8 Remarkable Benefits of 40 Day Fast for Body and Mind

Fasting is one of the best and most effective ways to cleanse your physical system, mind and spirit. If you are on a spiritual path, I highly recommend you to observe fasting and experience the miracle.

There are many types of fasting popular around the world and trust me fasting itself is effective no matter which one you are practicing. However, 40 days of fasting is special and has a profound impact.

If you are planning to go for it, Once do a health check up and fast with a specific intention along with full conviction and faith. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the incredible Benefits of 40 Day Fast you are going to experience spiritually and scientifically.

Benefits of 40 Day Fast

1- Metabolic Reset

Fasting, in simple terms, is a way to give your system a break from working constantly. When you allow your system to stop, it checks your system deeply and eliminates the unhealthy things from your system.

When you fast for a long time, it’s like deep cleaning of your body, we call it temple. It’s like doing deep cleaning of your home to make it more peaceful and increase the vibration.

During our regular days, your system doesn’t get time to do deep cleansing so fasting means resetting your metabolism. One of the first Benefits of 40 Day Fast is eliminating hidden toxins out from your body.

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2- Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

While 40 days fasting is primarily focused on spiritual growth, it has some fitness benefits as well. When you fast for a longer period of time, your daily routine, especially with food changes.

When your body doesn’t get enough food as regular, it starts burning the extra stored fat. That’s how you get energy during fasting period to perform your regular activities and it helps your body function in a healthy state.

However, it’s recommended that during fasting you must maintain a balanced diet. Of course not a regular one but it should have enough vitamins and minerals to fulfill daily needs.

Therefore one of the best Benefits of 40 Day Fast is you get rid of extra fat in the most organic ways, without any extra efforts.

3- Mental Clarity and Focus

As we all know that everything is energy, including our single thoughts we run in the mind. During our regular routine we need a lot of energy to focus and do our regular work.

A lot of energy gets used to digest hard food like oil, sweets or other items. During fasting time, you don’t eat hard food and you eat less. Therefore you save a lot of creative energy.

When you don’t eat much, the thoughts organically appear less in the mind. In other words, fasting clears the mind and filters the thoughts. Therefore one of the Benefits of 40 Day Fast is the clarity in mind and increased focus.

4- Emotional and Psychological Resilience

Fasting offers a unique chance to develop emotional and psychological strength as well. Food has a significant effect on the human mind and thoughts as well. When you don’t eat or don’t think about food, you get emotionally stronger.

Relationship with food, hunger, is an emotion and when you control it, you gain control over other emotions as well. Learning to control your craving helps to understand the concept of survival.

It helps develop a better understanding about mental, physical and psychological connection. One of the mental Benefits of 40 Day Fast is you learn to cope with challenges in a healthy way.

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5- Enhanced Digestive System

A long break from anything changes a lot of things, especially when it comes to the human system. If a person practices 10 days of silence, they don’t feel like talking after ten days. However, when they talk, they share their best and filtered thoughts.

Similarly, when you don’t eat for a long time, or eat less in a discipline, your system gets used to different eating systems. When you fast, consciously you consume a lot of green, fruits, and water. All the consumptions cleanse and heal your digestive system.

You may feel some unwell symptoms in the beginning but after forty days you will definitely have a healthy and better digestive system. One of the fascinating Benefits of 40 Day Fast which attracts people is a better digestive system.

6- Detoxification

Although our body is designed in such a way that it doesn’t hold toxins and detox on a regular basis. Yet, it needs special efforts to eliminate hidden toxins that don’t affect visible instantly but in the long term it does.

When tiny toxins, unhealthy residuals or unhealthy fats get out of the body, your body feels better. Your digestive system is another sub conscious mind, when you cleanse it it gets healthier.

In other words, one of the very crucial Benefits of 40 Day Fast is that it detoxes the mind, body and makes your spirit feel healthier. You may say that fasting is a way to nurture your mind, body and soul altogether.

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7- Spiritual and Mindful Growth

If we look back, fasting is one of the most constant and effective practices for spiritual growth. It’s a popular way to connect to God in every community or religion. When your mind slows down, you organically start reflecting on yourself.

Self reflection is a way to check and change which is an essential step for spiritual growth. When you give yourself forty days for self reflection, spiritual growth, it holds the power to transform you.

Whatever spiritual practices, reiki, pranik, meditation or any other practices you do, fasting doubles the result of your practices. One of the most fascinating Benefits of 40 Day Fast is you feel closer to God and yourself as well.

Note: While a 40 day fasting can give you many physical, mental and spiritual health benefits, it’s crucial to check your health before starting. Considering your medical history you may decide your regular diet while fasting, so do consult with your doctor.


1- Why do Hindus fast for 40 days?

In Hinduism, fasting is primarily focused on going closer to God, no matter how many days of fasting the practice. Fasting is a way to get purified, increase God consciousness and become closer to God.

In Hinduism every day is dedicated to some of the Deities so fasting is a very common practice for God consciousness.

2- Can we kiss during Monday fast?

Fasting is a way to purify your mind, body and soul so it’s crucial to practice purity while fasting. If you do your regular actions that allow other people to entangle with your energy field, you wont get desired results.

If you are practicing fasting with the intention of spiritual growth, it’s crucial to maintain celibacy. Celibacy is the purest energy and that boosts your spiritual growth. Therefore, any physical contact is not allowed.

Final Words: Fasting has no negative impact, if you are dedicated to self growth. You may eat various fruits and vegetables during these forty days according to your choices. Fasting affects your body and mind’ s deepest core, so I believe everyone must fast.

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