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7 Essential Yoga for Rock Climbers and Its Benefits- BigBrainCoach

How do I get better shape for rock climbing? Is Yoga good for rock climbing? The answer is Yes! Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for those who hike and trek. Stretching Yoga for rock climbers help their body to be flexible and in control while crossing rough rocks.

Having a flexible body is essential if you are new or someone who frequently climbs a mountain and aims to climb higher. Unlike other exercises, yoga poses will provide you with more balanced in your mind, body and soul.

A hiker or climber not only requires a flexible body but a calm mind too. A stable mind helps in thinking effectively and finding solutions while facing climate change or any other challenges.

As a healer, I have been climbing a lot to boost my energy level and make me feel refreshed. I found my yoga practices very helpful as other fellows of my age could not do what I was doing quickly.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share nine very effective Yoga for rock climbers that will make your body flexible and boost your immune.

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Before we jump to the Yoga poses to stretch your body, let’s see the number of benefits of Yoga for rock climbers.

Benefits of Yoga for Rock Climbers

Yoga has a life-changing effect on the human mind-body; however, it has many specific advantages to exploring more for climbers.

#1 Practicing a few yogasanas before climbing helps a new bee or experienced one gain physical strength and flexibility.

#2 The climbers who practice Yoga on a daily basis are more comfortable in climbing heights because of their stable minds. In order to keep your mind and physical changes, you need a calmer mind that Yoga helps to achieve.

#3 Practicing yoga asanas help to connect to the core that is an essential skill of a climber. Therefore Yoga is helpful to connect to the gravity on heights.

#4 As you know, rock climbing is not as easy and beautiful as it looks in pictures or videos. It requires a lot of physical strength and mental balance to reach the top. Practicing Yoga for rock climbers is their essential daily requirement.

#5 Yoga and pranayama helps improve focus, one of the most crucial requirements for rock climbers. A few set of breathing practices clears their breathing pathway and enhance the focus ability.

#6 Joints are the most crucial body parts for every human being, including climbers. Yoga exercises help in joint fitness and make them stronger. Practicing yogaSana helps stretch the muscles, strengthen the core and bones.

#7 A regular yoga practice has a more balanced mind-body soul than an ordinary person. A balanced mind and body of a climber help them solve challenges and stay calm in challenging situations.

These benefits of yoga exercises will surely inspire anyone to try at least for a few weeks some of the asanas. Now, Let’s see the most beneficial Yoga for rock climbers.

7 Beneficial Poses of Yoga for Rock Climbers

#1 Tabletop Pose

The Tabletop pose, widely famous as Bharmanasana, is a beginner asana that helps to enhance balance. Its stretches main body parts such as arms, legs, shoulders, hips, core thighs etc.

In order to perform the Tabletop pose, lie down on the mat using the stomach side on the floor. Slowly raise your body above and balance your entire body weight on your two hands and legs.

Keep your knees and palm on the floor and your body up in the air. Slowly start rotating your hands and try to move your fingers towards your knees.

Feel the stretch on various parts of your body, stay there for 10 to a15 seconds and bring your hands back to the normal position.

#2 Hero’s Pose(Virasana )

Another important pose of Yoga for rock climbers is Hero’s pose. Worldwide popular as Virasana helps strengthen their knees, legs and increase balance.

In Order to perform virasana, stand on the yoga mat, spreading legs widely. Make sure there is enough distance between the two legs that you may feel the stretching.

Now bend your right leg to 90 degrees from the knee and put your body balance on the right leg. You may place your right palm on the right knee or spread both hands equal to shoulders height.

Inhale, exhale and stay there for 10 to 15 seconds and then put your hand down, bring your legs back to normal position and relax. Repeat the same process with the other leg and let the Hero pose benefit you the most.

#3 Extended Puppy Pose(Uttana Shishosana )

Uttana Shishosana, widely known as Extended Puppy Pose, helps stretch the upper back, spine, and shoulders. It’s one of the Yoga for rock climbers that helps open the chest and release stress, pain from the body.

How to do Extended Puppy Pose

Sit in the position of Vajrayana, bring your hands forward, and come into tabletop position. Make sure to keep both the legs parallel but hips together.

Exhale and start forwarding your hands in front of you and letting your forehead touch the floor. The position looks like a child pose; keep your breath regular.

Stay there for 10 to 15 seconds and come back to the tabletop position while inhaling. Feel the stretch and come back to Vajrayana again. You may repeat the pose two to three times daily for better results.

#4 Downward-Facing Dog(Adho Mukha Svanasana)

One of the beginner’s Yoga for rock climbers is Adho Mukha Svanasana, worldwide known as Downward-Facing Dog. The pose help practioner to stretch the hamstring and calves, which is one of the most crucial health parts of a climber.

Downward-Facing Dog poses also strengthen the legs, arms and increase blood circulation to these parts. It’s one of the essential poses for those who desire to climb regularly.

How to do Downward-Facing Dog

Yoga for Rock Climbers Images

In order to practice the pose at home, Stand in Tadasana, bend from the knee and put your palm on the floor. Move forward with your hands, just like shown in the picture.

Let your body weight be on your legs and hands equally. Your head, neck, and spine must be in a straight line. Stay there for 10 to 15 seconds, breathe normally, and come back to a normal position.

#5 Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pose/Cobbler’s Pose, also known as Baddha Konasana, opens the deeper parts of the hips. The pose is one of the essential Yoga for rock climbers. It stretches knees, thighs, and hips. The pose is beneficial for the leg’s health which is crucial for climbers.

It’s one of the Yoga for flexibility and balance that is an essential health requirement for climbing.

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How to do Bound Angle Pose

In order to perform Baddha Konasana at home, sit on the yoga mat and stretch both legs straight. Keep your spine and head straight. Now, bend your right leg from the knee and bring it near the pelvis.

Do the same with the left leg, bring it near the pelvis, and let it touch the toe of the right leg. Now pull both the knees down with your hand and stay there for 10 to 15 seconds.

Feel the stretching in various parts of the body, let your entire body stay straight. You may practice twice or thrice a day.

#6 Half Monkey God Pose(Ardha Hanumanasana)

Ardh Hanumansana is Yoga for rock climbers that helps keep their minds stable and body balanced. The pose is also known as Monkey God Pose. The pose might look easy, but it’s one Intermediate and complex pose that requires focus and effort.

If you are aware of Ramanyana, Hanumanji had many mystical capabilities. The pose provides flexibility, stability and helps in grounding the climber.

How to do Half Monkey God Pose

Take a position as a forward bending pose on your mat and take a deep breath. Move back, bring your right leg front, square your hips, feel the stretch and stay there for 10 to 15 seconds.

Bring your right leg back to the forward bend position and relax for 5 seconds. Repeat the same with the left leg and do this asana 2 to three times a day for better results.

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#7 Plank Pose

Plank pose is one of the perfect Yoga for rock climbers that strengthens the arms and enhances balancing. Holding the pose for a longer time builds mental muscles and increases focus.

The pose also increases the body stamina and strengthens the spinal.

How to do Plank pose

In order to practice plank pose, stand on your yoga mat and start with the downward-facing dog pose. Take a deep breath and move your torso forward until the arms are straight to the floor.

Keep your shoulders directly over the wrists and torso parallel to the floor. Move your legs back until the entire body is in a straight row. Keep your shoulder, spine and legs straight, stay there for 10 to 20 seconds, feel the stretch on the body.

Keep your breathing regular and stay back to the downward-facing dog pose. You may practice plank pose as long as you can. It’s one of the best Yoga for flexibility and balance.

Final Words: These are the best type of Yoga for rock climbers; every climber must practice daily. Although climbing is one of the inspiring exercises, Yoga makes it easy and more exciting.

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