Why is Identity Important

Why is Identity Important | The Importance of Identity and Belonging

Why is Identity Important to a Child | The Importance of Identity and Belonging | Why is Identity Important Essay

Your face, voice, height, color and name are a few characteristics that make you whole and give you an identity. Ever wondered, why is identity and belonging important for children and human beings?

We, human beings, live in a society where recognition is important and it affects us psychologically. There are many factors that create an identity for us and give a meaning to our life.

Think if know one knows you, how does it feel? Not very pleasant, right? We all, even a few months old, need an identity to respond. An identity is crucial for all of us, even a pet responds if you have named them.

In this article I will share everything about identity and Why is Identity Important to a child or to the society. First and foremost, let’s understand the deeper meaning of identity which will directly lead you to its importance.

What is identity?

An Identity can be defined as a bundle of characteristics, traits, beliefs, values and behavior of a person. All the things that make a person different from others, including your name, create an identity.

An identity includes every single characteristic and factors such as name, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion and so on. Identity is also shaped by society, family , friends, culture and so on.

In conclusion Identity is a concept which encompasses internal and external factors of a person that make one unique and different from others.

Why is Identity Important to a Child

Childhood is the stage where a baby starts learning things and society. It’s crucial for a child to make its own identity so that he can develop his characteristics. Let’s understand Why is Identity Important to a child.

1- Self-Esteem Development

Why is Identity Important

Children are like pure clay which does not have any shape or any pre conditioning. In order to shape their identity they require a family, friends and school to learn and shape themselves in a shape.

Have you ever seen a child who lacks praise, love, and attention grow differently from those who receive everything. A child who gets everything such as love, care, name, attention and right conditioning develops higher self-Esteem.

Today’s child is the future responsible citizen of a country who contributes either in development or in destruction. Having an identity for a child is crucial as it helps them grow in a significant way and achieve everything which He dreams of.

Higher self Esteem and confidence is one of the most crucial aspects for a child so it’s one of the answers to Why is Identity Important to a child.

2- Helpful in Making Choices

As you read above the characteristics which a child learns from family, friends and society help them to understand the right and wrong. Even in a family everyone is different even if they are following the same values.

Identity is a thing that is shaped by an individual’s choices. A child experiences various things in the family, with friends and in society. He chose to adopt something He feels is right and leaves the things he doesn’t find interesting or worth learning.

His Identity helps a child to make different choices in every stage of life. The value and belief a child adopts from family helps Him become different from other people in the society. It’s the identity, his personality and behavior that make him choose the right for Himself.

The power and understanding to make choices is one of the other answers to Why is Identity Important to a child.

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3- Helpful in Navigating Challenges

A child from the time he starts growing understanding, experiences a lot of challenges. His identity helps a child to navigate himself in various challenging circumstances. Growing in society, meeting with different people, learning different things help grow wisdom.

Wisdom is an essential thing which guides and strengthens a person to take decisions and think straight. Most of the children find challenges disturbing and make them weak and angry. Sometimes, they get emotionally and mentally sick.

An identity reminds them who they are, what they believe in and helps them make the right decision. Right decision at the right time is the key to a successful adulthood. It’s one of the reasons Why is Identity Important for a child.

4- Crucial for Relationship Building

Why is Identity Important

As we humans are a social environment, that’s why a child needs relationships in early childhood. A child with a good identity express everything with confidence, make and value relationships as well.

Children who have a strong identity positively move forward with anything or one coming on their way. Also, they express themselves in a loud and clear voice which makes them become a good future citizen.

Most importantly, a good identity represents them and enhances their authenticity. It’s one of the reasons Why is Identity Important.

In conclusion Identity is something that helps a child to gain wisdom, do self discovery and evaluate situations in the right direction. Let’s explore the importance of identity and belonging.

The Importance of Identity and Belonging

Identity and belonging are two emotions everyone is looking for and need. Here are some of the reasons behind this desire which make identity more important.

1- Sense of Purpose

Everyone including you and me are working hard and giving a purpose to our lives. Everything we do contributes to the world, either positively or negatively. Identity gives a sense of purpose to live a life full of meanings.

When a person feels valued, being someone who is important, it encourages them to do more and better in life. Having bigger goals, achieving them and making this world a better place not only make you someone but give you an identity people never forget.

2- Increasing Self-Esteem

Knowing who you are, what values you carry and what family you belong to increases the level of confidence. The more good you do to the society, or someone, it enhances your self esteem and makes you feel more worthy.

The identity is something that affects mental, emotional and physical well being. A strong identity, with time, supports creating a healthy and strong society. In other words, you, with a strong identity can move the mountain and help the world become a better place.

3- Resilience

When a person is connected to society, they feel responsible for things happening around them. Be it positive or negative you feel responsible to contribute. The feeling of responsibility helps to have total control over their emotions, especially the negative ones.

Being a society and contributing to society is a way to bring support to many good things. It helps enhance emotional and mental health as well. A person learns to behave, support positively and eliminate what’s not good for them or for society.

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Final Words: Identity is not only important for children but for every individual as it gives a sense of belonging. It’s important because we all need to be someone, do something that makes at least someone remember us after we are gone.

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