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15 + Powerful Prayers to The Universe for Healing And Manifestations

We are tiny particles of this endless Universe which also makes us as powerful as universal energy. If you want to manifest, protect, or show your Love to the Universe, these Prayers to The Universe are the best way.

The Universe, which provides us Everything, including the life force energy, is the trustworthy source of our existence. Unfortunately, most of us are still unconscious of this truth, and connecting yourself to the Universe is as crucial as remembering God.

Our problem affecting our mental, emotional and physical health isn’t about the issues but the way we deal with them. If you believe in the Universe, you know How it operates, and it constantly moves just like a ticking clock.

Connecting to the Universe, praying for various reasons and showing your Gratitude are one of the best ways to deal with any adverse circumstances.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some short and powerful prayers to the Universe you may use for your related requirements.

Morning Prayers to The Universe

“I thank you to the Universe for a new morning and my physical fitness. I thank you for providing me a place to rest and work to perform my duties. I thank you to the Universe for providing me Everything that I need to live a comfortable Life. I Thank you for all the loving, kind and caring people, required things, guiding and protecting angels for Everything. Amen.”

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The best way to start your day is by saying Thank You to those who make your life meaningful and worth living. Most importantly, Gratitude to those who allow you to exist on this planet, The Universe.

The Universe, An ocean of all that a living species requires, is why we all exist. Don’t you think the best time to show your Gratitude is when you open your eyes in the morning? Morning is when you set your mood and prepare yourself for the day.

Saying Prayers to The Universe, showing your humbleness, and asking for the energy and wisdom you require for the day are ways to let the Universe use the best version of you.

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“I thank the Universe for keeping me alive, healthy and guiding me to live in the best way I can. I thank you to the Universe for giving me perfect physical fitness and strength to feel better and do better. I am thankful for the sunrays, drinking water and the fresh air that is making me feel more alive today. I thank you for all the wisdom, glory and my achievement you guided and provided me. Amen.”

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Prayers to The Universe for Love

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“I Thank you Universe for healing my pain, clearing all the relationship blockages and making me ready for Love again. Thank you for making me worthy of receiving and honoring the Love. Thank You Universe for opening my heart to receive all the Love coming my way. Amen.”

Humans are blessed to experience so many emotions in one life. Unfortunately, many of you block yourself from feeling again after a few painful experiences. Life is beautiful, and it’s meant to experience Love Repeatedly.

If you have been alone for a long time, open yourself to receive all the Love, respect and value you deserve. Praying to the Universe in the morning and before bed at night can help you heal and move forward with an open arm and heart.

Allowing Other people to have your togetherness can change one’s life, or they can change yours. In both ways, you do experience something. Use any of these Prayers to The Universe. To meet your Love and make life more beautiful. 

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“Dear Universe, I thank you for helping me let go of all the painful past and clear my path of future. I thank you for clearing my heart, letting go of all previous belief, judgment and negative experiences. I am ready to receive all the Love, care, and value coming my way. Amen.”

Prayers to The Universe for Protection

“Thank you Universe for keeping me safe and healthy so that I can do all things that I am meant to do. I thank you for sending all the guiding and protecting angels who keep protecting me. I thank you for all the Love, care and protection all the elders have been showing up on me. Amen.”

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If you are safe, know that there is someone silently praying for you and someone who is silently protecting you. The awareness that the Universe has protected you unconditionally can make you feel more grateful.

There are millions of reasons to be grateful to the Universe every second. However, being alive, healthy, and happy are the most valuable things that happen to you.

Using a few Prayers to The Universe regularly is a way to show your Gratitude and ask the Universe to keep protecting you.

Most importantly, if you feel unsafe in this violent world, it’s the best way to ask for protection from the Universe itself. The Universe will ensure that you feel safe, sound and loved every day.

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“Dear Universe, I thank You for Everything including this beautiful and worth living life. I pray you will eliminate all the feelings of insecurity I feel when I step out. I pray you to protect me, and keep your protection shield around me all the time making me feel safe. Amen.”

