7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills | How to Increase Listening Skills

Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills | Listening Skills Improvement Tips | How to Improve My Listening Skills | How to Increase Listening Skills | Attentively Listening

Attentive listening is one of those leadership skills which can make you a great leader of your people or work fellow. Be it relationships, workplace or any other community, listening skill is one of the crucial skills.

Lack of listening capacity can destroy a person’s all other qualities as He or she won’t be able to win people’s hearts. Listening plays an important role in developing a strong connection to another person.

In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share top 7 tips or Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills and connect to more people. It will not only help you become a better leader but take you to the path of your success.

Top 7 Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

1- Practice Active Listening

Active listening simply means that you become conscious about your thoughts that you want to listen to. Give your full attention, understand and from time to time respond.
While listening to others, asking questions, it will help your attention to stay in the present moment.

It will also develop a better connection with the speaker which will enhance your focus in the listening.

Maintain eye contact, nod when you find something good, and express your emotions occasionally. Being conscious about your attention is one of the first and foremost Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills. When you do it, you not only get noticed by the speaker but develop a sense of being a better listener in the room.

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2- Minimize Distractions

In today’s world of technology, it’s ironic that we are losing focus, self resilience and losing personal touch with other human beings. First and foremost, know that no matter how much the world becomes technological, we need the human connection to live happily and peacefully.

Therefore, connecting with other people is not only good for your business but for mental health as well. When you communicate for real, you develop speaking, listening and thinking capacity of yours.

One of the most effective Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills is to minimize all the digital distractions. Even if you are listening to something online, keep your phone, television and other distractions away and stay focused.

3- Show Empathy

An effective listening includes your reaction to the speaker. Simply listening to the speaker may bore you or take your attention somewhere else. Empathy is an ability that connects you to the speaker instantly.

Empathy is the ability to understand the speaker, know about their emotions and respond accordingly. Developing empathy and expressing it in front of a speaker also helps you stay in the moment and listen carefully.

In modern times, where people don’t have time to know other people, having empathy will make you win other people. Therefore one of the essential Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills is having empathy. It will ensure your victory in personal and professional areas of life.

4- Be Open-Minded

Many times we interact with people who we assume that they have less knowledge or experience than us. This one pre judgment blocks our vision and listening capacity as well.

If we keep repeating the same mistake our listening capacity decreases. Therefore in order to enhance our listening skill, we must stay open minded and listen to the listener carefully.

When you give a chance and listen carefully, you will find the listener interesting and share a new perspective about the same. Be open to receive and get a new idea, different style of presentation and constructive conversation and it will be.

5- Practice Patience

When it comes to effective listening, patience is the key. In order to have an engaging conversation you must communicate with the speaker and for that, sometimes you must listen to things you don’t even like.

You don’t like doesn’t mean that talk is waste but it might not fit in your thinking pattern. However, when you listen with patience, you develop a better listening skill and learn human psychology along with patience.

One of the effective Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills is to listen more, respond less and always avoid aggressive reactions. Having patience also makes me a better person and it allows you to respect the speaker which is crucial in building a better social circle or relationship.

6- Develop Nonverbal Communication Skills

Non verbal communication such as facial expressions, gestures and eye contact play an important role in listening. When you listen to the speaker, be a good observer of their body language, and signs as it will help you gain more insight about the person.

When you understand the speaker more, your attention organically stays in the moment. You gain a more in depth understanding about human emotions which is crucial in developing relationships or building business.

Therefore one of the important Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills is learn more about the person’s body language and human psychology.

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7- Seek Feedback

Feedback, good or bad, plays a very important role in development be it in speaking or listening. Always try to get feedback about yourself from your near and dear ones.

Never afraid about negative feedback as they are the one who actually shows you the areas where you need to improve yourself. It’s one of the reasons they say, “Keep your enemy closer to yourself.”

Seeking feedback is one of the important Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills as it helps you find out the point to work upon. It helps you to refine yourself, work on the weakness and become a better, effective communicator.


1- Why should I improve my listening skills?

We are social animals, in order to grow business, become a better version of yourself you must be a part of the human circle. Being a better person in the society means, speaking effectively and useful, also it means giving the same chance to others as well.

Active listening is one of the skills that allow you to have a deeper understanding about human psychology and win every communication in life.

Final Words: In conclusion, I will say that active listening is the secret of deep and better connection with other people. It helps understanding other people, their mindset, emotions and various aspects of life.

If you can listen to other people carefully, you can easily solve any challenges in relationships and business as well. Therefore, practicing active listening will make you a better listener.

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