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Top 12 Types of Meditation You Must Try to Practice and Experience

Meditation is a trending way to invite health, wealth and happiness in life. However, there are various Types of Meditation trending around the world which makes people confused.

If you want a brief overview about trending meditations, this article will help you decide where to start. The right meditation can lead you to either achieve higher consciousness or take away all of your curiosity of practicing it.

Meditation, however, is the most powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind and shift your life to better dimensions, especially the one you chose. It allows you to design your life and attract related luxury to you.

Let’s explore the filtered details about some of the most effective and famous Types of Meditation you must practice to experience miracles.

Top 12 Types of Meditation 

1- Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness- Types of Meditation

Mindfulness is one of the most popular and practiced meditation around the world. This meditation allows you to stay aware about your thoughts while performing your day-to-day activities.

In other words, it’s one of the easiest Types of Meditation for beginners to experience the magic of living in the present. Meditation is a way to control and guide your mind in the direction you desire to go.

Mindfulness is one of the effective Types of Meditation that can be practiced easily and see instant results. If you are a little lazy and find yourself uncomfortable in sitting and meditating, Mindfulness is the best one for you.

2- Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation- Types of Meditation

Unfortunately, the world is divided into various communities, caste and religion. It’s really challenging to make people understand that we are one and we must stay united in every ritual.

The best part of this diversity is that we have plenty of options to experience the amazing cultures and colorful beauties. There are thousands of spiritual beliefs that can be experienced through specific methods such as mantra chanting or plant based psychedelic- ayahuasca.

Following one of the community based Spiritual Meditation can give you an amazing and unforgettable experience. I believe practicing different Types of Meditation can add extra excitement in your meditation practices.

3- Focused Meditation

Focused Meditation - Types of Meditation

Focus meditation is one of the most effective ways to increase your focus Instantly, and gain benefits within a few days. It’s one of Types of Meditation that requires an object to focus on.

In other words, this object based meditation is called Focused attention meditation. In this category there are various meditations that help eliminate stress, anxiety and allow you to clear your mind and stay focused.

Focused meditation requires patience, time and dedication to sit for a few minutes and practice it effectively. Therefore, if you are willing to give yourself sometimes and desire clarity and focus in life, this one is best for you.

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4- Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation - Types of Meditation

As the name suggests, Movement meditation allows you to walk and move around while taking care of your monkey mind. It’s one of the types of meditation that is for those who find themselves to sit straight and stay still.

In the Movement meditation you can walk around, feel the air, fragrance and enjoy every feeling appearing into your heart and mind. It also helps you train your mind to stay focused and eliminate those things that are not needed but are around you.

One of the hardest parts in our life is guarding our thoughts all the time. This meditation helps you guard your mind and guide it to move in the right direction positively and effectively.

5- RajYoga Meditation

Rajyoga - Types of Meditation

This one is my favorite and the source of all of my wisdom, experiences I have. In fact RajYoga should have been on top of the list of Types of Meditation because it’s the origin of Meditation, some of us believe.

While learning Rajyog, you will learn Krishna Philosophy, Gita Updesh, which isn’t connected to any religion but humanity. Rajyoga is a meditation that has been accepted in all religions world wide.

The best part of Rajyoga is that you can practice it while cooking, reading, and walking. It’s the most powerful way to connect to the creator you call God or Universe. The best way to learn Rajyoga is to visit any Brahma Kumaris center near you and attend their 7 days live course.

6- Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana - Types of Meditation

Vipassana is another popular meditation practiced around the world and it’s based on Buddha Philosophy. Also, it’s one of the most effective meditation techniques I found to have a healthy body along with mind.

For many people it’s challenging as it takes your ten dedicated days disconnected to the world. In order to attend Vipassana meditation, you need to apply online and wait for their confirmation.

Vipassana centers are all around the world and it’s always full so you need to be ready to apply. Once you get confirmation, you need to enter and disconnect to the world for ten days.

In my experience, it’s one of the other most powerful types of meditation to awaken kundalini, heal your body and connect to deeper consciousness in ten days.

7- Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness- Types of Meditation

I feel this meditation is a real time requirement in modern days as the world is lacking it and moving towards horrific situations. If not about others, it’s crucial to love and care for oneself, which is lacking these days.

As a result , 8 out of ten people are in pain and experiencing depression in life. Loving kindness meditation focuses to heal and activate your heart chakra, the center of Love and kindness.

Once you learn to love yourself, your energy expands and you easily become the center of kindness towards others, even to your enemies. Be it for social cause or self care, it’s one of the 12 types of meditation that can give you pleasure beyond worldly things and experience.

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8- Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental- Types of Meditation

According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Transcendental Meditation is a way to filter your thoughts and access the root of your thoughts, source of your thoughts easily. In this meditation there are many Beej Mantra being used.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the Mantras are considered as the sound of the universe and it has an enormous effect on the human mind. Therefore, If you are curious to access your core of thoughts and deepest point of your mind, Transcendental Meditation is the best choice for you.

While practicing this meditation, there are some rules and regulations which help your meditation more effectively. Also it requires you sitting in silence and still. However, spending ten to twenty minutes in the morning and evening regularly can do magic to your life, for sure.

9- Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation - Types of Meditation

As the name suggests this meditation is practiced to ease the mind body soul instantly. Progressive relaxation helps you connect to every body part of you and release the stress and emotions stuck there.

Let me tell you, stress, anxiety and physical pain is because some of your negative emotions are stuck there. So, progressive relaxation helps you easily eliminate those negative emotions from your body and make you feel better.

Progressive Relaxation is also one of those types of meditation that helps you live a stress free and happy life. So, if you feel stuck or in pain financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it’s most suitable for you.

10- Reiki Meditation

Reiki Meditation - Types of Meditation

Reiki is the most profound, powerful and effective way to heal any mental, emotional and physical health. It’s easy to learn and activate. Most importantly, it gives you instant relief and increases the healing power of your mind and body.

In order to learn Reiki meditation you need to take initiation from a teacher who opens your first four chakra and teaches you to heal it regularly. The rest of the chakra gets open organically if you practice Reiki for 21 days.

I always recommend my readers, audience to learn and practice Reiki on a daily basis. The main reason behind this is that you get connected to your body and feel lighter by enhancing your energy level.

Apart from Healing wounds, reiki works magically in every area of your life, so if you want to design your life and execute it then reiki is for you.

11- Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation - Types of Meditation

Mantra meditation is basically connected to religious belief as There are many popular mantras in every religion. However, Om is the universe’s Mantra and is practiced all over the world on a daily basis.

There are many mantras for specific life areas. So if you think you are experiencing some blockages in any area of your life, you may chant the particular mantra and change your life.

Mantras are a collection of some powerful letters which affect different areas of the brain and clears the blockages. Once the block is cleared, it becomes easy to move forward with more excitement and faith.

12- Healing Meditation( Chakra Meditation)

Chakra Meditation - Types of Meditation

Unlike Reiki there are many healing methods popular around the world. However, Healing meditation is specifically focused to heal you and help you have better health. Sometimes, you need to know your time, past and future, so this meditation is super effective.

Human body is made of 5 elements: air, water, earth, sky and fire. There are thousands of small small points in our body which store universal energy and help you stay active. However, Healing only 7 main chakras can make you feel magically charged.

Healing meditation helps you to connect, cleanse and heal these 7 major chakra and let your body function perfectly. Chakra Meditation is one of the most essential types of meditation for anxiety, stress and emotional cleansing. I recommend everyone to learn and practice.

Final Words: I hope these 12 types of popular meditation can help you select the most suitable one for you. If you are new, select anyone, but if you already have experience, one by one, you may learn and all and have multiple experiences.

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