Short Prayers for Shame and Guilt | Prayer for Embarrassment and guilt

Prayers for Shame and Guilt | Prayer for Feeling Guilty | Prayer Against Shame and Guilt | Prayer for Embarrassment and guilt | Prayer for Guilt and Regret

Shame and guilt, these two emotions are so powerful that it can destroy a person’s life if not let go on time. It starts small but becomes the heaviest weight one can carry for a lifetime.

They can block your true and pure emotions such as love, peace and happiness. Even it can block your spiritual growth and can take away all the potential you are about to explore for your good.

Therefore, it’s crucial to let go of all the negative emotions and ask God for your mistake instead keeping the shame or guilt hidden in your mind.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach I will share some of the powerful and short Prayers for Shame and Guilt that you may use and release all those emotions to make yourself free again.

Powerful Short Prayers for Shame and Guilt

Prayer for Feeling Guilty

“Heavenly Father, I kneel down and pray you to please forgive me for all of my wrongdoings. Cleanse my heart Lord and help me to forgive myself as its block that’s taking away my strength and willingness to do good. Amen.”

As they say God is the most humblest and purest Father, who doesn’t think to forgive and love His children. However, All He needs you to be true, and share all of your mistakes to Him with complete honesty.

Using simple and short Prayers for Shame and Guilt can release all the burden you are carrying and give you an opportunity to better things. If the damage is unrepairable, even then God gives you a chance to become a better person and serve Him.

“Lord, heal the wounds of my past that are caused by my own actions. Please Remove the burden of shame and guilt that’s weighing me down, Bless me with pure intention and restore my spirit with Your love and kindness. Amen.”

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Prayer Against Shame and Guilt

“God of peace, Please heal and calm my troubled heart who is hurting because of my past wrongdoing and realization. Replace my feelings of guilt with Your peace, guide and help me to move forward with a light heart and do everything that I need to do to make this right for the future. Amen.”

If you are looking for forgiveness and want to let go of all the negative emotions. Know that once you realize your mistakes, it’s half forgiven. When you tell the truth to God, He forgives you because God knows that relaxation is the first step towards change.

While using Prayers for Shame and Guilt, asking God for help to uplift you, it’s crucial that you need to forgive yourself as well. Therefore, while praying accept God’s love and use some positive affirmations to feed yourself with positivity.

“Dear Lord, I am going down because of my guilty feeling from the past. Please teach me to be compassionate with myself, love myself. Help me to see myself through Your eyes and embrace Your presence around me. Amen.”

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Prayer for Embarrassment and guilt

“Gracious God, I Request you to please grant me the strength to face my mistakes and learn the right lesson from them. Guide me, Help me to grow and become a better person through Your guidance my Lord. Amen.”

Guilt, embarrassment or any such negative emotions, when it’s taking over all other thoughts is a sign of weakness. Prayer is the greatest way to let go of the past and strengthen yourself for the future.

Use these Prayers for Shame and Guilt not only for forgiveness but to build your inner core, develop your wisdom and become a better person. When you pray at least five times in a day, it will cleanse, heal and better you faster.

“Heavenly Father, Fill my heart with your teachings and help me to accept my imperfections. Remind me of my existence and that I am loved and valued by You, despite my flaws. Amen.”

Prayer for Guilt and Regret

“Heavenly Father, Today I release my shame and guilt into Your hands and ask you forgiveness for it. I pray you to please Lift these heavy burdens from my shoulders and fill me with Your love, peace, grace and mercy. Amen.”

It’s crucial to fill the empty part of your spirit and body with God’s love and mercy immediately as empty glass can be filled with dust too. Healing is a process that needs to be followed, make a habit to read some scriptures daily.

These simple and short Prayers for Shame and Guilt will not only heal you but will transform you into a different, better version of you. If you want it, after praying, make sure to read some good scripture and be thankful to God.

“Dear God, I pray for you to renew my spirit and cleanse my mind. Let Your love wash away all the negative means, guilt and shame I have been carrying. Fill my mind and heart with a sense of renewal and guide me to become a better child of you Lord. Amen.”

Prayer for Forgiving Others for Causing Shame and Guilt

“O Merciful Father, Strengthen me to forgive those who have wronged me and gave me pain for life. While I am seeking forgiveness for my own past sins, grant me the grace to forgive others who cause the embrace of being me, incomplete one. Amen.”

Sometimes, your one simple mistake becomes heaviest and painful because people make you feel that way. People must help each other, uplift each other but those who make you feel low and useless, it’s crucial to forgive them.

Using some Prayers for Shame and Guilt along with forgiving others will help you heal faster. Never let other people get into your head but let God be in your mind and heart. He will help you recover and connect you to your true self.

“Heavenly God, Bless me with more understanding and wisdom to live a better life. Help me let go the reasons behind my feelings of shame and guilt. Please guide me towards healing and a better future Lord. Amen.”


1- How to deal with the spirit of shame?

Shame is a deep emotion that only can be seen by the person who is having it. In order to deal or eliminate such emotions, first and foremost confess in front of God and pray to release it from your soul.

Prayer is the only way to cleanse yourself and let go of any such self destructive emotions. Therefore, spend as much time as you can praying and reading in the Bible to restore your true inner self.

2- What does the Bible say about overcoming guilt and shame?

In the “1 John 1:9” God says that confess and sin and once you do it, believe in your heart that God has cleanse you the moment you confess. Now, it’s crucial to never let those negative emotions touch you again.

Even if someone else is responsible for making you feel ashamed or guilty, the Bible recommends you never accept such things and have faith in God.

Final Words: A person’s emotional state plays a crucial role in His/her progress of life. Make sure to not carry any such emotion that can damage your inner core, your spirit.

Guilt and shame must not be carried for a long time as they are the most self damaging emotions. I hope these prayers and guidance will be helpful to my readers.

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