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Prayers to The Universe for Success

“Thank You Universe for making me eligible for the job I am doing right Now. I pray you will open the door of success I have been desiring since I started working. Let Everything happen for the sake of my success and glory.”

Prayers to The Universe Images

It’s evident that the Universe and cosmic energy play a crucial role in our lives. Have you ever wondered where the negative energy goes once we release it? The Universe has the power to balance and make you what you desire to be.

Prayers to The Universe also mean that you are trying to match your energy to the universal energy. The process allows you to become eligible to attract what you have been asking for. The best time for Prayers to The Universe is first thing in the morning and last in the day.

Prayers to The Universe Images

“Thank you Universe for bringing things together that contribute to my higher success and achievements. Thank you for letting me see things beyond my imagination and make it happen.”

Most Powerful Prayers to The Universe for Healing

“Dear Universe, Help me release all the energy blockages that contributed to developing diseases in my body. Let every blocked energy flow out and your healing energy enter my body. Let every cell get healed, every organs get healed and my mind and body accept the new, healed and healthy body.”

Prayers to The Universe Images

Blocked negative energy directly affects your body organs and germinates diseases. It is crucial to release that adverse energy from your body with chakra balancing activities. If you don’t know how to practice meditation and release energy, Prayers to The Universe are another best way.

Even if you don’t have any physical, mental or emotional illness, asking the Universe to keep you healthy is beneficial. When you pray, you open yourself to receive the healing energy instantly.

Prayers to The Universe Images

“Thank you Universe for healing my physical, mental and emotional pain. Let your healing energy flow through my veins and make my body fit, mind healthy and emotion in alignment. Thank you Universe for always being there and protecting me from any illness and suffering.”

Short Morning Prayer to The Universe

“Oh wondrous Universe, I am grateful to you for letting me experience this amazing and beautiful morning. Fill my heart with endless gratitude and my mind with endless possibilities and hope. Grant me clarity, wisdom and strength for the day and guide me to do the best in the most effective way.”

Universe has the power to grant you anything that seems impossible to you. Prayer is the greatest way to connect to the divinity floating around you. Using one simple Morning Prayer to The Universe regularly will help you manifest whatever you intend to.

“O divine universe, the source of all musical cosmic sources, accept my gratitude for blessing me with the gift of today. May your cosmic light enlighten my mind and guide me while I go for work to fulfill my life purpose. Guiding my thoughts, actions, and intentions to be at its purest in every situation.”

Powerful Night Prayer to The Universe

“Mysterious Universe, As I am ready to close my eyes and rest in your arms, provide me with peace and let my mind, body and spirit rest. Hold me in your cosmic embrace and illuminate my path in the time of darkness. Heal my mind and fill my heart with hope, inspiration and gratefulness to you. Thank you, Universe, for this divine experience and connection.”

When you sleep your mind is at rest and you connect to the universe, either consciously or unconsciously. It’s better to connect yourself prior to going into deep sleep and let the universe heal you.

Saying a simple Miracle Prayer to The Universe allows you to believe in greatness and live your desired life. Here is another night Prayer to The Universe.

“Dear universe, In the silence of this sacred darkness, before I sleep, I open my heart to you. Let you infinite, mysterious cosmic energy heal my mind and heart. I release every pain and blockages I hold, and surrender to you. Guide my dreams, unfold the best I hope for myself and provide me peace and strength for the future.”

Prayer to The Universe for Love

“Oh, magnificent Universe, The source of all possibilities, Guide me to A love that nourishes and uplifts my soul in future. I open my heart to you and ask you to free it from any fear and insecurity. Bring me a partner who will enrich me as I am and bring out my highest self. I trust in your divine timing so I ask you for patience, strength and happiness.”

As you know everything is connected and we all are small particles of this endless universe. The person you are in search of is already somewhere out there. When you say a Prayer to The Universe for Love, the universe connects you to the person.
Eventually, things begin to move in the direction you asked for.

