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Relationships these days have become challenging, confusing and complex things. If you have been alone and want to know about the Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship, this blog post can be a guiding one for you.

It’s a bond that requires significant sacrifices, understanding and willingness to do it. When two people share their creative energy with each other, it must be fulfilling. It’s one of the reasons you might be concerned about your future bond.

When you believe in God and ask for the right one to meet you, God Himself prepares you for that. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the Signs God is Preparing You for a breakthrough in your life.

Signs God is Preparing You for a Relationship

1. Inner Growth and Healing

Whether it’s a first relationship or another, a person needs to be ready to share an emotional bond with another person. The bond that doesn’t only require presence but energy to nurture the relationship.

I have met many people who feel frustrated by being single not knowing that they need healing and become ready for it. Relationships are meant to fulfill each other so until the person is truly ready for it, a soul mate doesn’t appear.

One of the first and very visible Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship is that you sense that you are ready for it. Also, if you have any past and bad memory or fear about it, it will disappear before you meet the right one.

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2. Increased Patience

Patience is one of the most essential ingredients to a successful relationship. It’s the lack of patience that is causing conflicts and turbulence in most of the relationships. If you don’t find yourself comfortable and patient with others, you are not ready yet.

Being in a relationship means accepting and enjoying every flaw of the other person. It might not be the actions that you like very much but when you accept someone as they are, the relationship becomes beautiful.

Therefore, one of the other essential Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship is that you feel calmer and patient with other people and situations. Be patient with your life, events and live in the present moment, the right one appears at the right time.

3. Alignment of Values

Relationship is a responsibility that includes accepting, adjusting and managing a lot of things, even the values. Two people are not always carrying the same values in life, so chances are always things can get conflicting.

If you are desperately waiting to meet your partner, know that the more time you wait and develop yourself the greater your relationship will be. Delay also means God is checking your patience, meeting with the wrong one means He is teaching something.

One of the Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship is that you develop a sense of understanding other person’s values and lifestyle. When you start accepting others values, habits, perspective, know that you are ready for sharing your life.

4. Open Doors and Opportunities

When it comes to relationships, especially the romantic ones, desperation and frustrations is an effective way to delay your destiny. That’s why one needs to be patient, work on themselves and live the fullest.

When you grow yourself, heal yourself, you start attracting people in various ways. In order to give you the opportunity to grow, God puts circumstances in your way. When you easily cross challenges, conflicts with people you grow yourself.

When you feel comfortable with everyone and meet new people unexpectedly, it’s one of the Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship. Many doors and opportunities naturally come your way and it aligns with your interest as well.

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5. Confirmation from Others

Have you been waiting for a long time to meet someone for a relationship? If your answer is yes, it means your friends and family are aware about your status. As you might have noticed, not meeting the right one means you need to change something in you.

Friends and family are like mirrors to us as they keep telling us our mistakes and goodness. When you develop yourself, your talking way, your behaving way, it’s visible in your personality.

If you find people appreciating you recently, it’s one of the Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship. They might be advising you recently to get involved with someone , it’s How God indicates you to step up.

6. Inner Peace

Relationships don’t only need your patience but it must give you inner peace and make you feel fulfilled. Inner peace is the most expensive thing everyone today is looking for. Healing means having a sense of deep inner peace within your heart and soul.

Inner peace indicates that you are walking in the right direction of life. When you feel a sense of rightness and peace, you become more attractive, responsible and capable for everything that comes your way.

Sense of deep inner peace is one of the Signs God is Preparing You for a relationship and moving on, making your life more valuable. Inner peace provides you everything and anything that is required in a great relationship.

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1- How God prepares you to be a wife?

When God guides you for a relationship, you might feel a dramatic change in your choices and emotions. You may feel ready for a new life, new family and responsibility in life.

Most importantly you will feel very confident to live a balanced life while sharing your space and energy with someone.

2- Is my wife a gift from God?

Be a husband or Wife, they are a gift from God, even if you don’t feel right now. Relationships, especially life partners, are the gift from God. Sometimes, we need to work on it and create a life you want to have.

Marriages are the most beautiful relationship that two people keep putting their efforts into and enhance its beauty with time.

Final Words: While the relationship journey is like a roller coaster, having God on your side makes things right with people. Entering in a relationship means starting a life that doubles the responsibility.

If you are noticing all the above signs in your life, know that God is in control and He is updating your life in a mysterious way. If you found this article informative and guiding, share it with someone who might find it helpful.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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