Best Books for Self Love and Healing

7 Best Books for Self Love and Healing | Best Books on Self Love

Best Books for Self Love and Healing | Fiction Books About Self-Love | Loving Yourself Books | Best Books on Self Love | Books About Self-Love

In the long journey of life, if you want to enjoy the process and live life fully, you must know self love and self healing. Those who do not know, in the middle of journey and crowd of people get lost.

Journey itself means it is not going to be easy but you will survive for sure. However, no one wants to just survive because the ultimate goal of life is to enjoy it.

Self love and self healing, in my opinion, is simply knowing yourself and knowing what makes you happy and easy going. Burden of the past can make your life heavy and the journey might become painful.

Now, the question is can self love and healing be tonight? Yes of course, If you are willing to learn by yourself read some of Best Books for Self Love and Healing.

Best Books for Self Love and Healing

1- “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown

Most of us suffer because we think we are not smart enough like other people or others are better than me. Questioning your own identity means hurting your own self worth.

“The gift of imperfection teaches to accept yourself as you are and know your inner core and find your strength. The author is a renowned researcher who has shared all the vulnerabilities a person goes through in society.

The book will inspire you to embrace your imperfection as they are the open chance to work on yourself. Know that God never creates a perfect person but He gives us the opportunity to spend time with self and shape yourself.

One of the first book in my list of Best Books for Self Love and Healing
You must explore.

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2- “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

When it comes to human life, we are made of mistakes, pain and experiences. Experiences that make us suffer need to be healed and gain strength out of it.

This book teaches to heal the pain that’s making the current journey hard. Healing today makes the future easy and better. The Author shares many practical tips to work upon self and self love.

I find the book a classy one because it guides you to choose correct thoughts, beliefs to shape the future. It’s one of the Best Books for Self Love and Healing because it also helps release the past trauma pain and heal the mental and physical health.

3- “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk

If you believe in Healing, you know that all of our emotions have a huge impact on some of our body organs. In this book, the Leading trauma expert author shares the effect of our trauma on different body parts.

As they say, before you heal, exploring the cause and effect is crucial. If you want to heal yourself and develop self love, this is a must read for you. By reading this book, you will be open to all the past wounds and heal them.

By sharing His compelling case studies and scientific researches, authors give a deeper perspective about our memories and pain. I found it one of the most compelling Books for Self Love and Healing that everyone must read once.

4- “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach

Self love is all about taking care of your inner child, healing if needed, heave a clean clear mind and heart. Happiness is the outcome of a pure and easy heart which is not possible if there are pain and unpleasant memories.

This book is written by a psychologist and meditation teacher who guides us to let go of the past and develop self compassion. The book is filled with a lot of Buddhist teaching which is easy to adopt.

The book teaches us to embrace our true self and let go of all the judgements. It’s one of those calming Books for Self Love and Healing that naturally take you to the path of self love and healing.

5- “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Do you know all the diseases and pain are caused by the mind that keeps going back and repeating past events again and again. If one can learn to live in the “right now” moment, the mind and body will heal itself.

“Power of Now” is considered as one of the Books for Self Love and Healing as it teaches how and why to live in the present. The author shares the power of the “Now” moment in a very powerful way.

BY reading this book you will learn self awareness, release past painful moments and cultivate inner peace effortlessly. If you truly want to gain self love and let go of your past, do read this one.

6- “Love Warrior” by Glennon Doyle

If you like to learn from other experiences and feel inspired by others’ stories, this book is for you. In this book the author, Glennon Doyle has shared Her life journey.

A journey that’s full of self discovery, healing and empowerment. The book is raw as she shares about her struggle with addiction and marriage. You will love to read it as I did.

I added this one in my list of “Books for Self Love and Healing” as I found it honest and really inspiring. You might find your inner warrior by reading it and learn to live by being you, not by caring what others will think of you.

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7- “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer

The book is all about getting deeper into your consciousness and experiencing things you have never explored. The book does justice with the title as I was drawn to the Title at first.

In this book, the author Michael A. Singer talks about the true nature of consciousness and inner freedom. Inner freedom itself means breaking the chain that is pulling you in the past and causing you suffering.

The author has shared a lot of practical and compelling exercises including meditation and ways to live in the present moment. It’s one of those practical Books for Self Love and Healing that, if followed accurately, will change your inner core and make you feel light and healed.


1- How do I start self-love and healing?

Self love means knowing your true self, accepting and nurturing in the best possible ways. For a startup, start writing down your emotions including gratitude and painful ones.

Try to know your authentic self, like what you truly like, pamper yourself, accept yourself as you are, and give yourself a compliment when needed. When you will start doing these simple practices you will start healing and loving yourself more than ever.

2- Is there therapy for self-love?

Well, these days you will find every type of therapy available as mental health issues are growing. Someone can definitely help you go deeper in your core and start loving yourself.

However, I will suggest you find a meditation teacher, practice meditation and follow any spiritual teaching to change your mindset. Meditation is the only ultimate way that can give you everything you want to achieve.

Final Words: Books have been my inspiration for decades. The things you will find in written text, you will never find in audio or video. If you truly want to heal and develop self love, give yourself time to read some of these books.

Books also help you to live in the present moment. Therefore, spare some time to feed your mind and heart with something life changing.

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