The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream | Crow Spiritual Meaning in The Bible

Science says, dreams are the outcome of our own intense thoughts. On the other hand spirituality says, dreams that’s random to your thoughts have a message from you.

I believe , even if it’s the result of our thoughts it holds something deeper than we understand. Unlike many other cultures and communities, the Bible has a perceptive about encountering animals, birds or other creatures in dream.

When it comes to interpreting dreams, the Bible holds a special place as a source of wisdom and guidance. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, we will explore The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream.

Before diving into the main topic, let’s see what the crow symbolizes in the bible.

The Symbolism of Crows in the Bible

At some places in biblical scriptures crows have been mentioned and they are considered not positive. Crows are often associated with unfortunate events in life.

However, it’s also believed that The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream may vary from person to person. The reason behind this perspective is that we all are different with different Karma and baggage.

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Now let’s explore in detail about the various meanings of dream having crows in it.

The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream

1. Messenger of Warning

Let’s look at that example of Elijah the prophet, where God commanded a crow to deliver Him food. It was during a severe drought time (1 Kings 17:2-6)and God provided the prophet food, using crow.

It indicated that a crow can be a messenger to you having a message about upcoming time. You might need to pay attention in your life and be cautious about things.

In other words, one of the The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream is to make you aware about the future. You don’t need to worry or panic but stay connected to God and ask for guidance.

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2. Impurity and Sin

Crows are considered as impure creatures in the Bible. In Leviticus 11:15, they are listed among the unclean birds. Therefore encountering crows in your dreams might be a sign for you to look at your actions.

Or you need to look within and see if you are carrying any impure thoughts, emotions or guilt. If yes, you must clean it for your Good and move on with life.

Ultimately, it’s again a message for you to purify yourself, accept if you have done anything wrong and clear your future path. In other words, one of The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream may be a calling for you to address any moral or ethical issues.

3. Darkness and Spiritual Warfare

The color of everything on this planet represents something, so does black crow. Black, generally, is considered an unfortunate color. The crow’s dark color is linked to spiritual warfare.

At some places in the bible such as Ephesians 6:12, it is mentioned that spiritual battles are against dark forces. Therefore if you dream about a crow, check about your spiritual practices and the quality of it.

Considering this perspective, one of the Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream could be your troubled spiritual practices or prayers. You might need divine protection or enhance your faith in God.

4. Wisdom and Discernment

While reading most of the negative aspects of a crow, there is a belief that crows symbolize wisdom as well. If you look at the thirsty crow story, it’s evident that they are wise.

Many interpretations around the world suggest that crows can also symbolize wisdom and discernment. Therefore, seeing a crow in your dream can have a message for you.

Observe your life, the path you are walking currently, and see if you need any guidance. If you are stuck in any situation, The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream can be a message for you to seek support, guidance.

5- Interpreting Your Dream

Dreams are best devoted by the person who has seen it. Dreams are often connected to beliefs, thoughts and experiences. Therefore, before jumping to the conclusion of your dreams, give yourself time.

These were some of the The Biblical Meaning of Crows in Dream but you might get different answers from it. Use your intuition, think about your circumstances, and current situations.

If you will use your own intuition and wisdom, you will get an accurate answer out of it. Know your emotions and the deep connection you experience and believe in them.

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1- What do crows symbolize spiritually?

Crows, in general, symbolize change and transformation in individuals. They are one of the cleaver, sharp and insightful creatures. Crossing them in your dreams means, with the help of wisdom, your life is going to transform.

2- What does it mean when you dream about a pair of crows?

Seeing a crow in dreams warns us about upcoming adverse situations. Therefore, encountering a pair of crows might be a warning of stronger situations.

Know that it can be a wake up call for you and you need to be prepared for challenges. Pray to God, be prepared and strengthen your safeguard in such circumstances.

Final Words: Life is full of mystery, your message might vary according to the dimension you are living in the current time. Look into your current circumstances, spiritual level and the required guidance, you will find the most accurate answer for you.

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