7 Best Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love | Ways to Cultivate Self Love

7 Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love | Cultivating Self Love | Cultivate Self Love | How to Cultivate Self Love

In a world and time where everybody recognises you on the basis of outer looks and position, it’s hard to be your true self. Life is meant to live but we all are trying to impress the world which is causing pain and depression.

Not being yourself means feeling a sense of insecurity, unloved, and self doubt arises and keeps increasing. If you are a godly child, you must know that everything is temporary and you are internal.

It’s crucial to develop self love and confidence from within to conquer the world. If you’re struggling to connect to your core, I am sharing some of the best Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love.

Top Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love

1- “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown

As the name says a lot about the intention behind this book, Know that your imperfection is a gift not a curse. God created us all with all of His love, Grace and Creativity.

In addition He gave us authority to shape ourselves, our outer world by following God’s wisdom. Therefore the first and foremost step to cultivate self love is accept yourself as you are.

The book is deeply based on Christian teachings that will help you to connect to yourself and know your worth. I find it very inspiring and uplifting Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love and self confidence.

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2- “You Are Beloved” by Bobby Schuller

Although I am not a Christian born But I believe in Jesus’s words such as “You Are Beloved and Blessed.” The title pulled me towards it and I grabbed to consume what was inside.

I must say, if you are lacking self love or struggling with your identity, you have to read it once. In this book, Along with the Bible’s wisdom, the author shares very practical tips to work on your inner self.

When you will come to know your true worth in God’s eye, the world will disappear and you will learn to nurture yourself. It’s one of the very nurturing Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love.

3- “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst

The author in this book has raised a very good and main point about the world that makes a person feel insecure and unworthy. If you have such an experience that pulls you back and doesn’t allow you to be your true self, this one’s for you.

Life and people are unkind sometimes but they are perfect in their own eyes. Therefore, you need to learn to not take others’ opinions personally and try to be your best version for yourself.

By sharing God’s wisdom, love and kindness for His children this book will help you let go of your past and nurture your inner child. It’s one of great insight full and boosting Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love

4- “Love Does” by Bob Goff

Although this book is not entirely focused on cultivating self love, I added it to my list as it has ingredients to provoke self love. Being my favourite author Bob Goff shares some stories based on Love in actions and inspiring adventure.

Love is an emotion that requires a person to first fill themselves and then share it with otters. As you might know, empty glass can’t fill someone thirsty.

If you are someone who feels unloved or lacking in life, read it, take the inspiration to fill yourself with love by loving yourself first. Then you will naturally attract loving people. One of the inspiring Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love and self worth.

5- “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” by Peter Scazzero

Do you know God has filled our heart with all of His Love? When our heart is empty it craves for it, not knowing that it’s within ourselves only? We all are empty these days and crave for it however no person can fill it.

In order to feel loved , cared and fulfilled, we all need to reconnect with the divine father. In this book, the author shares the biblical wisdom and psychological fact to develop spirituality and gain emotional health.

Spiritual maturity is the only way to regain everything we humans crave for or you may say have lost. While gaining spiritual maturity, the first thing you learn is to love and embrace yourself. Therefore I found this one of the very profound Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love.

6- “Anxious for Nothing” by Max Lucado

As the name says a lot about its inside material, this book is a must read for those who care a lot about others opinion or society’s rule. In this book the author has shared a very profound insight about human behaviour.

We all are afraid of something, most of us are afraid of being judged or criticized by society.

The book talks about all those fears and anxieties which don’t allow you to live your true self. While reading it, you will realize all you have been thinking and worrying for nothing. In fact It truly doesn’t matter.

By sharing many scriptures this book will remind you about God’s love, care and presence for you. It will help you awaken and know your worth, develop self love instantly. It’s one of the must read Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love and overcome anxiety or fear.

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7- “The Sacred Enneagram” by Christopher L. Heuertz

The book is not entirely focused on cultivating self love. However, the book is about understanding your true nature by understanding human behaviour.

As the name says, we all are sacred species who require to be loved, cared and treasured. By understanding your true personality, needs and nature, you will be able to connect to your true self and fulfil your requirements by yourself.

The book will surely teach you to develop compassion for yourself, and prepare you to start by rooting and enhancing your deeper connection with self. Therefore, I found it one of the essential Christian Books to Cultivate Self-Love and spiritual growth.


1- What is the Christian message about self-love?

The Proverbs 19:8 (NIV) “The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.” This Bible verse is all about loving yourself. When you do it, you will flourish from within and no one can hurt or make you unhappy.

When you learn to embrace yourself by learning about your true self in God’s eye, you will begin to prosper as You are meant for that. Therefore, by doing good to yourself, you do good to the world.

2- How do I learn to love myself as a Christian?

As a spiritual person, you must connect to God by reading more scriptures on a regular basis. When you do it, you will be drawn to develop self love and compassion as you will not only connect to God but yourself as well.

When you will understand God’s love and care for yourself, you will understand How precious you are.

Final Words: Cultivating Self-Love is a crucial step these days to grow in Life, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. As the energy of the world goes down, in order to go up one must follow God’ wisdom.

Disconnection with God, your true self is the root cause behind all the suffering. Therefore, learning to develop self love, care and compassion is important for all of us.

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