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Challenges are a never-ending part of our Life which sometimes make us feel hopeless. If you are tired of solving Life’s puzzles and want to get rid of them, one Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times will help you.

I am a survivor of all types of issues such as family, mental, emotional, and physical. After crossing them, the only thing I learned is, “God is Great, and He can do wonder if we can pray”.

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“Good Lord, The way you helped me overcome Life’s challenges, I pray you to do the same with the person reading these texts. Amen.”

Every struggle is a key to unlocking the door that opens a new potential locked within you. Changing perspective and having complete faith in God will provide enough strength to cross them.

This article will share some powerful, easy, and effective prayers which will strengthen and protect you during difficult times. Before we go to the main topic, “Catholic Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times”, let’s see what the Holy Bible says about challenging times.

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times Bible Verses

1. Psalm 9:9-10 “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

Trust, Faith in God is the only thing one requires to survive Life’s struggle easily and happily. God never ignore those who depend upon his will. I believe in ” Do your duty and let HIM do his.”

4. 1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you.”

As a father, God has to protect us, care for us, love us as we are, and HE DOES. Yes, He does; it’s we who lack sometimes; He Never forgets us.

He has repeatedly reminded us that He loves us, cares for us, and always protects us.

8. Mark 9:23 “And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.”

So, instead of worrying too much or feeling hurt too much, it’s best to sit and pray during difficult times. Remember, “If you can Believe, You can do.”

Here is a Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times that has helped me always.

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times for Family

“Dear God, I am tired of keeping my family together and making them understand the value of each other. Now, it’s getting more challenging for me to keep my family together. I pray you, please help my family members help and support each other mentally and emotionally. Bless us with enough patience and let our struggle pass and good times enter our Life. God, Amen.”

Unfortunately, when challenges come, it affects the entire family. Sometimes, it’s more challenging for members to cope with those hard times.

It’s when you need to stay patient with the situation and your loved ones until the time passes. One Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times, used by everyone or only one, can invite God to your Life and wait to let the time passes quickly.

“Heavenly Father, Bless my family with more courage, patience, love, and care for each other so that we can easily pass this difficult time. Please help us stay strong, be wiser, and cross every challenge on our way together. Strengthen us, protect and bless us with more happiness, Lord.”

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times for A Friend

“Dear God, MY friend is losing hope and feeling Lost these days. He is going through many challenges, and he is unable to solve his challenges. I pray to you, Lord, to help him and guide him to pass these hard times calmly. Help Him, protect him and strengthen Him Lord, Amen.”

Seeing your friend in trouble can make you tempted to help him. When you aren’t is able to help, sometimes it creates guilt for not helping your friend.

There is no need to feel guilty because helping friends is more manageable than keeping him in your prayer and asking God to help him. When you pray for some time, you help them become strong and wiser.

Here is a Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times you may use for your friend to help and guide him.

“Lord, My guide and strength, today I pray for my friend [Name] to become more solid and calm during the hard time they are experiencing. Let your guiding light stay around him and take away all the worries they are experiencing. Let their hard time pass soon, Lord, Amen.”

Short Prayer for Strength and Courage in Difficult Times

“Dear God, help me go through my current challenging times and move on with a positive mindset. Provide me with enough courage to stay calm and conscious about my future Life. Amen.”

Challenging time brings a lot of change in our Life, including impatience. The best way to easily cross a hard time is to stay calm in mind, Which isn’t easy.

The best way to have more patience during a challenging time is to pray more and wait for the time to change.

Here is a short Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times you may use to keep your mind calm and patient.

“Heavenly Father, Please Help me stay calm and think about a brighter future after this tsunami of my Life. Help me pass this time efficiently and raise my faith in your mercy. Amen.”

Short Prayer for Strength and Healing Images

“Heavenly Father, My only savior, Heal my past and bring more peace to my heart and mind. Strengthen my weak mind and make it strong enough to cross any situation coming on my life path. Amen.”

Hard time is the outcome of some of our known or unknown past, Karma. Our healer’s world has done miracles by healing the past and inviting more health, wealth happiness in Life.

If you are not interested in going through the healing process, pray and ask God to heal you. You may use this short Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times that help you move on with your Life.

“Lord God, I pray you, please forgive my past mistakes and show your mercy by healing my wound affecting my present Life. Let your healing light heal me, guide me and protect me from panic attacks and mental illness. Amen.”

Final Words: I hope you get over your struggle time soon, and one of the above, Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times, will help you do so. Have faith in God and allow him to take you out of all the struggles.

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