Christian Movies on Prime Video | Faith Based Movies Amazon Prime

Christian Movies in Amazon Prime | Christian Movies on Prime Video | Christian Movies on Amazon Prime Video | Faith Based Movies Amazon Prime

Movies that are based on spiritual or religious truth have an unique ability to inspire and guide the viewer. In fact one can invest their time watching such movies not only for information but to increase their faith.

As a spiritual person I believe, every movie has a message and that needs to be learnt. Whenever, wherever you are spending your time, it should be worth doing it.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the Christian Movies on Prime Video that you must watch, enjoy and have a profound spiritual experience.

Top Christian Movies on Prime Video

1. I Can Only Imagine

If you are looking for some real story to make your faith stronger and use God’s grace in your life, This is your movie. The movie might seem sad for some of you who have not yet experienced God’s willingness.

As we all know suffering means there is light on your way, it might seem hard but the pleasant days are ahead. The story is about the song “I can only Imagine” and follows the journey of Bart Millard.

If you are a believer, it’s one of the must watch Christian Movies on Prime Video. Even if you are not religious, it’s a must watch for you as it’s a super inspiring one for everyone going through hard days.

2. The Case for Christ

If you are someone who believes in science yet has faith in an invisible power, this movie is a must watch for you. The movie is based on the best selling book “The Case for Christ”.

The movie is about a journalist trying to disprove the existence of Jesus or christianity after His wife converts. The movie is engaging and interesting as He tries to research and find the reason to make others believe that God doesn’t exist.

While researching he found many unexpected truths that made Him question his one beliefs. It’s one of the Christian Movies on Prime Video that everyone watches to explore science and strengthen their spirituality.

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3. God’s Not Dead

An eye opening movie for those who challenge other beliefs and try to deny God’s existence. It’s also about staying strong and never losing faith, your opinion even when others are against it.

The story is about a college freshman whose faith is challenged by His philosophy professor. The professor insists that God is Dead and the student challenges His faith in front of all the class.

The student needs to prove His faith by proving God’s existence and the process are engaging and worth watching. It’s a Christian Movies on Prime Video that encourages us to hold onto our faith in God as He is, was and will be there for His children.

4. War Room

War room is a drama movie that I find very close to today’s world and people whose life looks perfect outside. The movie is a strong movie that will help you explore the power of strategic prayers on a regular basis.

The story of this movie is about a perfectly looking family who is going through a lot of challenges daily. Things changed when an elderly woman shared with them the secret power of prayers.

With Her guidance things started changing in their family and finally their relationships and lives were transformed. It might be in the collection of Christian Movies on Prime Video but it’s for everyone who is still struggling and looking for answers to a better life.

5. Miracles from Heaven

As the name says everything about this movie, the best part is it’s a true story of a family and their daughter’s life threatening illness. Annabel who was going through a lot suddenly starts healing.

A miracle healing that no medical expert could explain. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in the power of faith, it’s a must watch for you. Miracles do happen and there are many real stories like this one you may read on the internet.

This is one of those Christian Movies on Prime Video that helps in enhancing our faith in the existence and mercy of God. Once in a while I love to watch such movies and regain my strength that worldly desire takes away.

6. Do You Believe?

The movie revolves around twelve different people’s stories living at different levels of consciousness. The movie has a strong message that starts with a question, “Do You Believe?”

“Sometimes one question can transform your entire future” this term is a real example in this movie. Belief, our faith in God is the real source of power, strength and peace that the world is searching for today.

I believe it’s one of those profound Christian Movies on Prime Video that can shift the viewers attention from the physical world to the spiritual world. When things feel low, it’s a must watch movie to wake your inner self up.

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7- Heaven is for Real

If you are someone who wants to explore the afterlife experience this is a movie for you. In this movie a young boy named Colton claims to be His visit to heaven. At first nobody believed Him but His explanation made them question.

Heaven is for real is a movie that keeps you engaging and can make you feel to think about your life after death. I found this movie fun, engaging and as a believer heart touching.

The movie is based on true events which is another level of miracle. This movie will undoubtedly increase your faith in God, karma and heaven. It’s a Christian Movies on Prime Video that has been popular among all ages. I believe it’s a movie that changes our perception towards life.


1- Does Netflix have Christian based movies?

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT across the world. It has all genre movies and series available. However, it has limited content as some of the content is not available on all the platforms.

There are many Christian Movies on Prime Video that are also available on Netflix. Additionally there are some movies that aren’t available on prime. Just search by giving the right command and watch them all.

2- Are there any Christian TV series?

‘The Chosen’ is one of the series that’s popular on Netflix. It’s a series about faith and the healing power of faith. In other words, it’s about the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus (Jonathan Roumie).

It’s an engaging drama series that recounts stories from the New Testament. Many miracles can be seen in this series which is interesting to watch.

Final Words: Faith based movies, I believe are interesting to watch as they give a boost to our inner core and develop a strong connection to God. It’s crucial to watch such movies as they are a reminder of miracles and God’s existence.

Do watch these movies and share this article with others to guide them as well. If you have watched any of them, let me know your experience in the comment box.

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