5 Common Signs and Symptoms of Constipation in Adults

One of the most essential functioning parts of the human body is the Digestive system. Any disturbance in this system causes many troubles. If you are looking for symptoms of constipation or going through any digestive changes, this article might be important to you.

We, as humans, eat a lot of unhealthy, healthy and neutral food for taste instead of health these days. The food these days has become the taste for tongue instead for energy to the body and the system that keeps us alive.

Sooner or later, the unhealthy foods we consume are going to affect our system in some ways. With passing time we harm our digestive system by eating a lot of tasty junk. When it starts affecting, the first thing you experience is constipation.

In this article I will share some of the most common Symptoms of Constipation that can become severe if not treated on time.

5 Common Signs and Symptoms of Constipation in Adults

1- Fewer Bowel Movement

You eat, your body digests, uses the healthy ingredient out of it and throughout the rest of useless things. You may consider your digestive system as a machine which is made to digest green foods and vegetables.

Unfortunately, these days no one is interested in knowing what they are made for instead they eat food that gives taste to their tongue immediately. The increasing diseases are the result of the food you consume and the part which your digestive system could not digest easily.

Slowly, gradually, your body gives up and the food doesn’t digest which causes constipation. One of the most common and visible Symptoms of Constipation is fewer and irregular bowel movements. If you are experiencing disturbance in your bowel movement you need to take care of your system by changing your diet.

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2- Dry, Hard or Lumpy Stool

Yes, your stool is a tool that can tell a lot about your health and its life as well. Sometimes, your body reacts to your regular habits and emotions. If you feel challenging passing stool it can be cause of constipation issues.

Either Dry, Hard or Lumpy Stool with a lot of effort can be a sign that you’re suffering from constipation. Know that constipation doesn’t happen in one day or a week but it’s the outcome of a regular unhealthy eating habit.

As soon as you start experiencing these Symptoms of Constipation, make necessary changes in diet and include some physical movement in your routine. It can help you to some extent but if it’s helpless, you need to take a treatment for the same.

3- Stomach Ache

The undigested food, If not taken care, is not less than poison to the digestive system and other organs. When you eat hard food which isn’t suitable for the human system, it doesn’t digest easily.

People keep forcing the system to digest hard food and with time they weaken their system by their wrong choices. Sooner or later, the system goes out of power to digest junk and hard food.

One of the other common Symptoms of Constipation is stomach pain on a regular basis. Once in a while is okay but you keep experiencing it regularly, consider it an alarm from your system and find any natural cure to it.

I always suggest to follow some home remedies or natural ingredients to cure your constipation and lighten yourself.

4- Feeling of Indigestion and Nausea

The feeling of Nausea is nothing but your system wanting to throw something out of it. Undigested food, if stayed longer in the system, forces the food out of it by throwing it from upside.

Eating unhealthy food affects your system in many ways and makes you feel unwell all the time. Just a reminder, it’s not a one day process, it happens when you don’t take care of it for a longer period of time.

When you throw out the undigested food, you feel better and your system works okay until you fill it with junk again. So, one of the other Symptoms of Constipation is the feeling of a filled stomach or nausea.

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5- Feeling of incomplete after Bowel Movement

Last but not the least, if you often feel that it’s incomplete even after bowel movement, you might be suffering from constipation. It is a feeling that gives a sense of something left inside all the time.

It happened because in fact there is a lot stuck into your system that needs to come out. Your mind knows everything that you can’t even think about. It knows where and what toxins are left in your body and it makes you feel so that you can do something for it.

Incomplete bowel movement is one of the other common Symptoms of Constipation. If you feel the same, it’s time to take special care of yourself by eating healthy, thinking positive and using a natural healing method.

Final Words: Your stomach is the main cause behind your better health or not feeling well. It’s crucial to feed yourself healthy food on time and stay fit for the rest of your life. I hope after knowing these Symptoms of Constipation, causes and ways to prevent it will help you live a healthy life in future.

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