12 Powerful Healing Prayers For Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Are you looking for some powerful healing prayers for breast cancer patients? Being a Healer, I can ensure that prayers, along with strong belief, are the most potent weapon against any disease.

Disease such as cancer is not only hazardous but steals all the hope for living many times. However, the latest technology and mass awakening is helping to reduce the risk, and ordinary people are defeating cancer.

In this article of Bigbraincoach, I will share some hidden mind power tips and catholic prayers for breast cancer prayers.

Before we go to the Prayer to rebuke cancer and Mindpower tips, it’s crucial to know the reason behind breast cancer. Knowing the cause helps profoundly to treat any disease with mind power. Let’s see few common impressions that lead to breast cancer.

The Common Reason For Breast Cancer

I won’t discuss it in medical terms as I am not a doctor but a healer. As a healer, for one thing, I am sure that every disease is a reaction to imbalanced emotions.

There are cancer cells available in the body but also the healing cells too. The lifestyle and mental health affect these cells to increase or decrease.

Women, as compared to men, are susceptible to the environment and emotional events. If I have to summer the cause in one line, Continue stress and imbalanced emotions reduce the healthy cells and increase the cancer cells.

So, before you start praying or perform other rituals, one thing is for sure that you have to do, stay calm, happy and take things easily.

Share your healing energy with these powerful prayers for breast cancer patients on social Media. 

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Breast Cancer Prayer For A Friend

 Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“Heavenly Father, My faith in you and your blessing has always been my strength. Today I am praying to you for my friend who is suffering from breast cancer. Let my friend be free from cancer cells and live life happily. Amen.”

The famous saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed, “doesn’t meant being with your 24 hours but be when she needs the most.

When your friend is going through such hard times, your positive and healing energy is what she needs. Pray for her and make her feel you are always there for her.

“Lord, my friend, requires your blessings and protection. She has breast cancer and losing all her positivity and strength. Please remove the cancer cells from her body and let her health grow rapidly. Amen.”

Prayer For Breast Cancer Surgery

 Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“Dear God, hover over those who are going to Breast Cancer Surgery. Show them hope and light, protect them from harm and remove all the fear from the mind of those who have breast cancer. Amen.”

If someone you know is going for cancer surgery, they need your Prayer and support. Keep sending your healing energy through your thoughts and sharing Prayer For Breast Cancer Surgery Images.

Also, If you find anyone asking for prayers on social media, find a few minutes for them and send your support.

“Father, I pray for those who are suffering from breast cancer and going for surgery. Please remove all the cancer cells, let healthy cells grow in her body, and heal them rapidly. Let them feel your presence in the operation theater, comfort them, Lord, heal them. Amen.”

Healing Prayers For Breast Cancer Patients

 Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“Heavenly father, ease their suffering who is asking you for the same. Comfort their pain who are suffering from breast cancer and provide your love and strength. Lighten their path and let their hope in you remove all the fears from their minds. Amen.”

Praying for those suffering from a disease such as breast cancer is the only powerful way to help them. Whether we know them or not, keeping them in our Prayer and sending healing energy is a great cause.

Also, You may share these prayers for breast cancer Images on social media and let them know you are thinking about them.

“Dear God, Let all the cancer patients around the world find comfort and love in your remembrance. Be in their Prayer, comfort them, ease their pain and remove all the cancer cells from their body. Let them heal as soon as possible. Amen.”

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Prayers For Breast Cancer Survivors

 Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“Holly Father, My friend is strong and healing her body after removing cancer from her body, but fear is still troubling her. Provide her wisdom and strength and remove all the fear by replacing it with faith. With you, all things are possible. Amen.”

Fear is the most harmful emotion that doubles the cancer cells in the body. It’s very natural for someone to have a little doubt even after removing all the cancer signs.

Accepting that God’s presence in your life and your faith is beyond everything. Pray and let your heart and mind believe that you are under the protection of the creator.

Share these prayers for breast cancer Images with cancer survivors and let their faith grow more than they do.

“Heavenly Father, I am thankful for all the hard times to pass and cancer cells out of my body. Accept my gratitude and let my faith in you increase more. Please remove all the doubts from my heart and fill them with your love and protection. Amen.”

Prayer To Mother Mary For Healing Of Cancer

 Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“O mother Mary, Our loved one, please help me in removing all the sorrow, cancer cells and heal my body. You brought the savior into the world, show your mercy upon me and lighten my vision. Amen.”

Mother Mary is the purest soul whom God himself chose to raise and protect his child. Asking her for healing energy and guidance to cope up with cancer pain is effective.

Showing your faith in her by praying a few times daily will not only help you heal but will make you strong for future life.

“Virgin Mother, the mother of greatest healer, heal my body and comfort me. Increase my faith in your son and be my inspiration to keep up with you and Jesus. Protect my body, mind and soul from negativity and hopeless situations. Amen.”

Prayer To St Agatha For Breast Cancer

Prayers For Breast Cancer Images

“Dear St Agatha, I am asking you to show your power and pray for breast cancer patients. Ask Jesus to let those families be healthy and happy who has cancer survivors. Amen.”

St. Agatha is a patron saint who showed her love towards God and passion for humanity. Asking her for her co-operation and involving her in Prayer makes your intention more powerful and effective.

You can send these St Agatha prayers for breast cancer patients to the one who is looking for hope and little light.

“O holly St. Agatha, the dearest one to God, I request you to pray for the world and the people who have breast cancer. Pray to remove the pain, suffering, and disease that already sucked their happiness. Pray for the healthy, happy, peaceful and bright world around each one of us. Amen.”

Final Words: I hope you found the proper healing prayers for breast cancer patients. Do share these encouraging words with those who are fighting or asking for prayers on social media.

My prayers and best wishes to all those who are on the road to recovery.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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