Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship | Prayer for Restoration of a Relationship

Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship | Prayer for Restoration of a Relationship

It’s challenging to make things right with the person who has already broken their relationship. It requires a lot of patience, a clean heart, forgiveness and willingness to forgive each other.

Relationships, be it any relationships, hold a place in our life and when there is an issue, the mind definitely gets stressed. Therefore it’s crucial to maintain relationships wisely.

In this blog post I will share some Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship that will help you get the person back in life. Read the full article to understand the concept and tips about letting it work fast.

Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship

Prayer for Open Hearts and Reconciliation of a Relationship

“Heavenly Father, I pray you to please provide both of us the right mindset to understand each other. Open our hearts and fill it with love and compassion to listen and accept each other. Let us heal and rebuild our relationship with love, full heart and trust in each other. Amen.”

Most of the relationships fall apart because of lack of understanding and acceptance of individuality. Each one of them wants the other person to change according to them, which is entirely wrong.

When such thoughts come to mind, remind yourself, two people can’t be the same as God has created individuals with different qualities. Use these Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship and acceptance for the person as they are.

“Devine Lord God, Guide and strengthen us to approach each other with love, peace and grace. Provide us so much wisdom that we acknowledge our own faults and be willing to make amends. Guide us to put aside our ego, work together for and create a beautiful relation here after. Amen.”

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Prayer for Restoration of Broken Relationship

“Heavenly Father, Please bless us with the understanding and strength to forgive each other as you have forgiven us. Allow us to let go of all the grudges we are holding for each other and fill our hearts with acceptance for each other. Help us, let go of the past, move on in the future with renewed love. Amen.”

Rebuilding relationships is not as easy as erasing pencil work from papers. It’s challenging to erase the painful past from my mind. However, it’s not impossible for God to do it so prayer and faith in God can do anything.

When you are using some Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship always intent yourself to change not the other person. Ask God to bless other people and change you in areas that are needed.

“Dear God, Bless me with enough patience to navigate this difficult time. Help me remain calm, clean and heal my heart. Let my emotions fish from my mind and prepare to rebuild my relationship with purity and acceptance. May we find strength in Your love and trust in Your timing Lord. Amen”

Prayer for Restoration of a Relationship

“Merciful Father, We both are in pain and I am praying you to please Heal the wounds in our relationship. Bless us with the strength to restore our relationship and find peace and love in each other. Fill our life with your grace, so that we find harmony in each other. Amen.”

One thing is for sure that we only understand and love fully after misunderstanding, heartbreak and pain. Therefore, know in your heart that if you two are really willing to spend your life together, God has a plan for you both.

Have faith in your true love, keep saying Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship and let God take care of the rest. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to give your partner space, stay calm and keep praying even if things don’t seem working.

“Dear Lord, I pray you to Guide us on the path to reconciliation. Show us the right steps that we need to take in order to move forward positively. Give us the patience to talk with each other and work together for a better and peaceful future togetherness. Let Your wisdom enlighten our way, so we may find our way back to each other. Amen.”

Prayer for Fixing a Relationship

“Dear God, Please bless us with your unconditional love and care to make our relationship reunite. Let our relationship be filled with warmth and genuine connection with each other. Amen.”

If you are trying to fix your love relationship God will be the greatest guide to you. Relationships always flourish when it’s filled with unconditional love and care. It will be better if you pray for yourself to heal first.

A healed heart which is filled with love is a powerful one and God listens to those easily. In order to let your Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship reach God, make sure you take care of yourself while praying for them.

“Lord of Peace and Love, I pray you to please take away all the pain I have been through, heal my heart and fill with you precious love. Be with me Lord, guide me and bless me with peace and everything essential to fix my relationship. Amen.”

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Prayer for Reconciliation with Family Members

“Heavenly Father, Restore the lost trust between my family. Let everything including me be at peace with each other and accept the differences without Being judgmental. May we all build a home together where peace, love and abundant flow endlessly. Amen.”

Family is a beautiful bundle of people with different mindset, and opinion. There are always differences between each other. Therefore, understanding each other and being there for each other makes people family.

In order to keep your family together, understanding is crucial to have between members. If you are using Prayers for Reconciliation of a Relationship with family, pray for understanding and unity.

“Heavenly Father, Unite this family and provide each of us guidance and strength to connect each other with respect and care. Let us all support each other as a family and share the same vision for our future. Heal our relationships God, be the reason to keep this family together. Amen.”

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1- How to bring back a lost relationship?

Restoring a relationship isn’t an easy task for everyone. However if you think you both have something left and want to rebuild it can be with a little extra effort. First and foremost, check your true intention and then take steps accordingly.

If you truly want that relationship to move forward, be humble and ready to work hard. Talk to the person, listen and understand them. Ask and offer forgiveness and know that you need to lower your expectations in future.

2- How to make your partner want you again?

If you want your partner to want you again you need to expect less and do more in the relationship. It should be about giving, not asking to give. Be humble, take care of His needs, love selflessly and don’t complain too much.

Appreciate the things he does for you, love yourself instead expecting him to fulfill your needs. In other or simple words, be yourself, independent and learn to take care of your needs. Be romantically involved for love, not only to fulfill your needs.

Final Words: I believe when people leave you, don’t ask them to return as they might misunderstand you. Therefore, you need to sit in silence, check your deepest desire about the person.

If you really think the relationship can be restored, it’s worth trying, then pray with a clean heart, clear attention and let God take care of it. Remember, a long lasting relationship simply means be open to love, care, forgive and forget.

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