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Do you know, Your every struggle can end if you dare to make some sacrifices. If you plan to do a ritual and enhance your lifestyle, these 3 days fasting prayer points will help you.

When you decide to sacrifice something essential, God rewards you abundantly. Sacrifices have been taken place for centuries in every religion and community.

Sacrifice your source of energy that allows you to work and do your every day to do things makes you stronger than everything. Eating fruits and eliminating heavy items raises your energy level.

This article will cover the true meaning of Fasting and how to do 3 days dry Fasting and Prayer.


Before we go to the 3 days fasting prayer points, let’s understand the true meaning of Fasting?

What is Fasting and How to Fast for God?

Fasting, in simple terms, is a way to allow to rest your digestive system. It’s a time when you decide not to eat anything heavy or drink for a particular period.

In spiritual and religious terms, Fasting is a way to scarify your essentials and spend quality time with God. The time your body takes to digest the food and convert it into energy, that time you spend with God.

Fasting helps you to concentrate and makes you feel lighter in every sense. The true meaning of religion is to cleanse your system and raise your energy level.


Prayer is a way to open your heart in front of God and confess your love or sins. It’s the easiest way to talk to God for real so that you feel connected to the divine.

Prayer is a dedicated time when you sit and talk to God and share everything you want. It’s also an ultimate act when you mix your emotions and present them in front of God.

Now, Let’s see how to pray effectively for your prayers to be answered. Before praying, be very sure of your intention and choose your word consciously.

With clear intention and proper framework of words, Prayer works for better. Using these 3 days fasting prayer points and praying at a specific time daily works like magic.


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How to do 3 Days of Dry Fasting and Prayer for Job

Dry Fasting for multiple days, either 3 or 7, isn’t easy, also not impossible. I believe, if you are want to fast for multiple days, it’s God’s wish. Often your spiritual wills are from Him only.

If you have Got any such insights from the Holy Spirit, you are blessed. Feel yourself ready for the thing you desire and go closer to God. However, a few things should be considered before starting your three days fasting.

Fix a time and follow that schedule, such as 6 am to 6 pm do dry Fasting, no food, not even liquid. I would like to suggest that you resume your fast by eating something vegetables, fruits.


Don’t forget to fix the time of your Prayer and meditation during your Fasting.
You may use the 3 days fasting prayer points that I will share in this article or make your own, according to your need.

Now let’s see what three days of fasting prayer points for a job are?

3 Days Fasting Prayer Points for A Job and Breakthrough

John 15:7,” If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”

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As you read above Verse, everything is possible under His will, and everyone can fulfill their desire who will ask. Fasting to cleanse yourself and cut all the evil connections prepares you for a better future and brings miracles to your life.

Here are 3 days of fasting prayer points for the Job and real breakthrough.

#1 Anything coming between my job offer, I will cut all the ties to that and invite a real breakthrough in my carrier in Jesus’s name.

#2 The spirit, blocking my Job confirmation, dies or goes away from me and never returns in Jesus’s name.


#3 The call of my permanent and deserving Job offer is on the way, in the name of Jesus.

#4 I already perform better in my current Job and getting prepared for upcoming events in the name of Jesus.

#5 The holy spirit is working and settling everything in my favor to make my journey clear and smooth in the name of Jesus.

#6 Evil spirits around me, getting powerless as my faith is more extensive than fear and God is powerful than them, In the name of Jesus.


#7 Whether I am fully prepared or not, This month is the breakthrough month of my life in the name of Jesus.

#8 This month, my name is shining on the best employee of the year, in the name of Jesus.

#9 All my enemies are gaining better insights about me and changing their opinion in my favor, in the name of Jesus.

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Prayer for Divine Favor and Connection

Psalm 72:12-13: “For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper. He shall spare the poor and needy and save the needy’s souls.”

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God is the only savior you must try to ask for help. The world is a business platform where people trade everything. You may use the above-mentioned 3 days fasting prayer points to fulfill any of your desires.

No matter how hard and desperately you pray, Prayer only gets answered when you pray with a whole heart. In order to let your prayer work, you must develop a stronger connection with the divine soul.


Meditation and prayers are the best way to develop a stronger connection and go closer to God.

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“Dear God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the glory and blessing you have showered upon me. I feel stronger, wiser, and safe; please allow me to feel more close to you, Lord, to decide my future actions more wisely. Amen”

Final Words: I am sure if you can feel the urge to sacrifice everything to get something, your action gets rewarded.


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