10 Advice to Younger Self | Advice to Give to Your Younger Self

10 Advice to Younger Self | Advice to Give to Your Younger Self | Advice You Would Give Your Younger Self | Things I Would Tell My Younger Self | Things to Tell Your Younger Self

Reflecting on my life journey often makes me feel that “I wish I could have done things differently.” I am sure, even you do the same, In fact everyone gets the same feeling when they think about their young age.

We all think that If we could have the same wisdom , life clarity and emotional strength, today Life would have been different. However, there’s a chance to make some difference by connecting to your younger self.

If you know how to connect to your younger self, you could change your present and future easily by giving some advice to our younger self. IN this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share 10 messages that you can Advice to Younger Self and change the present and future state of your being.

10 Advice to Younger Self Advice to Give to Your Younger Self

1- Embrace Failure as a Learning Opportunity

Failure at a young age seems like life failure and it has a huge impact upon the entire life. While reflecting on your past, connecting to your younger self, tell that failure is an opportunity to improve yourself.

It’s a stepping stone to success therefore, don’t feel so tired, negative and lost. Get up, improve yourself, do a little more hard work, it will contribute to creating a greater future for you.

Embrace your mistakes, learn the lessons and keep moving by making changes to build a stronger foundation. It’s one of the 10 Advice to Younger Self that can evoke the power within you, even today.

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2- Prioritize Your Mental Health

Mental health is very crucial at a young age as it’s a foundation that either can make you or break you. Tell your younger self to prioritize mental health and don’t hesitate to seek help if needed.

Schedule your time for self care, doing activities that help you feel loved, cared and enjoy being alone. Read a lot of books that help you grow mentally and emotionally because life is all about balance between mind, body and spirit.

Ask about Taking care of mental and emotional health and Advice to Younger Self to give it a high priority. A healthy mind is the secret to all physical achievements and fulfilling life.

3- Build and Nurture Relationships

At a young age, nobody cares about relationships except the romantic ones. While the truth is not all romantic loves last for life. Therefore It’s crucial to maintain other relationships well like friendship and relatives.

Tell your younger self to give time and attention to every relationship they have in life. Relationships are nurturing when they are selflessly managed and loved. Have a bond with family, co-workers, friends and build meaningful connections.

Relationships are one of the much needed Advice to Younger Self you must never forget to share. Also, it’s crucial to surround yourself with positive and supportive people who are going to play a crucial role to build you.

4- Be True to Yourself

In the world where everybody is being dishonest and looking for honesty, be the true self of you. Don’t let worldly wrongdoing affect you and become somebody who arent you.

Authenticity is the most precious jewelry one can wear so never lose it because of someone else. When you stay true to yourself, you learn the more goodness hidden with you and God opens the door to explore them in life.

Being true to yourself is another essential Advice to Younger Self as copy can be useless while the original is priceless. Follow your values, your passion, stay unique as God has created you to do great things by being yourself.

5- Practice Financial Literacy

Life is all about building yourself a strong and effective personality who is independent, loving, caring and has a place in the society. In order to do that, only a school degree is not enough but one needs financial literacy as well.

One of another crucial Advice to Younger Self, you must give is to educate yourself to play with numbers. Learn how to monetize your skill, manage your finance, and invest in the right place and spend wisely.

Financial stability in older age not only gives mental peace , security but allows you to explore the world and other opportunities as well. Be mindful to not get into debt but become strong by investing, and live by needs for a better future.

6- Pursue Lifelong Learning

Old tradition needs to be changed that says complete your education, get a job and work until retirement. It’s crucial to change the mindset that fits in the modern time and keep you updated and suitable in the current society.

Give one of the very essential Advice to Younger Self to adopt the new things happening in the world, always keep learning and stay updated. Along with formal education, learn new skills, read books and have new experiences by trial and error.

Doing new things opens up new doors of possibility and gives a better eyesight to see things with the eye of experience. Not to mention it increases your ability to accept change easily which common people always find hard.

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7- Take Risks

As I mentioned above, young people are more tolerant of change and new things therefore taking risks is easy at this age. Never settle in your comfort zone and lower your chance to become more of you.

Take calculated risks but step out and explore the world as there are things that young people can explore and experience. These uncommon and change experiences are often rewarding and life changing.

Never forget to give this Advice to Younger Self as things done earlier are better than regretting at old age. Never let fear and change take over you and stop your personal growth that comes while walking on the unknown path.

8- Value Time Over Material Possessions

Time is priceless but unfortunately young people don’t accept it easily. Prioritize your time, spend wisely doing things that matter at a young age and for lifetime as well.

Don’t waste your time simply earning money and collecting material things. Instead spend your time and money getting experiences that will help you stay fit mentally, emotionally and physically.

Spend time traveling, working, eating, meeting new people, learning new skills and learning about life. In other words, balance your time doing things that fit in your values, money and mindset.

9- Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful acts to do and allows the Universe to give you more than you ever thought. A sense of gratitude makes you magnet to all those you have been thanking for.

Gratitude also gives you a different insight to see the world differently. Therefore, Give Advice to Younger Self for being thankful to all those possessing in life and become magnet to more.

Take out some times regularly to sit, count and be grateful for everything, everyone and every moment that makes you feel alive. This simple habit possesses the power to transform the entire life miraculously.

10- Be Patient with Yourself

One of the most important things to remember is growth and progress is low so one needs to be patient. Everyone’s journey is not the same so never compare your journey to someone else or expect results immediately.

Last but not least, Advice to Younger Self is keep working on yourself, stay patient and have faith in the universe doing everything in your favor. Even if there are challenging times, never lose hope and challenges are the test.

Celebrate your small victories, give yourself credit for being you and keep moving forward in the right direction following your values. Remember every step taken forward with integrity and value takes you closer to your goals.

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1- How do I forgive my younger self?

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s how people learn. Therefore acceptance is the first step towards forgiveness and healing. Believe in yourself that you have the ability to change your present moment and future.

Talk to your younger self, forgive, love and express your gratitude for everything. By doing it everyday, you will develop a connection with your younger self and things will start changing positively as you have accepted your past.

Remember, no matter how wrong you were in the past, relaxing and working on yourself is the secret to move forward and transform your life.

2- How to love your younger self?

Your younger self is the reason you are here, in the present moment , realize it. Accept yourself as you were when you were young. Treasure being you while exploring life and might be making mistakes.

Teach her to dream big, hold the thought of a better future and never put limitations to yourself. Spending time with your younger self, doing fun things will gradually develop a love connection between you both.

Final Words: These simple yet important pieces of advice are so powerful that practicing it daily for a few days will start making a difference in your life. It will help your present days to fix everything that has gone wrong and live a balanced life.

While you learn to go back, make sure to make positive and powerful changes instead looking for mistakes and regretful decisions. If you found this article healthy and guiding, do like, and share it with your friends and family who might find it helpful.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed