The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting | Benefits of Spiritual Fasting

The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting | Benefit of Fasting in Islam | Benefits of Fasting as a Christian | Buddha and Fasting | Benefits of Spiritual Fasting

Fasting is one of the very popular ways to connect to God which has been used since ancient times. In every religion, fasting has been used to grow spiritually and connect God easily.

Be it, Christin Lent, Islamic Ramadan , Jewish Yom Kippur or Hindu Upavasa, fasting has been a powerful tool. It is considered as detoxifying yourself, purifying your soul and being worthy of God’s love and blessings.

Fasting not only has physical benefits but it has various spiritual benefits as well. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting.

The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

1- Deepening the Connection with the Divine

One of the primary reasons people keep fasting is to deepen their connections with divine sources of power. By sacrificing their food and other comforts they show their sense of surrender to God.

Fasting helps to create space in mind and heart to pray more and feel better. In other words, fasting gives an opportunity to connect God effortlessly. It also strengthens the prayer time and other spiritual practices.

During fasting a mind goes to different dimensions where material world, form material to spiritual world. Experiencing different dimensions is one of The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting.

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2- Enhancing Self-Discipline and Self-Control

Discipline is one of the qualities which is essential in life to grow, including material success to spiritual gain. Fasting is a very effective way to develop self discipline and self control.

By fasting you learn to master the worldly desires and impulses. Fasting is an approach that allows you to have control over your mind which is hard to gain control over.

Fasting also helps in attachment and strengthens you to say no easily, if Needed. It lowers the thought speed so one of The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting is to control negative or unnecessary thoughts.

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3- Promoting Inner Peace and Clarity

When it comes to peace, in this rushing world it seems absent from everywhere. Fasting not only allows you to gain control over yourself but it creates peace within you.

In other words, fasting also helps to clear the clutter from the mind and then from our physical world as well. It helps to gain clarity between essential and unnecessary.

While you are fasting, with a calm mind you get more clarity about what you truly want and what’s simply diversion. Therefore, one of The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting is to understand the true purpose of your being.

4- Cultivating Gratitude and Compassion

Fasting means a willingness to have control over daily needs and spend time with the divine. When you have an empty stomach you realize your blessings that others around you don’t have.

Fasting is also a time when you reflect upon your actions which means it increases your awareness. You develop a sense of gratitude for what you have and empathy for those who don’t have even their basic needs.

In other words, one of The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting is to develop kindness, compassion towards others. Also, it offers you a greater purpose of life, responsibility towards humanity and the world itself.

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1- Why is fasting so powerful?

Fasting, in my opinion based on experience, simply means living your essential for God. When we put God over all of our needs, He decides to feed us, fulfill our needs and keep us in our priority.

As we all have read or heard in scriptures that sacrifices are a way to please god. While fasting we sacrifice our basic needs, so why won’t God be happy with us? I believe it’s the way to please and show your love towards God, that’s why fasting is powerful.

2- Why does fasting attract God?

Read this one first, “Somehow, God is drawn to the empty, broken, needy, and weak. As Jim Cymbala says, “God is attracted to weakness.”

We all are the children of One God and he loves us all. Those who dare to sacrifice their meal or have faith in God even during their lowest time are favorite children of God.

In general, we fast to enhance our connection with God because the mind, body and spirit gets cleansed. When we remember God with a cleansed heart, mind and soul, it Attracts God easily.

Final Words: In today’s time, fasting is considered a tool to stay physically fit and detox their body. However, since ancient times, fasting has been a ritual and every ritual is performed to balance the being.

It affect our mental physical, emotional and spiritual health. However, wherever a person focuses during their fasting those areas definitely flourish for them. Therefore for a spiritual person, fasting is a powerful tool to attract God, receiving His love, power and blessings easily.

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