5 Steps of Confession

5 Steps of Confession | Five Steps to a Good Confession

Five Steps to a Good Confession | Confession Steps | 5 Steps of Confession | Steps to Confession

Confession is a pure, powerful and sacred act that can heal all the past young and create a shining future for you. It takes a lot of courage to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

Seeking forgiveness and willingness to move forward with a clean heart is the sign that God wants you to have a better life. It frees you from all the past burden and makes the spirit light and ready to fly.

If you are thinking of asking for forgiveness by confession and looking for accurate steps, this article is for you. No matter how sinful an act you have done in the past, God is so kind that if you show your willingness for forgiveness, He does forgive.

Here are 5 Steps of Confession to guide you through the process of confession, taking you towards healing and growth.

5 Steps of Confession

Step 1: Self-Reflection

In the world where everybody is blaming other people for their suffering, realizing that you have done something wrong is a blessing. It requires a lot of courage and honesty to confront either in front of God or someone else.

Before going to confront, take enough time to reflect on the event, analyze properly and be purely honest with yourself. Remember that confession is never for others but it’s for lowering our own burden and forgiving yourself.

Think about what change it will bring in your life, in which direction you want to lead your life after confession. One of the 5 Steps of Confession is deep self analysis as it’s going to impact your future heavily.

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Step 2: Acknowledge Responsibility

Confession is not just a step to cleanse your soul but it’s an opportunity to take responsibility. Responsibility to take care of your actions in future, responsibility to become a better version, Godly version in future.

One of the best things I learned in life by confessing my mistake is that you stop thinking or blaming others but find my own mistake. It’s also called accountability for your own actions and integrity.

Therefore one of the 5 Steps of Confession is taking responsibility to become more aware and not repeating mistakes. Confession also makes us respect other people, become aware of our own vulnerability in future.

Step 3: Express Remorse

While making your mind to confess your mistake, you must feel the true emotions of being wrong. Never go without a true feeling of remorse as this action makes you lie to yourself in future.

According to God, a true confession means a change in attitude, personality and action in the end. You must know the amount of remorse before confession, and understand the difference between intentional and unintentional mistakes.

Third step of the 5 Steps of Confession is to know and feel the pain your action caused to another person or your own spirit. It will help to make your apology sincere and give you strength to change your core in the future.

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Step 4: Make Amends

Confession is not only about admitting your sins but it’s about moving towards the future with a clean conscience for a change in life. Mistakes and regrets are heavy energy and it waves it down to confession free you from it.
Therefore, be aware and have a plan to take action to change yourself and create a better future. Be proactive towards making amends and repair the damage caused by you.
Confession is also an opportunity to rebuild everything that has been ruined in the past. Therefore 4the step of the 5 Steps of Confession is to make amends to create heaven like life by following God’s wisdom.

Step 5: Commit to Change

Once you decide to make changes in life, imagine it in your mind and start working towards it. It will take effort and dedication to change things but if you are committed, God will align everything for you.

Commit yourself to new learning, daily application on those learning and self improvement. A commitment towards self awareness will definitely help you become a better version of yourself.

One of the 5 Steps of Confession is making an intentional plan for personal growth and taking needed steps everyday. Invest time and money in bettering yourself, if needed go for therapy and ask help. Such dedication means you are bound to become a better person.

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1- What are the 4 C’s of confession?

When it comes to confession, I have shared 5 steps in this blog post. However, The Four C’s To Make A Good Confession is clear, concise, concrete and complete.

Have clarity in your mind, be conscious about your confession, take concrete steps and complete the process to move forward in life.

Final Words: In my opinion, from my experience I can say that confession is a way to transform the soul. It requires a lot of courage and self reflection which is not easy for weak people. Therefore if you have decided to confess, know that you are the strongest.

God helps those who dare to think beyond their mistake and clearing their future path to walk on holy path. If you are planning for it, I congratulate you in advance, You are going to experience a divine change in your life.

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