poses, especially focusing on different parts of the human body. However, if you are a beginner and do not have much knowledge about specific yoga asanas to practice, do sun salutations.

Sun salutations is a bundle of 12 yoga asanas that affect all of the major body parts. The concept behind this package asana is to worship The sun, Eliminate the negativity and energize your body.

This sequence of Asanas increases heart rate, builds strength, and boosts metabolism in the most balanced way. Sun salutations is one of the series of Yoga Poses for Weight Loss making it an excellent way to kickstart your mental and physical health.

2- Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

When it comes to weight loss, you need to sweat either using a high frequency workout like cardio or stretching yourself. Warrior pose is one of the yogasana that focuses on the fatty area of the body such as legs and stomach.

Warrior pose, popularly known as Vidarbha Sana strengthens the legs by reducing fats in thighs. Practicing daily for a few minutes helps toning the core and opening the hips as well.

Overall it activates muscle groups and finances the stamina and focus like a warrior needs to have. It’s one of the very effective and attention required Yoga Poses for Weight Loss you must include in your daily practice.

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3- Boat Pose (Navasana)

Boat pose looks simple and easier than other poses that force faster weight loss. As you might be aware that Yoga isn’t all about bodily activity but it strengthens the mind and heals souls.

Boat pose, popularly known as NAVASNA is one of those mind-body balancing yoga poses. Doing it in the right way stimulates the digestive system, the area that is core of our physical health.

Along with making our digestive system healthy, it strengthens the core and reduces belly fat. If you have excess belly fat and desire to have a flat belly, practice Navasana for a minute regularly and get an attractive belly.

Boat pose is one of the Yoga Poses for Weight Loss, strengthened, toned core and healthy abdominal area.

4- Plank Pose (Phalakasana)

One of the easy looking but hard yoga poses is plank pose. It’s hard to practice but the result you will get after practicing it will inspire you to do more. Plank pose focuses on the entire body part, especially, arms, shoulders, abs and legs.

Plank pose, lesser known name Phalakasana is one of the very effective yogasana if you want to look firm, strong and attractive at the same time. Holding yourself in this position for as long as you can definitely moves you strength from 50 to 100 within a few days.

One of the reasons I included it in the list of Yoga Poses for Weight Loss is it’s easy to perform but the result is awesome. So include it in your daily practice at least for a week, come back to this article and let me know your experience In the comment box.

5- Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Bridge Pose is one of the asanas that is often recommended by doctors for those who have severe back pain. This asana is not only beneficial for maintaining your back health, it helps you maintain your lower body as well.

Setu Bandhasana targets your thighs, glutes, lower back and upper back as well. If practiced regularly, it stimulates thyroid glands which is crucial for regulating metabolism.

For those who have lower body fat, have digestive imbalance, bridge pose can help you eliminate all the health issues and reduce the fats. Therefore bridge pose is one of the Yoga Poses for Weight Loss that can make you look fit and feel confident inside out.

6- Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

While studying about yogasana , especially for fitness and weight loss, you will realize the importance of your regular activities. Chair pose is one of the simplest but helpful poses in reducing body fats especially the lower body fats.

Chair pose, popularly known as Utkatasana targets the glutes, quadriceps and calves. While practicing it regularly it also increases the heart functioning and stimulates core muscles as well.

All of the above stipulations increase calorie burn which leads to weight loss in the future. Therefore it’s one of the Yoga Poses for Weight Loss you must practice whenever you get extra time to work on your body.

7- Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle pose is one of my favorites asana as it allows me to twist my body. It’s one of those poses that targets the full body functions such as legs, hips, shoulders and obliques.

While performing Trikonasana or Triangle pose the abdominal organs get stimulated. If practiced on a regular basis, the Trikonasana helps increase the digestive process, eliminating stress out of the body and enhances energy level.

In other words, Practicing this everyday enhances the health of the whole body. Therefore it’s one of the must practice Yoga Poses for Weight Loss. With improved digestion and increased focus you get a perfectly fit body and balanced mind.

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8- Upward Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Upwork plank is another effective yogasana that looks easy but helps you balance your mind, body and spirit. Unlike normal plank pose, upwork plank pose helps strengthen the arm, wrists and core muscles.

Purvottanasana, commonly known as upwork plank pose, allows you to stretch your entire front body while using your hands and legs. This posture helps cut the front body’s unhealthy fat, stimulates metabolism and improves posture if practiced regularly in the correct way.

To those who wish to fix their posture and bring their body into a more fit and attractive shape, it’s one of the Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and fulfilling your wish.

9- Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

Tree pose is one of the popular poses among Yogis and fitness gurus in India. As you need to have a clear goal and increase focus while working to bring your body in shape and mind in a healthy state.

Tree pose, popularly known as tree pose, is one of the most effective balancing yoga asanas for all ages. It helps increase focus, stability and coordination between mind and body.

When it comes to physical fitness, tree pose engages legs that reduces thigh fat, promotes core building and gives you a clear vision. It also reduces fat around your waist which is a common problem these days.

Therefore, Tree pose is one of the helpful Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

10- Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Your back is the “I got Your Back” that you keep expecting from other people. Yes, unlike other yoga poses, camel poses teach us to keep our own back strong and healthy before expecting others’ support.

Practicing camel pose, popularly known as Ustrasana engages your entire upper body. It makes your back flexible and stretches your front including abdomen and chest. Stretching the abdomen means stimulating your digestive system which is essential in weight loss.

In addition it improves spinal flexibility that keeps you straight and helps in energy flow into all the chakras. By making balanced energy flow and stimulating better digestion, it helps burn fat. Therefore it’s one of the helping Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

11- Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward-Facing Dog is one of the foundational yoga poses to target the entire body for overall weight loss. This pose engages your legs, hands, wrists and core. In other words, while practicing this pose all of your body gets stretched.

World wide popular yogasana, adho mukha svanasana helps increase energy and blood circulation in the entire body. By stretching your shoulders, arms, core, hamstrings and calves it makes you feel more energetic throughout the day.

It’s one of the most effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss as it releases stress and negative thoughts stores in your body. Making it more effective it keeps your body in shape while balancing your mental and physical health in alignment.

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12- Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse pose, although it doesnt stretch your body or engage you in focusing on one body part, is an essential and crucial pose. While working on your body, stretching and moving, at one point you need relaxation as well.

Not just relaxation but a conscious relaxation is the additional activity that allows your body to work in the perfect way. Popularly known as savasana, corpse pose allow you to recover and reduce the dress caused by stretching.

Savasana helps you have a conscious sleep by allowing energy flow to relax your mind and body. In addition, indirectly support burning fat by preparing you to practice more yoga asanas. Therefore, I added this pose in the list of effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.


1- How long do you hold yoga poses for weight loss?

The duration of holding time depends upon the individual’s capacity or strength in the current time and yoga pose. However, in general, it’s recommended that you try to hold one post for 15-20 minutes in the beginning.

Once you start practicing yoga on a regular basis, you will feel your strength increase within a few days. You might increase the holding time with practice, whenever you feel like increasing.

It’s crucial to take care of your body’s strength and hold it according to your strength.

Final Words: By practicing only these 12 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss you can do magical transformation in life. In order to inspire yourself to practice yoga on a daily basis, at least do it for 21 days.

If, after reading this article, you begin to practice these asanas, let me know the results in the comment box as a review.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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