Top 6 Meditation Scented Candles for Improving Spiritual Practices

Meditation, a sacred act every other person is trying to do effectively. However, they get distracted by no one but their own mind. There are many tools such as crystals or meditation scented candles that help sit for a longer time.

Meditation mainly requires and strong decision to sit for a longer time; however, using some external tools that create the best environment.

This article is for you if you are looking for the best relaxing candles, aromatherapy candles, or any other candles for various spiritual practices.

In this article of bigbraincoach, we will talk about the good and bad of aromatherapy candles and how to use scented candles for meditation.

Before we go to various types of candles and their benefits, let’s see what meditation candles are and how it affects positively.

Meaning of Meditation Scented Candles

Before we talk about meditation candles, let’s see how meditation works. If I have to summarize in one sentence, I will say that meditation is calming your mind first and then training it according to your wish.

In order to calm the mind, there are various popular methods such as the focus on breathing, any object, and so on. Using scented candles for meditation helps to create an aromatic atmosphere around the meditator.

Atmosphere, during meditations, plays an important role; it helps in having a more profound experience. Scented candles also help calm the mind as some of the fragrances have a specific effect on brain function.

Therefore, meditation candles are an external tool that helps create a beautiful atmosphere for a better meditation experience and calm the mind.

Now I have answered many questions: Is it bad to breathe in scented candles, or Are scented candles good for meditation? Allow me to answer one by one.

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Best Scented Candles for Meditation | Meditation Scented Candles

#1 La Jolie Muse Ylang Ylang Meditation Candle

The candle provides a soothing and mixed fragrance of ylang-ylang, jasmine, chamomile, and musk. It’s made of a hundred per cent soya vax which is the paraben-free and lead-free cotton wick.

This meditation candle comes with a rose gold pot that looks beautiful even if it’s placed in the showcase. These candles help in eliminating anxiety and improve mood instantly.

The size of these meditation scented candles are pretty large that will burn approx 60 to 70 hours. There are few colors available on Amazon; you may select your choice and use them while meditating.

#2 Root Candles Seeking Balance: Geranium Lavender

Lavender and Geranium are the main fragrance of these meditation candles, providing comfort and calming the mind. It is made with an all-natural beeswax blend, so it is preferably unsuitable for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

6.5 oz size is expected to burn for up to 65 hours, As beeswax makes for longer. These meditation scented candles help in clearing the mind and focus while trying to meditate.

#3 Vetiver and Olibanum Scented Soy Meditation Candle

This brand has been popularly known for its beautifully produced candles since 1869. Their candle range is vast and includes essential oils to provide mental benefits during meditation.

Vetiver and Olibanum Scented meditation candles use various fragrances to provide better results than other candles. Vetiver helps in grounding and calming while practicing mindfulness.

It’s one of the best meditation scented candles I will suggest you try to enhance your meditation practices. One of the best candles on amazon!

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#4 Aloha Bay Happiness Chakra Candle

This candle is packed with the fragrance of frankincense, patchouli, and labdanum that provides a delightful, pleasant meditation experience. The candle helps in balancing the crown chakra that is associated with self-actualization and the primary energy center.

The Happiness chakra candle is made with pure essential oils and palm vax. These meditation scented candles come without labels because they believe in the quality of the product, not just labelling them.

The ingredients included this candle, Patchouli and Frankincense are best for spiritual practices as it helps calm the mind. The violet or purple color connects to the crown chakra and which connects with the higher self.

#5 Wax and Oils Lavender Candle

Lavender is primarily famous for its soothing effects and for calming the atmosphere. Wax and Oils candles are made with soy vax and lavender essence.

I will suggest you to this sedative candle prior to bed for a sound and relaxing sleep. These meditation scented candles help in relieving stress and promote better sleep.

#6 Spearmint & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Superior Living Candle

The company is famous for producing more natural and scented products. These soy wax candles include spearmint and eucalyptus essential oil, which works on the brain.

Green is the color of nature, and it’s ideal for the heart chakra. The color is used to open the heart chakra, increase self-esteem and heal the past.

Using this meditation scented candles during mindful practices also helps to enhance your respiratory system.


1- Is it bad to breathe in scented candles?

Unlike any other product, there are a variety of candles available in the market, and not every candle is made up of good ingredients. To those having trouble breathing or asthma patients, using scented candles for meditation can be harmful.

However, many brands are aiming at specially scented candles for meditation. The keep in mind all the factors and add the ingredients accordingly.

2- Are scented candles good for meditation?

As you read above, scented candles mean a variety of essence added to candles that help calm down the brain function. Many found it helpful to concentrate while using incense or scented candles for meditation.

Using your favorite flavor and mild fragrance in the air can be good for you to experience deep meditation. It also helps to clear the negative energy around you and enhance the energy level of your aura.

Now let’s see what is the best candles for meditation you must try for once.

3- What is the best incense for meditation?

Unlike essential oils and Meditation Scented Candles, incense also helps to clear the heavy energy from surrounding and enhancing the atmosphere.

There are many incenses available in the market with soothing and compelling fragrances. However, meditation primarily focuses on calming the mind and grounding the person.

In order to stay grounded, a woody smell during meditation is the ultimate choice. So, for me, Sandal wood incense is the best incense for meditation.

4- How to use scented candles for meditation?

Select a place for meditation, commonly a quiet area with proper ventilation. You may use your balcony or terrace too.

Burn a meditation scented candle and place it at a safe place where no one or nothing can disturb it. Make sure not to keep close to you or any clothes around.

Let the aroma spread around the atmosphere, and start your meditation with breathing practices. Make sure you use a candle with a mild fragrance.

Final Words: Meditation is one of the most sacred acts you will ever perform during your day. In order to make this event profound and have some fantastic experience, you may try any of the above meditation scented candles.

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