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Correct Way to Perform Prayer Pose | 7 Spiritual Benefits of Prayer Pose Yoga

If you are a practitioner of Sun Salutation| Surya Namaskar, you may know about this pose. However, you may be unaware of  the hidden meaning and mental benefits of Prayer pose?

In this article of BigBrainCoach, You will be exploring all the secrets, mental benefits and spiritual Gain of the Prayer pose.

Prayer Pose Yoga is widely known as the first step of Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar. It is also widely famous as Pranamasana. 

In India, It’s a Moral inheritance  that everybody Happily adopts and practices on a daily basis. 

When It comes to practicing sacred act such as Yoga, it becomes more powerful and effective. Before we jump to the benefits of the Prayer pose and how it affects our mental or spiritual health, let’s see what is prayer pose originally.

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Meaning of Prayer Pose Yoga

Prayer Pose, Originally known as Pranamasana, combines two Sanskrit words, Pranam and Asana. Pranama Means, With my open heart, I bow to you, and Asana is the standing or sitting position of the body. 

Therefore the word, Prayer Pose, means praying with an open heart, expressing gratitude with humbleness. 

Some people get confused and consider Yoga as a Hinduism activity as many ask me, Is Yoga a religious activity? Allow me to answer and clear all the doubts about this belief. 

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Let’s, come back to our main topic, The Prayer Pose Yoga, and see the correct steps to perform it. So here is the answer to how to do prayer pose exercise?

Tips to do Prayer Pose Yoga /Pranamasana

Prayer Pose Images/Pranamsana Images

  • Step 1: To perform the Pranamasana, select an open space and flat floor where you can feel the fresh air. 
  • Step 2: Keep both legs together and Stand straight on the yoga mat facing towards the rising sun or East. 
  • Step 3: Now, bring both of your hands in front of your Heart chakra/ chest and join them in the position of Namaste. 
  • Step 4: Close your Eyes, feel the sunshine/Sunrays on your face and body. Breath normally and feel the Prana entering your body and clearing your lungs while exhaling. 
  • Step 4: If you are performing Prayer Pose during sun Salutation, recite the specific Mantra for this pose and observe the changes happening in your mind, body and emotions. 
  • Step 5: Stay for at least 10 to 15 second in this position and then open your eyes, bring your hands back in normal position and relax. 

You may repeat the Prayer pose for 3 to 4 round if practicing only this pose, not Sun Salutation. 

Reverse Prayer Pose

Prayer pose, with time and practices, has been developed, and there are few popular variations. Reverse Prayer Pose is one of the popular variations people are practicing around the world. Its also Know as PaschimNamaskar Asana, as you join your hand behind the back. 

So, Yoga Pose, where you’re hands are in prayer behind your back, is named reverse Prayer Pose. Let’s see in short how to do reverse prayer pose?

To perform Reverse Prayer Pose, you need to take your hands back, in front of the back Heart chakra and make a namaste position. 

In order to perform this Asana, you must practice under guidance as it’s not as simple as the Prayer pose. 

However, Reverse Prayer Pose provides you double the benefits of Pranamasana, including more flexibility and other physical gains. 

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Benefits of Prayer Pose Yoga

  • #1 Performing Pranamasana/ Prayer Pose or saying Namaste is one of the sacred act that opens your heart chakra, the center of creation. It helps in creating a favorable environment around you and prayers your for the next move. 
  • #2 Prayer pose also helps develop an attitude of gratitude and humbleness, which is one of the most potent act to attract everything you desire. 
  • #3 Pranamsana is a simple, peaceful yet powerful yoga pose that helps increasing healthy brain cells and invite peace into the mind. 
  • #4 Performing Prayer pose on a daily basis is one of the most accessible ways to better your body position, which boosts your personality. 
  • #5 Pranamasana also helps your spine to stay healthier as it allows the flow of energy to run clearly from Crown to root chakra.  
  • #6 Prayer pose relaxes the mind, which helps in concentration and better performance for the day. Also, it releases all the stress and worries of yesterday and prepares you well for today. 
  • #7 Performing Pranamasana on a daily basis for a few minutes help to enhance your bone health. It strengthens your legs, muscles, joints and overall bones altogether. 

Precautions for Prayer Pose Yoga/ Pranamsana

Pranamasana seems very simple and easy, Asana; it’s crucial to think about few things before practicing it. 

  • #1 In case of severe back pain or spinal pain, consult your doctor before practicing Pranamasana. 
  • #2 If you have a joint health issue or arthritis problems, consult your doctor and avoid practicing Prayer Pose or Reverse prayer pose. 

There are a few popular version of prayer pose available; you may be interested in Exploring. However, other Asanas are challenging to practice and require proper training, so its advice is not to practice at home if you are new to this. 

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One-Legged Prayer Pose

It’s one of the ancient poses that yogis use to practice in order to please their Gods. It’s a little difficult to practice but has many health benefits to offer. 

In order to practice the One Legged prayer pose, one needs to stand at the right leg and place the other legs above, inside the right legs thigh. 

It takes a lot of balancing practice as you have to balance your entire body weight on one leg and focus on breathing. 

Prayer Squat Yoga Pose

One of the variations of the Pranamsana is done while sitting in the squat position. To perform The squat position or Malasana Yoga, bring both the hand between legs and joint them together as Namaste. 


#1 What spiritual Prayer does each yoga pose mean?

Yoga is a perfect exercise to bring harmony to be mental and physical health. Yoga itself says the connection between mind, body, soul and the divine. 

Each yogasana is designed in such a way that it connects us to the five elements of our body and balance our life. 

Surya Namaskar Mantras has significant meaning that I have already shared in my previous article. To read in details about it, visit the given link below. 

2- Is Yoga a religious activity?

A clear and loud answer is, No, Yoga is not at all religious activity. Although unknowingly, people connect Yoga to Hinduism, the reason behind it is that mantras are widely popular in Hinduism. 

If you dive one step deeper, you will come to know that Hinduism isn’t a religion. Read my article about the Books revealing secrets about Hinduism, visit the link given below to learn more details about it. 

Most Importantly, the famous Mantra “OM” is the sound of the Universe; even science validated it. 

Just like cardio and other physical exercises, Yoga is an ancient technique of working out with mind and body altogether.

Even the mantras are a collection of the most potent Sanskrit (Ancient Language) words that affect our brain activity positively and enhance our well-being. 

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Final Words: I am sure all of your queries end here about the prayer pose. If there is still something bothering you, let me know in the comment box, I will try my best to answer it. 

Spending ten minutes to your routine Practicing Pranamasana will develop many emotional and mental strength; try it for few weeks and share the results.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed