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Mass Meditation: 7 Reasons You Must Contribute in The Global Cause

Do you know Meditation is the most powerful tool to spread positivity not only around you but upon the entire planet? Wondering How? Well, Mass Meditation is one of the known and popular ways.

In This article of BigBrainCoach, you will explore mass Meditation, how it works, and how to participate in it.

The changing atmosphere and increasing crime, pain, and instability are causing a more negative atmosphere worldwide. Therefore, to bring peace and brotherhood, one can contribute to the global cause in your comfortable position by sitting at your place.

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To understand how to do that, let’s understand What is mass Meditation?

Meaning of Mass Meditation

The word Mass says a group of people gathering together for a specific cause with the same intention.

“Mass Meditation” is an act of collective consciousness, vibrating at the same level, with the same intention.

To Perform Mass Meditation, people gather together and practice the same steps to send Peaceful, love full energy to the world.

In Other words, Unlike Mass prayer is perform for some specific events; Meditation is also done for the global cause by Regular Meditator.

Let’s see what the self advantages are and why we must participate in Mass Meditation.

Benefits of Mass Meditation | Reason To Participate

1- A sense Of Belongings

Meditation has a placebo effect on the mind that provides you a sense of truth that you can shape your life. However, numerous studies approved that Meditation a the most potent tool available in the entire world for self-growth.

When you achieve a specific result by practicing Meditation, your sense of responsibility increases. Your life seems small, but your core makes you realize that you can make a difference in the global community.

Mass Meditation gives that chance to contribute globally at the same time spread the message of brotherhood. Contributing to Mass meditation helps to increase the feeling of belonging and oneness in your heart.

2- Spreading Brotherhood

Meditation is a process where you consciously collect the universal energy and use it for a better purpose. People normally think that meditators are selfish or they don’t care about others.

Sorry for declaring that they are completely wrong. A meditator thinks better for the world more than any other social worker or Politician.

The only difference is that they know their thoughts have more power than spoken words. Therefore they chose to think more and speak less.

By sitting at one place, joining Mass Meditation online, they can do much more than anyone thinks.

So one of the reasons to participate in Mass Meditation is that world needs more peacemakers. Only a meditator can spread brotherhood silently better than anyone else.

3- Mental Health Enhancement

One of the hardest and increasing problems is mental health that the world is facing nowadays. The worst thing about it is that many don’t even know that it can be treated or suffer from psychological challenges.

In such a time, if you are a regular meditator, you are wiser and healthier than those who don’t. Mass Meditations initiative is helping to spread mental health awareness among common people.

Participating in such events is the greatest cause you can do to society these days. It won’t be wrong to say that the world needs more organic ways to treat mental challenges than medical ones.

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4- Bigger Life Purpose

No matter how big your life goal is, there is always a chance to increase it wider and bigger. Meditation helps to open the Third eye or sense of life and gives a purpose to live.

It’s one of the hardest truths that one person can not change the world. However, one person from every town, state, and country can collectively definitely bring a massive change in the world.

Living for self or with limited goals doesn’t satisfy the people who meditate regularly. To me, life goals keep increasing with time and make us live for humanity, not for ourselves.

Participating in Mass Meditation, sending powerful healing vibes is the greatest cause you will ever do in life.

5- Inner Growth

A normal human being isn’t aware of his potentialities in general. I have been once a part of those people, but Meditation surprised me with the gain I experienced.

Real growth happens inside a person’s mind, and regular Meditation keeps it expanding day by day. So meditating alone undoubtedly provides you many benefits.

Participating in Mass Meditation provides unexplainable benefits to the inner soul one can only feel after doing it. However, I believe the only way to truly know your power is to keep craving for more and more.

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6- Contribution to Global Peace

Sadly, Destruction and lawlessness have become one of the essential columns in every corner of daily newspapers. Do you think the authority or any other organization will ever be enough to stop these global concerns?

Every person on this planet, at some points, desires peace and serenity in their life and around them. The only problem is that everyone thinks another person is responsible, so they are helpless.

The truth is, We, Meditators have the power to change it by participating in Mass meditation and spread peace through it.

Meditation is the most organic way to spread peace, love, togetherness, and kindness among people.

7- Being Different is Being Real

Doing something for a global cause requires a different mind, different thinking, and different emotions. As a result, meditators are often tagged as a weirdo or different, which I accept as a compliment.

It’s not crucial to fit in the society, but it’s essential to make your life worthy and self-satisfied. Meditation provides you that level of satisfaction along with the power to create the society you desire around you.

Ultimately, I believe meditators have the power and wisdom to invite the change normal people could not imagine. The main intention behind Mass Meditation Initiative is the same.


1- Mass Effect where to find angaran meditation crystal?

Well, Angaran Meditation Crystal can be found in those regions where the Angara is available. Also, these days Crystals are easily available in the market, so you may find someone who deals in this crystal.

I am trying to find a specific place; If I succeed, I will provide you the link.

2- What is Catholic Meditation?

Catholic church encourages practicing Meditation just like praying silently, mixing emotions and feelings. Also, They do believe that Meditation is a way to reunion with GOD.

3- What happens in group meditation?

When we practice Meditation alone, our energy creates an aura around the place we sit or live. However, when We practice in a group, the same aura/energy circle increases with more intense power and a positive shield.

Also it Group meditation helps beginners to connect to the energy field one may not feel while practicing alone. In other words, It encourages beginners to practice it on a daily basis.

4- Is group meditation more powerful?

Of course, Even the studies have confirmed that group meditation generates more healing power that helps cleanse and heal the atmosphere.

Collective open hearts generate more energy than a single person can not. It similar to the story where a single piece of wood can be broken easily, but a bundle of woods is harder to break.

5- How do you meditate on world peace?

Well, While participating in Mass Meditation, just like time travel Meditation, I rise above the planet and send the peaceful, white healing light to the globe.

You may visit the link and see the complete steps to time travel meditation.

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6- What are the 3 main Catholic prayers?

Many prayers are performed in catholic prayers, such as prayer for positive energy, prayer for patience, or any troubles. In other words, there are various prayers for different events.

However, there are few main prayers Catholics do. They are Sign of the Cross, Our Father, and Hail Mary.

7- What are the 3 types of Meditation?

Well, there are many popular and effective meditations available around the world. However, my favorite is Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra Balancing Meditation, And Open Eye Meditation.

8- Why is Meditation dangerous?

Meditation is not at all harmful or dangerous, but I always Recommend meditating under guidance. The reason behind it that Meditation is a powerful tool to evoke your inner power, which is still hidden from the world.

The new changes new meditators go through, normal people acknowledge it as some mental illness. So, It’s crucial to practice under a teacher so that your teacher can explain the changes and remove the fear of harm from your mind.

Final Words: Whether you are a regular practitioner of Meditation or just planning to start, This article will help.

I do recommend participating in Mass Meditation events, as each one of us has got the gift to share with the world. So let’s begin with this event.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed