Top 7 Must Read Books on Fasting for Health and Wellness

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Fasting, in the modern and rushing years has become one of the most trending and useful lifestyle habits. As believed, fasting does its work and helps eliminate toxins from our body within 24 hours.

Be it weight loss intention or mental toxification, fasting works on both of the intentions and gives positive results. Fasting has so many benefits that can’t be gathered in one small blog post like this one.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the most informative Books on Fasting for Health and wellness. If you are planning to go for fasting and better your health, these shared books are a must read for you.

Here are my filtered top 7 must-read books on fasting for health and wellness.

7 Must Read Books on Fasting for Health

1- The Complete Guide to Fasting

I am confident that you have heard the term “Intermittent fasting”. It’s one of the most popular fasting ways these days that not only helps lose weight but heals many inner wounds as well.

When you fast in a particular way such as water, fruits, food or once in a day, it gives significant results. The book “The complete Guide to Fasting” shares deep knowledge from intermittent to extended fasting.

The book gives scientific perspective or effect on the human body that will inspire you to adopt suitable fasting techniques for yourself. In my opinion, before starting your fasting journey, it’s one of the must read Read Books on Fasting for Health and Healing.

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2- The Obesity Code

If you are planning to get rid of unwanted fat from your body or get rid of old obesity, it’s one of the most important books for you. Obesity isn’t only about overeating but it has a deeper reason you must know.

Dr. Jason Fund, the author has revealed all the secrets behind reducing all the fat you have been trying to get rid of. In this book you will explore the effect of all healthy, unhealthy substitutes of fasting for losing weight.

In other words, it’s one of those Books on Fasting for health and wellness that helps you connect or know your body. Not to mention, you must know about your body before feeding or not feeding particular food or liquid.

3- Delay, Don’t Deny

In this book Author Gin Stephens shares his personal journey and experience with fasting. I believe fasting is a conscious decision to take care of your body along with mind and spirit.

In this book you will learn to plan your fasting schedule, the type of intake food or liquid and even desired results as well. The best thing about this book was that I could relate to His experience as I am the one who likes to experiment with everything.

If you are someone who likes to experiment with others’ experience, it’s a must read Books on Fasting for health and wellness. In addition, the scientific explanation will blow your mind once you will understand the correlation between food, fasting and mind body soul.

4- The FastDiet

In the modern days, obesity has become the fastest growing disease and It’s hard to overcome it. The best way to get rid of unhealthy fat is intermittent fasting.

In this book, authors, Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, who are a medical journalist, and Spencer, a health writer, introduce the new concept of fasting.

The concept is known as the 5:2 fasting diet which suggests eating normally five days a week and restricting calorie intake for the next two days. I found it a very effective one as a regular fasting schedule is challenging for new people.

If you like to eat and go for an effective weight loss program, it’s one of the very informative Books on Fasting for health and wellness you must read once.

5- Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat, written by Brad Pilon focuses on healthy eating and weight loss. The author suggests focusing on eating in an effective way that don’t make you feel hungry, weak or over control your regular eating habits.

In this book you will learn the benefits of eating your regular diet, yet fasting for 24 hours. The book will give you detailed insight about occasional fasting for 24 hours.

I have experience with this kind of fasting so I will say that if you want to know the result prior to the practice, it’s one of the must read Books on Fasting for health and wellness for you.

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6- The Longevity Diet

If you are a health and fitness conscious person, I am sure you have heard somewhere that fasting increases life span along with fitness. Yes, It’s a fact that not many people know and this book is all about the hidden benefits of fasting.

Author of this book, Dr. Valter Longo is a leading researcher in the field of connection between aging and fasting. In this book He shares the effect of fasting on the human body, mind and how it affects your body aging all along.

Overall you will learn about How fasting on a regular basis can help you prevent many diseases, heal many mental and physical issues and reduce your aging in the long term.

If you are keen to know about the scientific benefits of fasting, it’s one of the most recommended Books on Fasting for health and wellness from my side.

7- The Complete Guide to Fasting for Women

Authors, Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos, in their book, reveal everything about the female body and its functioning. They share everything about intermittent and alternate day fasting.

Female body is obviously different from male body , so fasting for females has a different effect on them.

As women go through a lot of emotional ups and downs, fasting for sure helps in balancing such hormonal outcomes. The book shares deep insight about hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycles, and fertility concerns.

The book also offers effective guidance for women looking to reap the benefits of fasting. Therefore If you experience hormonal imbalance, health issues, it’s one of the must read Books on Fasting for health and wellness for you.

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1- What is the best type of fasting for health benefits?

Well, Most popular one known as Intermittent fasting is one of the best ones that offers many benefits to practitioners. It improves blood pressure and balances heart rates.

It improves physical and mental well being also who can dare to adopt this fasting habit for a long time. Overall you will experience better performance, better physical health and mental well being.

2- How much fasting is required for good health?

Well, I believe the amount of fasting depends upon age and health conditions. Too much fasting can create health issues so in general eating for 12 hours and fasting for the same time can be healthier for most people.

Most importantly, keep in mind that fasting means cutting out hard food and sugar. Therefore, either go for liquid with no sugar or pure water fasting.

Final Words: In the end I will say, no matter what your physical and mental health right now, fasting will be better. You may crave for food for a few days, but fasting strengthens your mental strength and disciplines your body so force yourself for a few days.

Once you can cross a few days, the result will overpower your craving and inspire you to keep continuing with fasting. Reading these books will give you better insights about your health and requirements.

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