Short Prayers for The Elderly People | Catholic Prayer for Elderly Parents

Short Prayers for The Elderly | Prayer for Guidance to the elderly People | Prayer for Growing Old Gracefully | Prayer for Those Growing Older | Catholic Prayer for Elderly Parents | Morning Prayer for an Elderly Person | Short Prayers for the Elderly people and Their Comfort

Old age is a blessing I believe because in this time of uncertainty, long age seems like a gift from God. However, for some people who are suffering from various mental, physical or emotional pain it can be hard to live everyday.

Life is a journey where we all need love, care and nourishment, especially when growing old and feeling a sense of independence. If you have someone in your family, a relative who is old and needs a prayer, this blog post is especially for them.

Giving your few minutes saying a short prayer for the elderly people is a great way to grow your kindness and spread positivity around the world. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some Short Prayers for The Elderly people.

Short Prayers for The Elderly

Prayer for Growing Old Gracefully

“Dear Lord, grant me peace and happiness in my heart and mind. Inspire me to trust in Your plan for my future and allow me to find comfort in Your presence. Amen.”

Old age can be difficult and frustrating for those who don’t have any plan or work to do in their routine. If someone is free the mind can be dangerous and make them feel lonely and painful in this age.

Sometimes we too can feel helpless, therefore, using Short Prayers for the Elderly people starts with praying for your own future. Asking God for a better peaceful and strengthened old age gives an insight to feel and pray for those who are in need.

“Dear God, Strength and guide me to face each day with courage and grace, even when I grow old and feel helpless. Let Your love sustain me through all the upcoming challenges throughout this lifetime. Amen.”

Prayer for Those Growing Older

“Heavenly Father, today I pray for those who are blessed to live long and see the world that many couldn’t see. Let their life be easy and find happiness and peace in everything happening around them. Amen.”

In this challenging and uncertain world, When I see young people leaving this world due to any reason my heart aches. Therefore, let’s take out a few minutes out of our busy life and use some Short Prayers for the Elderly people and their fulfilled life ahead.

“Dear Lord, Bless the alone and elderly people to feel your presence around them. Let them feel courageous and find comfort and inspiration to live longer happily under your love and protection. Amen.”

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Catholic Prayer for Elderly Parents

“Heavenly Father, please protect my parents from any health challenges and let them stay fit for the rest of their life. Keep them safe and guard from any mental, physical and emotional pain. Amen.”

Parents are the first people who brought us into this world, raised with love, care and everything they had. It’s our responsibility to take care of them when they are physically not strong enough to perform anything to live on their own.

We might be busy in our daily routine to make a living, saying some Short Prayers for the Elderly people including our own parents can do miracles. As they say, God is the real guardian, let’s ask Him to take care of our parents in the absence of us.

“Lord, I am grateful to keep my parents safe and healthy. Forgive me if I am unable to take care of them as much as I want to do. Please be around them, guide them and make them feel they are loved and cared for. Amen.”

Morning Prayer for an Elderly Person

“Lord in Heaven, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect to you in the morning and feel blessed. In this holy time of the day, I pray you to please keep all those elderly people safe and healthy who are unable to take care of themselves. Amen.”

My heart feels so painful when I see an elderly person lonely or unable to take care of themselves for any reason. We can’t reach everybody and help them therefore asking God to do it is the best thing we can do.

Using Short Prayers for the Elderly people in the morning directly reaches God and manifests. I believe its our duty towards the world and by praying we can reach the places and people where we physically can’t go.

“Dear God, I take this opportunity to pray for those elderly parents who need your love, care and protection. Let their day become one of the memorable ones in the presence of you. Amen.”

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Short Prayers for the Elderly people and Their Comfort

“Loving God, in moments of pain and discomfort, please be the source of comfort and healing for those elderly people who are in need. Wrap them in Your loving arms and make them feel cozy and comfortable. Amen.”

Elderly people who are forced to live in places like nursing homes don’t find comfort and peace. Life and situations are hard for those who are not willing to live there.

All we can do is use Short Prayers for the Elderly people and their comfortability in the current situation. Our prayers do reach them and God will make them accept the circumstances and find love and peace in their heart.

“Dear God, the creator and protector of us all, I pray you to please let those elders find peace, love and comfort who are living in the nursing home. Keep them peaceful and surrounded by selfless love and care. Amen.”

Prayer for Guidance to the elderly People

“Lord, guide the people getting old to take the right steps each day. Help them become wiser and accept everything coming in their way peacefully. Amen.”

Old age might not be great for some people and if they don’t find comfort in the present life, it can be more challenging for them. As they say prayer does miracles, let’s unite and use some short Prayers for the Elderly people and God’s guidance for them.

Our positive energy, prayers and good wishes will help them stay energized, accept the situation, feel blessed and connect to God. I believe that those who truly love and have connection with God, they will always walk on the right path.

“Heavenly Father, please look after those elderly people around the owl who haven’t felt your grace and love yet. I pray for them Lord, make them feel your love, care and presence around them so that they can live in peace here after. Amen.”


1- Why should we pray for the elderly?

We must pray for elderly people as they are the root and source of greater experience based teaching. They are the one who inspired us, sacrificed for us and had the responsibility to create a better future for our generation.

Also, we must pray for elderly because it’s our responsibility to spread positivity, be kind and help each other. If we can’t be available physically and help others, prayers are the greatest way to do so.

2- How can we honor our elders?

Remember when we were young, they loved, cared and inspired us to become a better person and do great things in life. Today, when they are old, not able to do much in life, we must give them our time, love and take care of their needs.

Introduce them to new things politely, play with them, eat together, respect them and sometimes do the things they liked to do when they were young.

Final Words: Everyone deserves love, care and respect, but the elderly need the most as they are not as energetic as other age groups. In this age group, they don’t have much opportunity to explore lives, especially when they are sick or away from their children.

Make it a habit to invest a few minutes of your morning time to pray for elderly people around the world. If you found this blog post guiding and healthy, do like and share it with others to guide them as well.

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