What is Fasting in the Bible

What is Fasting in the Bible | How to Fast and Pray for A Breakthrough

If you are seeking the answer to what is fasting in the bible, this article will give you a detailed insight about Biblical fasting. If you have not experienced the magical effect of Fasting for a significant period, I am confident that after finishing this article you will plan to do it.

Before I share my opinion about Fasting, Let me remind you that Jesus asked His followers to Fast because God hears them first and rewards them. Religiously it is believed that Fasting for a significant time with significant purpose definitely helps you manifest your desires.

I feel fortunate to know Jesus and follow his teaching to better my life and gain spiritual strength from Him. I have many magical, unbelievable experiences while fasting with specific intentions.

So, If you will ask me to answer to What is the Purpose of Fasting in the Bible?? My answer to you is “Fasting is a way to willingly sacrifice your life source, “Food” and devote yourself to God.”

After knowing What is Fasting in The Bible, Lets see what is the connection between fasting and prayer and how it strengthens and guides you.

What does Fasting and Prayer do Spiritually?

In simple words, Fasting cleanses your bodily energy and cleanses your mental blockages. Prayers during fasting helps to stay focused and feel spiritually high. Fasting boosts your spiritual core and inspires you to pray more.

Prayers clearly increase your spiritual self and help you take your life to a better place than before. Therefore Fasting and prayers cleanse you, heal you and inspire you to reconnect yourself and live a better life.

After knowing What is Fasting in The Bible, Lets see what is the connection between fasting and prayer and how it strengthens and guides you.

What is the Purpose of Fasting in the Bible?

The Bible often talks about Satan who has been destroying man by distracting and discouraging Him. Fasting, according to the bible releases God’s supernatural Powers and helps man to connect to God.

In other words, whenever you feel lost, discouraged, distracted or in any mental, physical or emotional pain, Practice Fasting for a few days. It is mentioned in the Holy Bible that united prayers have a miraculous result so it’s recommended to pray together to invite world peace.

Additionally, Fasting helps heal Human body, it’s scientifically proven and Biblically accepted. I am confident that you too have experienced one of the above results in your life.

After knowing the answer to “What is Fasting in The Bible” Lets see how to Fast for a Breakthrough?

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How to Fast and Pray for A Breakthrough?

Once you know What is Fasting in The Bible, It’s crucial to understand some of the key points for breakthrough. Here are some of the most important points you must know before fasting for a certain desire.

1- Let your practice be between you and God

Do you know your words have power that can move mountains and stop flowing water? All the strength you need to do it is your desire from the core. So, If you are fasting for a breakthrough, it’s crucial you must not share it with others.

Unlike you, others words have power as well, if someone shows their disbelief in your commitment, it will break your power too. SO, Let only God know what you desire, As He is the one who will grant your wish.

2- Practice As If

You might be aware about As If technique or you might be unaware. As If is the technique that allows you to act as if your wish is already fulfilled.

Practicing these methods helps you develop the mindset which is essential to receive God’s Blessing and live it fully. Therefore before your prayers get answered, Live as if it’s already been answered.

3- Recognize Obstacles

If you re-read the answer of What is Fasting in The Bible, You will understand that fasting helps to understand the root cause of challenges. Also, know the challenges you might encounter while practicing fasting for breakthroughs.

Some of us can live without food for a few days and some of us can’t, even for a few hours. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses, it will help you move to the next step easily with a stable mind.

4- Decide Your Fasting Form

Fasting can be performed in many forms such as only water, Only Liquid, Only fruits, One time food etc. If you know your weakness and strength by now, it will be super easy for you to decide your way of fasting.

If you have already decided, know about the situation that you may go through and plan your meal accordingly. For example, if you have to travel during fasting, keep an extra amount of your intake material so that you don’t face any extra challenges.

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5- Fasting Duration

The next step to perform a ritual or manifest your desires is to confirm your fasting duration. This duration, in my opinion, depends upon your capacity and permission of your health conditions.

In my experience, the more days you fast, the more cleansing and healing you experience. However, it doesn’t mean that I am suggesting you to fast for longer days than your capacity.

6- Fix a Time for Prayers

Fasting alone does not help you but adding some powerful prayers in your daily life will boost your inner self. If you are planning to fast for a particular day, you must have a specific reason for that.

If you have a clear Intention, select a few prayers and decide the right time to pray during your fasting time. Knowing the answer to What is Fasting in The Bible is essential and choosing the right prayers can lead your life in the right and pros precious ways.

7- Have A Few Powerful Verses to Uplift Yourself

Fasting, No doubt, can make you feel a little less healthy and energetic. It can affect your physical strength and lower your faith if you are going through bad phases.

Make sure to note down a few powerful Bible verses that uplift your spirit and increase your faith. You might feel like printing and have it, but I will suggest that you write in your handwriting and keep reading during your fasting time.

8- Write a Journal and Note Down Your Experiences

Writing a journal is usually helpful for everyone. However, during fasting, journaling helps to keep your every experience. Fasting gives you many experiences that you may forget after your fast.

Writing also helps you see your journey and mental and spiritual health. Many times you may have lucid experiences, journal will help you to know your life in a better way.

9- Ask God for Signs

Fasting, definitely, takes you closer to God. However, if you still don’t have any experience, Ask God for signs. Before your fasting, make sure to ask God for the answer to your question or query.

In my experience, during your fasting season, you might get the answer but not recognize it. Therefore Ask God for providing you enough wisdom and eye to catch His sign and get the right answers.

If you have been searching for the most searched question “What is Fasting in The Bible and How to do it, I am sure you got your answer.

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10- Stay Faithful

No matter how long you fast or how much you pray, if you don’t believe in God, nothing will happen. It’s crucial to keep your faith on the highest level and wait for the answer you are seeking.

Your faith has a magical power that can Give you the things or life you have never imagined. If you keep your faith in God, your prayers will be surely answered.

Final Words: Fasting is a superbly effective way to manifest or grow spiritually. If you are planning to fast for the first time and looking for answers, know that you are walking on the right path so Keep walking.

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