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Top 3 Books Like Delirium You Must Read in 2023- BigBrainCoach

Are you still in a hangover with the essence of your previous read and looking for more Books Like Delirium? You are reading the article that will share 3 books to read if you like Delirium by heart.

A quick background of the book Delirium for those new to this name. The book is about the story of a girl named Lena, and Lena Haloway was born in America, where Love was declared a disease.

Every child when touches the age of 18 is called for treatment for disease love. Lena has seen people around her, including her mother, destroyed by the disease called Love.

She accepted in her Heart that Love is a disease and was prepared to get treatment and cured. However, Destiny turned around when she met a boy named Alex, and Her life changed upside down.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share 13 Books Like Delirium that can keep you engaged and interested in what happens next.

1- Divergent

“Divergent” is a fiction written by author Veronica Roth; I found this book fascinating as I already watched the series based on this book on Netflix. The book is about a dystopian Chicago world divided into four categories.

Every child has to choose a category according to their personality test result. The story is about a girl named Beatrice who didn’t fit in one class and was the reason for Her Life Threat.

According to the authorities, Children like Beatrice were a threat to society, so they needed to be eliminated. Somehow Beatrice hides her Identity and tries to survive in one category.

If you think you don’t fit in the society because of your specific behavior pattern or thinking pattern, you may like the book and feel connected. “Divergent” is one of the exciting fiction Books Like Delirium I will recommend to those who loved reading Lena Haloway.

2- Reached

Reached is a young adult dystopian novel written by Allyson Braithwaite Condi in 2012. The book carries the story runs around Cassia and Ky Indie, and Xander.

“Reached” is another exciting book to read if you like Delirium previously. If you like reading books and learning something from the character, you will learn something from each character.

They are mature and make decisions using their heart, mind, and fact about the real world. Although the book is fiction and has nothing to do with reality, readers may claim the book has a lot of real-life experiences.

It’s one of the reasons this book is in my “Life Books” collection. In my opinion, Reached is one of the Books Like Delirium you may pick to read in your upcoming read. Recommended One!

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3- Legend

Legend is a fantastic story brought to you by author Marie Lu and has been liked by millions till day. Unlike me, you will definitely love the story if you are looking for books like Delirium and divergent.

The story is about a Girl name June born with a silver spoon and groomed for success in the Republic’s highest military circles. Her destiny changes when she crosses her path with the boy name Day.

The day is born in a slum and the most wanted criminal around the country. I am sure now you are super excited to read because the chemistry between these two can take your breath away.

Day is the prime suspect in the murder of June’s brother, and when they two crosses each other story gets super interesting. You never know what destiny presents to you; the end will prove this quote.

It’s one of the exciting and engaging Books Like Delirium I suggest you read.

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Final Words: The love stories that grow in adverse circumstances make readers hooked to them. Some of these Books Like Delirium, made me think that we are born in a better place and in better circumstances.

Also, if you are an empathetic reader, you might take longer to get over these characters. However, you will learn a lot and might adopt some of their qualities in your personal life.

If you liked this article and found these books interesting and worth reading, share it with others and guide them to read the right books.

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