7 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening | Physical Manifestations of Spiritual Awakening

Am I awakened or what does it mean to be a weekend in life? Or how to understand that I am going through an awakening process? If such questions are haunting you , this article will give you a clear insight about your spiritual level.

In the journey of life, when you begin practicing meditation, yoga or other spiritual activities, you start shifting your consciousness. Aware or unaware, you will notice changes in your mental, physical and emotional realm.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share the top 10 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. Not necessarily you will experience all of them but you might experience some of them, for sure.

7 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

1- Heightened Sensitivity

We human beings experience worldly pleasure with the help of our five senses. With time and various experiences, mostly negative, our senses lose their full power and become weak.

We often go for external help when we hear less, smell less or don’t feel any taste. One of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening is you start gaining your true senses.

Your senses become more sensitive and experience more environmental and worldly things. Your hearing may increase, eyesight can get better and you may smell things form long or invisible.

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2- Energetic Shifts

We all know that sages and saints have more energy and power than normal human beings. The reason behind this belief is their living ways and tolerance capacity and enhanced energy.

Energy that can be visible such as less aging, natural hair color, young and disease free body etc. When you practice any spiritual practices for a longer period of time, you sense an energy change within you .

One of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening, in terms of energy is you feel excited, more energetic and healthy. The energy shift feels insight out as your mood, thinking or doing anything physically.

3- Changes in Sleep Patterns

As you read above, spiritual awakening heavily affects your sleep pattern as it’s the way to recharge your mind, body and sleep. Spiritual awakening increases energy level and the person needs less sleep than earlier.

You also may experience vivid dreams and shift in your thinking pattern as your journey to spiritual gain has started. You may need less sleep while going through the awakening process.

It’s one of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening that forces a person to change in lifestyle and daily routine. You suddenly experience higher energy, use it in the right direction and level up yourself.

4- Physical Discomfort or Ailments

Do you know our body holds a lot of experience that we think is over now. If not, Know that it’s not, it’s often stored in your chakra. Chakras that shape your physical body and ultimately your personality.

The process of spiritual awakening starts cleansing the invisible chakras first. During the process all of your emotions, pain, discomfort get resolved and you feel great.
The energy flow in your body can make you uncomfortable in the beginning as it releases long time stored energy.

Therefore, one of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening can be felt in your body or alignments of organs.

5- Intuitive Body Responses

As spiritual awareness deepens, You may notice your body responding intuitively to sudden circumstances or events. Responds such as tingling, chilling or sense of warmth in your heart or sometimes body as well.

Such responses are not at all random, if you pay attention it can give you advance warning or ideas about future events. Physical events such as eye twitching, watching in palm or other like this we know as myth is never myth.

If you pay attention to your body during your intense spiritual practices, you will get many insights. Therefore one of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening is experiencing silent movement on your skin or body.

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6- Heart-Centered Sensations

Spiritual practices means cleansing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you do it you walk through the purity of your heart and mind.

One of the most powerful chakra in your body is the heart chakra. It’s most important as it connects to your physical and spiritual body, it’s why your experiences are attached to your physical chakras.

As your practices deepens, one of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening you will experience sensation around your heart. Sensations such as warmth, expansion or fluttering are common.

7- Changes in Eating Habits

Changes in Eating habits are one of the most common signs that can be experienced during awakening. When the soul cleanses its costume body, it demands pure food for the process.

If you have been a non veg eater, you might turn vegetarian or vegan. The enhanced empathy in your heart can change your mind and emotions about the food you used to consume earlier.

Not to mention you might sense the need for more green and fresh food. Therefore, it’s one of the Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening that definitely enhances your practices and gives you more pure energy.


1- What are the signs that humans are spiritual?

There are many visible and invisible signs that indicate that humans, originally, are spiritual beings. Here are some of them you can relate to. You never like to have a sense of fear, guilt or duty, the need for freedom means a person is spiritual.

Nobody likes to depend upon other people, label themselves or be forced. The deeper need of freedom, purity, happiness and harmony in life are some of the signs that say human beings are spiritual beings and they must search for their true identity.

Final Words: As we all are aware awakening can be painful at some point but at the end its bliss. While having some Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening know that you are moving forward.

All of these symptoms add a positive aspect to your spiritual journey therefore, no need to worry, but keep moving forward. If you found this article worth reading, share it with others as a guideline from experienced ones.

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