How To Do Kukkutasana | Benefits And Precautions Of Rooster Pose

kukkutasana, Worldwide known as cock Pose or Rooster Posture, is the most accessible exercise to gain core strength and a flexible body. When we talk about Yoga Practices, mental and emotional well-being is tagged as a bonus achievement.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, you will explore everything about Kukkutasana. Kukutasana Information such as the reason behind its name, Benefits, and the precautions one needs before or while practicing Cock Pose.

As we all are aware, the food we consume or the workout we do isn’t enough for mental and physical health. In other words, the Modern lifestyle is causing many psychological and physical health challenges.

In such an environment, It’s our responsibility to take care of our well-being instead of expecting the government or health department to do something for us.

Spending few minutes in the morning with yourself and practicing a few yoga poses, including Kukkutasana on a daily basis, will do magic.

Before exploring the benefits of cock pose, let’s see what Kukutasana is and how it works.

Meaning of Kukkutasana

Kukkutasana is one of the effective yoga asanas for balancing the mind-body. The word Kukkutasana includes two Sanskrit Words, Kukkut and asana. Kukkut means Cock, and asana is the standing or sitting position of the body.

Therefore, The meaning of Rosser pose of Kukkutasana is the position where the body looks like a cock. Cock pose is a combination of Padmasana and Bakasan, so before you plan to practice this Pose, be sure to be master in the Lotus pose and Crane Pose.

Cock pose is beneficial for strengthening the Arms, Shoulders, legs and balancing the body weight in one position.

Before we explore the other benefits of Kukkutasana, let’s se the right way to perform this Pose. Yogasana only benefits positively if practiced in the right way.
Here are the steps to Perform Kukkutasana.

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Steps of Rooster Pose

  1. Select a quiet, fully ventilated and flat floor to practice Cock pose. Using Yoga mats are better than practicing directly on the floor.
  2. In order to perform Kukkutasana, Sit in the Position of Padmasana. Take a few breaths in and out to relax your body and keep your awareness in the present moment.
  3. Place your right hand in between the right thigh and your left hand from the left between the left thigh. Place both the palm on the floor in a comfortable position. Keep in mind; your hands are going to bear all of your body weight.
  4. While bending the body slightly forward above the waist, straighten both the hands and keep the palms firmly on the ground. Make sure to keep your hand and body in An alignment to avoid any imbalance.
  5. Maintaining a distance of 3 to 4 inches between both the palms. Keep the fingers of the hands spread in such a way that it is easy to balance the entire body.
  6. Take a deep breath and let the breath out. Then, start lifting the body above the ground while inhaling again. While doing this, maintain balance by putting entire body weight on the palms.
  7. Lift the body as high as possible and straighten both arms until you stabilize your body above the ground. Keep the eyes straight in front of your third eye and focus on maintaining the balance of the body.
  8. Pause there and start counting numbers 10, 15 or as many as possible to maintain the balance of the body. Allow the breath to go in and out in a normal rhythm.
  9. While exhaling slowly, bring your body back down on the ground. Bring both hands out and let it rest in the normal position. Next, get your legs in a normal Sukhasana Pose and let your breath relax the body for few seconds.

One round of Kukkutasana is complete here. After that, you may practice 3-4 round of Cock position every day. With practice and increasing strength, you may increase the round of courses and the time duration too.

This hard looking Yoga pose has many physical and mental health benefits, but I will share a few of the kukkutasana benefits with you.

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Benefits of Kukkutasana

Benefits of Kukkutasana Images

  1. Kukkutasana affects hand hugely and makes them stronger. As the hands hold the whole body weight, hands get toned thoroughly, and the arms reshape strongly.
  2. With the daily practice of Kukkutasana, the excess fats around the shoulders and neck start to vanish, which helps shape your body shape into a perfect figure.
  3. Rooster pose/Cock pose also helps in reducing belly fats and balance the Nabhi chakra within few days. Nabhi chakra/Naval Chakra is the center of the belly; balancing it helps in better energy flow and better digestion.
  4. Practicing Kukkutasana Yoga Pose on a daily basis benefits the joints of both legs and hands. Joints get stronger and flexible, which helps to enhance the flexibility of the entire body.
  5. Regular practice of Kukkutasana helps maintain a balance of the body and the mental state. The asana enhances the persons’ ability to make strong and right decisions emotionally. In other words, it helps in balancing Emotional states too.
  6. Regular practice of Kukkutasana has an extraordinary effect on the chest. As a result, the respiratory system, lungs and heart rate improve. Rooster Pose increases the circulation of energy and blood throughout the body by keeping the suction tube clean.
  7. Kukkutasana helps in bettering the body’s digestive process. A better Digestive System helps in reducing the chances of any disease. Disease such as Blood sugar, Blood Pressure, Piles, Constipation or any other stomach related issues.
  8. Regular practice of Kukkutasana Yoga Pose helps increase focusing and reduces anxiety, stress, Insomnia and restlessness etc.
  9. Kukkutasana is considered a special beneficial posture for women. Those who practice this asana regularly get relief from menstrual problems such as irritability or pain.

Before beginning with this asana, few things need your attention first. It’s a recommended suggestion and wise decision to consider the pros and cons of a Specific posture before practicing it.

There are no harms in practicing Kukkutasana if Done it properly. However, there are few things you need to consider before practicing it.

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Precaution of Rooster Pose – Kukkutasana Precautions

  1. People suffering from high blood pressure, heart or lung problems must avoid practicing Rooster pose.
  2. While the asana is helpful to strengthen the bones, if there are any serious bone health issue, consult your doctor before practicing Kukkutasana.
  3. People whose palms, wrists are weak or wounded should not practice this asana until it fully healed.
  4. Be in the present while posing, keep your spine straight and focus stay up as much your strength allow. Don’t do overtime and force your body too much, as pushing your body may cause harmful results.
  5. Most importantly, the Rooster pose is strictly not for beginners so, start it under the guidance of a certified and experienced yoga teacher. Also, if you have any health issue, consult with your physician before practicing them.

Variations of Kukkutasana

#1 Urdhva Kukkutasana

Urdhva Kukkutasana is also popular as an Upward Facing Rooster Pose or Upward Cock pose.

#2 Parsva Kukkutasana

Parsva kukkutasana is also known as the Side rooster Pose. As the name suggests, the body goes sideway while practicing Parsva kukkutasana.


#1 How long does it take to master kukkutasana?

Well, In order to master Kukkutasana, one needs to master Padmasana first. So if someone is already a regular practitioner of Padmasana, it will take less time to master the Rooster Pose.

Also, It depends upon the body type, practice time, and desire to master a specific position. If you are committed to master it as soon as possible, you will do it within a few weeks.

#2 What is the position of padmasana in Kukkutasana?

Padmasana is the base position of starting with the Rooster pose, Which begins with sitting in Padmasana to hold the body together. Padmasana also helps to have arms in alignment and balancing the body for a longer time.

Final Words: I am sure, The benefits of the Kukkutasana Yoga Pose/Rooster pose will provoke you to include this Pose in your daily practice.

If you liked the article and thought it’s informative, share it with others and help them take care of their mind and body.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed