Prayer for World Peace and Healing

Powerful Prayer for World Peace and Healing | Short Prayers for Peace in The World

World, today has a lot of troubles that are increasing on an individual basis. Everybody is experiencing unexpected and heartbreaking challenges. Therefore offering a short Prayer for World Peace and Healing can be your greatest contribution to the world.

In a world where everything seems going against, living in pain, feeling tired are some of the common experiences. Today, we witness a lot of events such as diseases, conflicts, and suffering that disturbs our peace as well.

There is power in collective prayers that reaches needy people at the fastest speed. Saying a short Prayer for World Peace and Healing in the morning can help them heal and find strength even in pain.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some Prayers that you may use to send to people and strengthen the world.

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Morning Prayer for World Peace and Healing

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

“Heavenly Father, I pray to you to change the energy the world is experiencing today. Let this beautiful planet be more peaceful, blissful and people stay positive, helping and kind to each other. Amen.”

We all are part of this ONE WORLD so I believe it’s our responsibility to energize this globe. Our pure intention and actions are the key to change the energy of the atmosphere of our globe.

One simple and short Morning Prayer for World Peace and Healing in your daily routine can do magic and invite peace and abundance to individuals. You may use this short script to spread peace and healing vibe.

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

“Dear God, Please heal and guide those who are in pain around the world, enlighten the dark path and let this world be a pure and peaceful place. Guide every individual to contribute in transforming this world into a better place. Amen.”

Prayers for Peace and Comfort 

“Lord, the source of peace, power and happiness, Bless our planet to spread more positivity and peace. Energize this planet and let it radiate blissful energy and people be in comfort and satisfied. Amen.”

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

When you feel comfort in your heart, you feel strengthened to overcome any painful event. Therefore, sending comfort and a peaceful vibe to the world is needed. Sending good vibes to others, especially to the world means receiving the same.

“Lord, Grant strength to those who suffer,
In their darkest hours, be their light,
May empathy and understanding triumph,
And injustice gives way to what is right.”

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

Sending Prayer for World Peace and Healing will definitely comfort many. Lets unite and spread positivity, love, kindness and be part of those who are contributing for a better world.

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

“Lord, Heal those who are in pain, comfort those who are looking for it and strengthen us to be a part of the giver. Grant strengths and peace to those in pain and looking for help, help them Lord. Amen.”

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Prayers for Our Troubled World

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

“May peace and healing embrace the world,
As we unite with love and compassion,
May conflicts dissolve, and wounds mend,
In harmony, we stand, hand in hand.”

The world definitely is in need of our prayers and if you feel the pain of a person around you, know that your prayer has power to heal them. Spending a few minutes and giving your best wishes in your 24 hours can change somebody’s state of mind.

One short Prayer for World Peace and Healing can calm a troubled mind and slowely, with the vibration of this planet. All we need is some groups that can take out sometimes to pray together.

Prayer for World Peace and Healing

“Lord, For those ravaged by natural calamity, Let hope sprout amidst despair,
In unity, let us rebuild shattered lives, With tenderness, show them we care.”
Guide the hearts of leaders and nations, To pursue peace instead of war,
Let diplomacy and empathy reign, In finding solutions, near and far. Amen”

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1-Why do we pray for world peace?

We, a very few people, are the one who are blessed by God’s love and kindness who are the base of the world still surviving. A small number of the population is truly connected to God and God wants us to serve as His children and maintain Peace.

In other words, when you are getting God’s blessing everyday, use it for spreading love, peace and kindness. You Are the true messenger to the world and it’s our responsibility to pray for world peace.

2- What is a good prayer for world peace?

“Dear Good Lord, Please Grant us, teach us peace and guide us to walk in the way of peace. Please Open our eyes and our hearts, giving and strengthening us to say: “Never again war!” Lead the world to Peace and prosperity Lord. Amen.”

Final Words: Your country, religion or community is no bar when it comes to the betterment of this world. All you have to do is have an intention to create a world we all want for our next generations.

Spending some time and using one simple and short Prayer for World Peace and Healing is enough to create a better world. Prayer is the most powerful weapon to create anything we want.

Let’s unite together and pray for World Peace and Healing so that the planet blesses us to be here. Share these prayers for others and inspire them to think bigger, contribute in creating a better world.

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