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In the growing world and increasing competition, it’s hard to protect ourselves from competitor’s negative vibes. Being a healer, I can tell that kind and authentic people are suffering more than others. If you are one of those genuine people, I will share a powerful St George Prayer to protect you from your enemies.

The world is indeed becoming an unsafe place for peaceful people like you and me. However, God says, living in a favorable atmosphere will never provide you with the chance to know your true potential.

Therefore, learning to live peacefully in unfavorable surroundings is a courageous task. The Good news is God loves those who ask him for it.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share the Information about the Saint for protection and St. George Prayer for protection from enemies at work and Home as well.

Before we go to prayers, let’s see who those saints help protect us from any hostile people/ vibes in Life.

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Name of The Saint for Protection

1- Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael defends the enemies such as devils, re-establishes divine justice, and protects us from any harm from them.

2- Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is another protection saint chosen by God himself, and you can ask him to protect your family from any harm.

3- Saint Catherine of Sweden

Saint Catherine of Sweden is the patron saint of women who protects from any harmful situations such as miscarriage. Praying to her brings joy, happiness to the family, and safety for unborn children.

4- Saint Nicholas of Myra

Saint Nicholas of Myra is popularly known as Santa Claus, who is the protector of children. Asking him to protect your children from any harm is the most effective Prayer a parent does for their next generations.

5- Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is the patron saint for travelers who travel either local, national or international. He also protects from any natural calamities.

6- Saint Benedict

Do you know some devils attack only those who are walking and growing on the spiritual path? Like any physical and mental damage, Saint Benedict protects from any spiritual blockages and helps grow spiritually.

7- Saint Francis of Assisi

It’s very crucial to protect your family members, including your pets. Saint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint for your pets, such as cats, dogs, or other creatures.

8- St. George

St. George is the patron saint of farmers and shepherds who is the soul of the land. He protects those who protect the country and is the provider of food and clothes.

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St. George Prayer for Scouts

“Dear St. George, provide us with the strength and courage to become like you and faithfully serve the country. Please helps us to enhance our morals and become more honest, responsible and do our duty wholeheartedly. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

St George Prayer Images

Scouts are the ones who willingly chose to serve the country and make it a better place for the citizens. They risk their lives for ordinary people like you and me.

In order to do their duties correctly and honestly, they deserve good vibes and prayers from the people. Use this St. George Prayer for Scouts and help them become better people and do their service willingly.

St George Prayer Images

“Saint George, the divine child of God, helps our scouts enhance their dedication and willingness to their responsibilities. Please enable them to become fearless, brave, and kind as well. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

St George Prayer for Protection from Enemies at Work

“Noble Saint George, Spread your wings and take me, including my family and business, into your shed. Show your mercy and let your wisdom and courage be with me. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

St George Prayer Images

I believe enemies are better than those snakes who pretend to be your friend but wish you harm. Getting rid of or staying away from enemies is easy; I found it bloody hard to protect ourselves from fake friends.

I am hoping this St George Prayer will help you to be unaffected from such fake friends. Use it twice, thrice, or whenever you feel getting drained because of any such people.

St George Prayer Images

“Merciful St George, Protect me from those who don’t wish our good but pretend to be our well-wisher. Keep always those enemies from our happiness and family. Provide us wisdom and strength to stay away from such people. Help my family, including me, to remain unaffected from their fake advice and well-wishers. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

St George Prayer Orthodox

“O My Savior, Dear GOD, who provided strength and constancy to Saint George in the numerous miseries. He also maintained for our holy faith; we beg Thee to preserve, through his mediation, our faith from wavering and doubt so that we may follow Thee with a sincere heart faithfully unto death. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

St George Prayer Images

Being orthodox isn’t about forcing others our opinion by following the exact words our holy father has delivered for us. Modern people may not accept us, but it’s crucial to remain strong and follow our ethics.

Use this St George prayer daily and stay positive, solid and allow no one to touch your family or business in any way.

St George Prayer Images

“O holy and Magical St. George, Despite all the prayers and hard work, Life still seems complicated to my family and me. We quickly get affected and influenced by others opinions. Please grant the Orthodox Christians like us, overcome our enemies, and strengthen our community to sustain peace and bliss.IN the name of Jesus, Amen.”


1- What was the miracle of St George?

Saint George promised to offer the dragon if people, in His time, consented to become Christian. Fifteen thousand people including the king of Silence Accepted Christianity and got baptized.

As promised George then offered the dragon and it was a popular event in His time.

2- Do Muslims believe in St George?

St. George has become a place of worship for people including atheists, Christians, Jews, and especially Muslims. Muslims do believe in ST. George with their vows and wishes.

With full conviction and faith in ST. George, place the wishes before the Saint, and believe that it will manifest.

Final Words: To achieve desired success in Life, use one of the St George prayers daily and have a better professional life. For some people, Life is really hard; unfortunately, they don’t feel happy about others’ success.

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Stay Safe, Stay Blessed