Genuine signs of love in a Relationship | Signs That Someone is in Love With You

Love is one of those beautiful emotions that everyone expects from another person. Sometimes, when you are in love with someone, it becomes confusing to know if they love you back or not?

Sometimes, in relationships people get confused if there is love in the relationship or not? If you are the one who is struggling to understand if you are in love with someone or there is love in your relationship, the article is for you.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the intense and true Signs of Love in a Relationship. It will help you figure the status of your love life and work to better your bond accordingly.

True Signs of Love in a Relationship

1- Open and Honest Communication

Communication is one of the easiest ways to recognize what’s in another person’s mind. The language a person uses, the body language or eye contact the person does says a lot about their thoughts.

When it comes to relationships, with how much clarity and honesty the person’s community is a clear sign. If your partner is open about talking everything to you, it’s one of the Signs of Love in your relationship.

When you are in a relationship, you recognize every body language or eye movement of your partner. If your partner or you feel safe, easy and genuine sharing or talking to each other, know you both are in love with each other.

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2- Mutual Respect

Relationships are all about two way communication and sharing everything with each other. While doing that, having a little possessiveness, jealousy or any such negative emotions are common to arise.

However, there should be mutual respect while dealing with any of the emotions for each other. If you both accept and respect each other’s individuality, it’s one of the Signs of Love in your partnership.

Respecting, valuing and respecting each other’s boundaries is crucial in relationships. Treating each other with kindness and compassion is a sign you both value and have genuine care for each other.

3- Support Through Thick and Thin

Being in a relationship means having a backup all the time, especially when you need them. As they say true love will never leave you , no matter what life throws upon you. They will always stick and sit beside you supporting you.

One of the hardest truths of life is that you get alone when you are genuinely in need of someone being on your side. If you have someone who keeps everything aside and sits with you comforting you, know you are the lucky one.

It’s one of the Signs of Love in your relationship that you must treasure and avoid small mistakes if there are some. A true love, the genuine one encourages, supports, guides and comforts the partner in need.

4- Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a powerful act and language of true love even the world needs today. Being kind in a relationship speaks to the depth of your feelings and care for each other. While in a relationship, expressing genuine care and thinking about other people is crucial.

If you have someone who takes care of your tiny things, such as when you come home tired, offering you water or coffee is a lot. Simple act of kindness is a genuine Signs of Love in a relationship.

Simple, thoughtful and caring gestures in relationships strengthen the bond and give you a comfort of belonging. If you have someone who does these small small things for you, know you have someone who loves and cares for you.

5- Shared Goals and Future Plans

Relationship means agreeing to spend the rest of life with each other which also means shareing dreams and desires. There might be differences in each other’s wants but sacrifices and adjustment is the name of Love, Right?

If you are comfortable in sharing your dreams, future plans and find cooperation from the other side, you are with the right one. Sharing goals, dreams and other future plans are one of the genuine Signs of Love in a relationship.

Not just sharing but co operating each other and achieving together is the real relationship. You build a life together that fulfills you both and makes your life exciting. If you do that, you are walking in the right direction with the right person.

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6- Quality Time Together

Being with each other isn’t a big thing but what you do during that time, it makes a huge impact on your mind. Look closely how you feel when you are together and how the conversation goes while being together.

Spending time with each other, feeling high in your energy while being with each other is one of the genuine Signs of Love. Calculate how much time you like cuddling each other, listening to your partner.

Know that partner who loves spending time together, is deeply in love with you. If your partner prioritizes being with you instead of parting with friends, you have found your love for the rest of your life.

7- Empathy and Compassion

Empathy is one of the required qualities in any relationship. Sometimes it takes time to develop empathy for another person, and know the other person. If you think your partner is trying to know you, love you, care for you, you are with the right person.

Even if your opinion is different but your partner shows support and empathy for your decision, it’s one of the real Signs of Love. When it comes to being in a relationship, its crucial to strengthen each other.

If you have a partner, who is emotionally connected to you and expresses their genuine support to you, you are in a healthy relationship. Emotional attunement with each other makes life more intimate and develops better understanding.

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8- Acts of Service

Act of service in a relationship simply means supporting each other in household work and making them feel your presence. Helping your partner in cooking a special dish, baking cake or washing dishes are super cozy.

As they say small acts make a big difference, in any relationship spending time with your partner just to let them realize your presence is precious. If your partner does such actions, it’s a Signs of Love in a Relationship.

Such simple actions are the way they express their care, love and concern about your well being as well. Taking care of the sick or helping your partner even when she or he is fine is a way you balance life and responsibilities.

9- Celebration of Individual Growth

When it comes to partnership in life, contributing and being involved in each other’s thick and thin makes a big difference. Being available for your partner and celebrating their growth is creating extra happiness in a relationship.

Not only during victory but during failure, being there with your partner, making them feel your support is what every partner needs. If your partner genuinely is happy with your growth, it’s one of the true Signs of Love in a Relationship.

Such simple acts like encouraging your partner are signs of healthy partnerships. Support, contribution and getting involved in each other’s achievements helps to build a better life.

10- Physical Intimacy and Affection

Intimacy is one of the strongest ingredients when it comes to a love relationship. Intimacy doesn’t mean only physical involvement but a certain expression that creates romance within each other.

Looking at each other with crazy eyes in public or praising in public for their looks creates great intimacy. If your partner and you do the same to each other often, it’s one of the genuine Signs of Love in a Relationship.

Touching each other, showing your care, looking into eyes are gestures that show emotional depth. These small actions are the sign of deep connection and help strengthen the bond between two people.


1- When real love starts?

Real love isn’t one sided or happens instantly but it takes time to grow. The instant thing is called attraction that might go with time. However, if the instant instinct takes time to know each other, accept each other’s flaws, it might convert into love.

It might take a few months or years to develop that level of love, understanding, acceptance. In other worlds, it grows with time and strengthens with passing events so give yourself time to know your real feelings.

2- What is real genuine love?

Genuine love, real love is the commitment to the growth and wellbeing of oneself and another. It is the intimacy that is achieved only when you have faced your fears, addressed your personal issues, and accepted each other.

Real love is also letting them go if they want to leave with the same affection and care.

Final Words: Being in a relationship means you need to grow in life with them. Your partner needs to be emotionally supportive and be available for you. Not to mention, these ingredients must be in you as well.

These simple yet deep ingredients are a clear sign of a good relationship. If you have found all these qualities in your relationship, know that you have found a partner for life.

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