Crystal Bracelets to Attract Money

7 Crystal Bracelets to Attract Money | Bracelet for Luck and Wealth

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If you are looking for some of the most effective crystal bracelets to attract money, this blog post is specially written for you. Money has become a necessity for all of us because life demands it so much.

Crystals are the most affordable tool that one can use to experience energy shifts in life. Money problems are not about your job, or business, it’s about blocked energy in your body.

Wearing crystals on your body helps clear that energy block and allow the money energy flow in your mind. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share the top 7 crystal bracelets to attract money and abundance.

7 Crystal Bracelets to Attract Money

1- Citrine Bracelets

Citrine the yellow gold beauty, is also known as “Merchant’s stone”.The name itself justify that citrine holds the ability to attract wealth, success and abundance in wearers life.

Its vibrant Yellow colour is associated with the solar places chakra which is the chakra for prosperity and abundance. The colour is also associated with sun’s energy which is the symbol of power and vitality.

Therefore one of the most popular Crystal Bracelets to Attract Money is a citrine bracelet. The citrine bracelets clear the money block and stimulate the flow of prosperity.

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2- Pyrite Bracelets

Popularly known as “Fool’s Gold” pyrite is considered as no less than real gold value. With my personal experience I can say that wearing a pyrite bracelet will definitely change your mindset about money.

Pyrite looks like brass and creates a protective shield against negative energy and stimulates your money energy. The person can feel the change within a few days after wearing it.

Pyrite is prized for its association with abundance and good fortune. Pyrite helps in developing a better money mindset by stimulating your wealth mindset. Therefore, it’s one of my favourite crystal bracelets to attract money and create wealth in life.

3- Green Aventurine Bracelets

Green aventurine is famous for its ability to attract good luck, prosperity and wealth. The green colour is the colour of love so you can think what it can do to your heart chakra.

The green colour also symbolize growth, vitality and prosperity in life. As its known the heart chakra holds power to create anything so this bracelet can change the entire perspective about wealth.

Green aventurine bracelets enhance the wearers confidence and decision making abilities. In other words, it helps a person to think and do better for financial growth. Therefore, one of the calming yet effective crystal bracelets to attract money is green aventurine.

4- Clear Quartz Bracelets

Clear quartz, one of the most beautiful crystals, also known as a master healer is also good for prosperity. As the name suggests, this one is not associated with a particular energy but it works in every area of life.

Wearing clear quartz helps clear the energy that’s blocking your finances and allow the energy flow in the right direction. When this one is combined with other money crystals, magic happens.

Clear quartz is specially known for clearing the energy, giving mental clarity and promoting abundance. Clear quartz is one of the crystal bracelets to attract money that can combine with any other money crystal and enhance its power.

5- Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

Tiger eye, popularly known as protective, grounding crystal, is another money magnet crystal. Tiger eye helps enhance courage, strength and prosperity.

The magnetic colour helps evoke the sun’s energy in your body and attract more success and wealth. The crystal is also associated with sun energy which is essential for life and gives success, so the tiger eye activates the money energy in the body.

It’s one of the crystal bracelets to attract money that can enhance your self confidence, determination and take you to the ladder of financial freedom.

6- Amethyst Bracelets

Amethyst is commonly known for its calming and spiritual enhancing qualities. However, amethyst also has some properties that help manifest money wealth.

The amethyst colour itself represents royalty and abundance as it is associated with third eye chakra which is the creator chakra. Amethyst is also known for its powerful impact on mind and heart as it connects you to universal energy.

Amethyst bracelet is one of the crystal bracelets to attract money which promotes your intuition power and guides you in the right direction. It helps align all the factors of inner and outer energy and prepare you to achieve your desired success.

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7- Black Tourmaline bracelet

Last but not least, black tourmaline is another powerful bracelet that attracts wealth and prosperity. This crystal is commonly known for prediction and cleansing.
Often money problems arise when the energy around is negative and unhealthy.

Using black tourmaline helps clearing those negative energies and creates a powerful aura and protection shield.

Wearing black tourmaline bracelets means being in your true energy field, doing your work without any blockage. Black tourmaline is one of the crystal bracelets to attract money and opportunities.


1- Which gemstone is best for money luck?

When it comes to gemstones, Peridot is known as the best gemstone to attract money luck in life. That’s the reason it is known as a money stone around the world.

Peridot helps to change the mindset about money and promote better decision making which leads to financial growth in life. Along with peridot, citrine and pyrite are also money magnets you must try once.

2- What crystal increases luck?

Increasing luck means creating a magnetic aura around your body and home. Green aventurine is recognized as the stone of more opportunities as it is associated with heart chakra.

Green aventurine creates a magnetic peaceful and calming energy around you, promoting productivity.

Final Words: Wearing crystal bracelets gives you not only financial growth but you will experience many more benefits. Therefore, you must give it some time to connect and work for you.

Buy a crystal, cleanse, charge and program it with your own intention and energy to work at its best for you. If you found this article informative and worth reading, do like and share it with some of your friends or family.

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