“Oh, Universe, The fountain of infinite love, I open my heart to you and release everything negative that’s hurting it. I invite your love to pour into my life and help me become eligible for someone I crave to come into my life. Guide me to attract the right person who resonates with my soul.”

Prayers to The Universe for Guidance

“Dear Universe I pray you to always direct me in the right path so that I can do more in life rather than getting lost. I pray you will let your direction lead my life and make it eternal.”

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No matter how hard we practice goodness, we feel lost and discouraged at some point. Praying to the Universe for guidance and having total faith in the direction can save us from doing wrong. While stepping out for your work, pray to get the direction for your best.

Also, when you feel confused, tired and hopeless, it’s the right time to ask for guidance from the source. Train your mind, and it is hard to believe in your prayers because those who believe their prayers get answered in no time.

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“Thank You Universe for providing me with all the wisdom, great mind and the right understanding to choose wisely. Thank you for making me wiser than I ever thought and keeping my mind updated from ever new things happening around me.”

Prayers to The Universe for Abundance

“Thank You Universe for all the money, luxury and a life most of the people only dream of. I thank you for all the glory, Love, Peace and loving family to inspire me to do more than I can. Thank you for Everything.”

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An abundant life is when you have Everything in balance, work, family, friends, mental peace, happiness and wealth. Often there is always something lacking in life to seem like a perfect one. Saying Prayers to the Universe for money or anything else means inviting them more into your life.

Also, if you feel a lack of money, peace, or anything, being grateful to the Universe is a way to force him to provide you with more. Here is a short but powerful prayer to the Universe you may say whenever you feel lacking.

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“Dear Universe I thank you for dropping the seed of desire in my heart and making my mind to work and receive that. I thank you for the things I have and The things that I am about to receive in the coming days.”

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Night Prayers to The Universe

“Thank you Universe for a great day, for the people I met and for the things I did. I thank you for giving me a chance to make it meaningful. I thank you for my healthy body, good day and peace in mind. Let this night heal, recharge and rest my mind, body and soul.”

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It’s important to reflect on your day and show your Gratitude for all the good you experienced. Try to take a few minutes before bed or while lying in bed and say Thank You to the Universe.

If you go to sleep with a grateful heart, believe me, you are going to wake up the following day with a healed mind and a joyful heart. The Universe never fails to provide Everything to those who show their gratification for even a little.

Prayers to The Universe Images

“Thank You Universe for Everything that happened to me, Everything I received, every person I met and every task I completed. Accept my Gratitude and make me more worthy of it. “

Prayers to The Universe for Manifestation

“Dear Universe, I work with my full dedication for the things I want to have in my life. I pray you let those things happen to me in the most magical way. I am already Thanking you for hearing my wish and making it my reality.”

Prayers to The Universe Images

Often people ask me, “How to pray to the universe for manifestation?” In order to manifest something, you need to match the frequency of the person after manifestation. While manifesting, you need to remind yourself what you are asking the Universe to do for you.

Repeated reminders help you keep your faith and frequency up and be ready to receive what you manifest. Most importantly, repeat the affirmation with closed eyes and imagine with open eyes as much time as you can throughout the day.

Prayers to The Universe Images

“Dear Universe, Thank you for sending the river of money in my bank account. Thank you for sending the people who are good for my mental and emotional health. Thank you for granting me the abundant life I wished for.”


What Is the best time to pray to the Universe?

The best time to connect to the Universe is early morning when the atmosphere is silent and helpful. Also, when you are about to sleep because it’s when your mind is calm, affirming or imagining this time is a powerful reminder for manifestation.

Also, when your mind is doubting or creating negative self-talk, it’s crucial to pray and remind yourself that your desire is different from unnecessary mental chattering.

Final Words: Universe is running through your veins, developing connection to the universe is a way to know yourself better. Universe has everything we human beings crave for and one of the best ways to do it is using Prayers to The Universe. 

The secret of all happiness is in your mind so let your mind connect the universe and work all the wonders you have been thinking of. Asking for the Universe or praying for everything you want to achieve, receive and create is a way to create a stronger connection. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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