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How to Overcome Laziness and Wake Up Early | How to Remove Laziness from Body | How to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination

Living in a world where life is full of distractions, it’s challenging to follow a fixed schedule and stay focused. In such an atmosphere being lazy in the morning is one of the most common challenges the world is facing.

Social media which mostly grabs attention before bed in the night and takes more than decided time. The outcome of one temptation is sleeping late and waking up late in the morning, even if you want to wake up early.

Knowing that waking up early in the morning can give you many benefits from day one, being lazy creates guilt in the mind. If you are one of those who wants to beat laziness and transform their life, this article is beneficial for you.

In this article I will share some tips that will encourage me to wake up early in the morning everyday. Also, I will share the root cause of laziness which you must know. It will help you eliminate the deep emotions which distract you from your goals.

Lets begin with answering you How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early in the morning.

Way to Overcome Laziness and Wake Up Early 

1- Establish a Compelling “Why”

A compelling “Why is crucial for we human beings to be successful in every area of life. If the why isn’t very inspiring and meaningful, no matter how hard you try it won’t work out.

Laziness is one of the main reasons behind failure. Correct me if I am wrong. Delay in finishing the task, postponing the crucial decisions, thinking there is plenty of time to do, is the reason behind laziness.

Morning is the most powerful, productive and life changing time of the day God has blessed us with. Take some time to sit quietly, think about your goal and visions and decide to do it in the morning.

Those who are actually looking for an answer to “How to Overcome Laziness” will surely find some genuine reason. Let your emotional connection with your “Why” help you eliminate laziness.

2- Set Realistic Goals

When it comes to Life Goals or “WHY”, sometimes people set very unrealistic goals. For example if you wake up at 7 am and want to wake up at 5, start with small steps.

Know that your mind and Body are not used to waking up 2 hours so it wont accept your decision immediately. Start 30 minutes before regular time and stick to it for a week.

In a week your mind will adopt a new time then go for next 15 minutes, earlier than that. It’s How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early in the most effective and fun way.

If you try to wake up two hours earlier than your regular time, you might succeed one day, two days or three days but one day you will get tired. Instead of forcing yourself, try to develop a habit, it will last forever.

3- Create a Bedtime Routine

Do you know, Your wake up time is decided by your sleep time? If you sleep late, you are bound to wake up late as your body demands at least 6-7 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

Looking for an answer to “How to Overcome Laziness and wake early means you have a plan for yourself. Right? If you are a night owl, try to make some changes in your routine and go to bed early with a cup of cold milk or a book.

Suggesting a cup of milk or a book simply means you sleep easily as the body doesn’t accept the change easily. When you sleep at the right time, between 10-11 pm, you will naturally wake up before 6. Try once!

Make sure to avoid using any gadgets before one hour to bed, it will naturally slow your system and prepare you for a better sleep.

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4- Optimize Your Sleep Environment

The place you rest plays a crucial role in the quality of your rest. Make sure you take care of it in the most effective way considering your choices and comfort as well.

Have a comfortable mattress, according to your health and sleep in a dark room as your brain gets healed better in the dark. You may use a diffuser using some soothing and relaxing essential oil before going to bed.

Preparing yourself for a better sleep gives a sense of quality rest and preparation for the next morning as well. Have very few things in your bedroom so that you keep your mind calm and focused.

It’s How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early as making your sleep a ritual gives you a better rest and healing.

5- Establish a Consistent Sleep Schedule

As you are trying to develop a habit to change your entire life, knowingly or unknowingly, it will do. Make sure to fix a sleep time and do not break it at your convenience.

Human brain works at its best if it’s trained in the right manner. If you keep confusing it by changing your everyday sleep time, it will never work in the way you want it to work.

In my opinion, if a person can fix their sleep and wake up time, their day will automatically function on time and effectively. All the effort is required in the beginning of your day and the beginning starts with the end of the day.

Yes, your wake up time depends upon your sleep time so you need to take care of your night before planning your day. It’s How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early.

Setting your clock and sticking to it is the simplest way to train your mind to follow it and work in the best and most effective ways.

6- Use Positive Reinforcement

Everybody likes appreciation and as an adult you need to inspire yourself, boost your confidence and appreciate yourself. It’s very obvious that if you will sleep early, you might have to sacrifice a lot of things.

Plan a reinforcement for yourself such as if you follow your decided sleep pattern for a week, you will treat yourself. Or you may give yourself your favorite breakfast in your favorite restaurant and so on.

Once you get used to waking up early you will find yourself a lot of free time and ideas to do a lot of things you used to wish for. Collecting amazing experiences is How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early intentionally.

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7- Prioritize Self-Discipline

Believe me, nothing, Yes nothing matters more than yourself in this world. The world begins with you and ends with you so learn to take care of yourself and do the things you need to do.

Anything that helps you become better, achieve more and enhance your lifestyle is more important than other things. Include more activities and self care activities that make you happy in your free time or in the evening.

Self care activities can be your inspirational answer to How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early in the morning. Activities such as Yoga Asanas, mindfulness, meditations will help you manage your day, increase productivity.

You know the benefits of these practices and after practicing for a few weeks I am confident that you won’t require inspiration to wake up early.

8- Enlist an Accountability Partner

If you have someone who adds value to your life and helps you do better things in life, let them know about your growth or use social media to do it. Some people find inspiration in sharing, if you are the one, you may use it.

Even your phone can help you remind you of your sleep time if you set it to do so. In addition it will keep a record of your progress that you can see from time to time.

I am sure those who are looking for some ways and answers to “How to Overcome Laziness and wake up early” will surely find a way to do it. As they say, those who are willing, will find a way.

Make sure to not disturb your schedule for anything that is less important than your mental, physical and emotional health.


1- What is the main cause of laziness?

Research says that laziness may be caused by a decreased level of motivation, lack of interest, and confidence. I believe the intensity of life purpose is something that makes a person proactive.

So, Laziness means a person hasn’t found His or her life purpose or don’t have motivation to be active.

Final Words: I believe laziness is nothing but lack of genuine goals and life purpose. Those who have found their life purpose don’t get time to waste or being lazy. Therefore, try to find out your life purpose and make it your priority.

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