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Love is the core of all happiness, and these days it’s lacking in most of our lives. Prayer for happiness and Love helps to attract more loving people and enjoyable events.

Love is a feeling that makes us feel valuable and special in someone’s life. It’s an emotion that makes people stronger and does the unbelievable things in life.


Unfortunately, the world lacks Love and peace these days; If each of us can use Prayer for happiness and Love, it will help the planet vibrate more Love and peace.

This article will cover short prayers for Love and happiness in a relationship. If you are reading this article, Know that I am sending you prayers for everlasting Love and happiness.

Before I share a few powerful prayers for inviting and spreading more Love worldwide, let’s see what the Bible says about Love.

Bible Verses about Love and Happiness

Matthew 22:37, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

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Love and happiness are two essential ingredients to healthy and abundant life. Unfortunately, These days people are searching it into material things, which is entirely Impossible to get.

Surprisingly, These two ingredients are within you; all you need to do is find some time for yourself, sit in silence, connect to God and have it. Also, add this Prayer for happiness and Love in your daily rituals and let your heart overflow.

As These Two Plasm indicates, to be Loved, you must first Love God and feel the happiness you feel in the Love of God.

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Psalm 96:11, “Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice.”

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Catholic Prayer for Happiness and Love


“Dear Heavenly Father, The ocean of Love, Hear my Prayer and allow me to hear you too. Let my heart overflow with the divine Love of you and spread it onto others too. Allow me to be the source of Love and Happiness for my family, friends and others too Lord. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.”

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Let me be very honest at this point; It’s easy to love a human being, a pet, or something most valuable to you. However, Loving someone you have never seen with open eyes, God, is a real challenge.

I challenge you, If you can Love him unconditionally and include him every moment of your life, you will never feel the need for someone else to love you. Does it feel easy? Well, be honest in your heart and practice to receive this unconditional Love and be the source of divine Love for the people around you.

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“Dear Lord, Take me away from the jealously, envy, rudeness, and cruelty. Let me be in under the shade of your Love, kindness, and brotherhood. Accept my Prayer and help me to rise above all the worldly things to dive into your ocean of Love. Amen.”

Prayer for Love and Happiness in A Relationship

“Father, You know that I genuinely care for the people I have around me after you. Sometimes, I feel a gap between people I love, which hurts me. Please Let them realize my feeling for them and fill their heart with pure Love and care for our relationship. Amen.”

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Not all marriages seem made in heaven because of the many conflicts couples have to go through. Sometimes it’s the evil energy around you that comes between you and your loved ones.

Make sure you include a powerful prayer for happiness and Love in your daily schedule. Ask God to protect your relationships from those who are jealous of your happiness.

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“Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with such a loving, caring, and wiser person to fulfill my life. I pray to you to protect our bond and understanding so that no conflicts come between us. I come to you to let our relationship rise, shine and become ideal for others around us. Amen.”

Prayer for Love, Happiness, and Success in Life

“Heavenly Father, The original source of all the happiness and Love, please fill my life with all the abundance. Let my life flow with all the abundance and succeed as a human being. Fill every corner of my life with enough wisdom and Love to balance my spiritual and worldly life all together. Amen.”

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Material life isn’t the actual definition of success, but a life filled with Love, peace, happiness is the real meaning of success. If you desire to live an abundant life, make sure to balance your physical and spiritual life.

Often, we as humans get distracted, which genuinely isn’t a sin, but forcing yourself to come back on track is essential. Use anyone’s Prayer for happiness and Love, mentioned in this article. Let God guide you and make you always stay on the right road.

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“Father, The creator of all the things, Fill my heart with your pure Love, strength, wisdom, and peace. Let my spirit stay satisfied with the things I have in my life and work for what I need. Father, let your wisdom take me to the road that is the true road of success. Amen.”

Prayer for Peace, Love, and Happiness

“Heavenly Father, Shower your peace upon my life and let my spirit fill with the bliss it contains. Let your eternal and pure love overflow in my soul to get rid of all the negative feelings. Shower your blessings upon my family and the Lord; let our happiness and peace come from you instead of this physical world. Amen.”

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Peace is crucial if you want to experience never-ending happiness and abundance in your life. Give every tiny thing you own to God and ask for His Holy Peace in return. Believe me; it’s worth it.

No matter can replace the Love that God Himself pours. In order to be eligible to receive such a blissful, love full, and peaceful life, use one of these prayers for peace, Love, and happiness every day.

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“Holy Father, Everything I have gained in my life results from your Love towards my family and me. Please accept my heartful gratitude for all the blessings. I pray you to keep showering and protecting all the blessings and us from any evil eye. Amen.”

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Friday Blessings and Prayer for Happiness and Love

“Dear God, I pray for all those who have been working hard since the week started. Let their weekend be filled with pure Love, togetherness, and many precious moments. Let their every desire get fulfilled as they have sacrificed many things to achieve them. Amen.”

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Friday Morning is an extra exciting morning as it’s the beginning of the weekend. The best way to start your weekend is to pray for your family and happiness using this presented Prayer for happiness and Love in this article.

Allow God to plan your weekend as He is the creator of this beautiful world, including all of your material blessings. Pray and share your wishes with your loved ones, close ones, even your professional buddies. As they say, “Sharing is Caring,” so show your care by wishing them health, wealth, and happiness this weekend.

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“Father, let my Friday be the best day of the week as I pray to you for more Love, happiness and peace around me and worldwide. Please have mercy upon us and bless us with all the happiness, Love and luxury your children deserve. Thank you again Lord, Amen.”

Catholic Prayer for True Love and Happiness

“Dear Lord God, Your Love is my ultimate need; however, I genuinely desire to share my happiness, sadness, and life with someone. Please let the right person walk into my life. Please provide me with enough wisdom and courage to recognize and ask them to share my Love and life. Amen.”


Having no person to share your daily life sometimes really feels lonely. If God has blessed you with all the physical life, there is no problem sharing with someone you want to.

If you haven’t found the right partner for you, Yet, then use this Prayer to meet your true Lover of life. Ask God to answer your Prayer for Love and happiness and wait for your time. Sometimes you meet the right person at the right time, and your time is about to come.

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“Heavenly Father, Thank you for all the glory you have poured upon me. Forgive me if I am asking too much, but I truly want someone to love me unconditionally and share everything I have. I want to be the reason for someone’s happiness and light for their dark time. Allow me to meet the right person you have made for me dear Lord. Amen.”

Catholic Prayer for Happiness for A Friend

“Heavenly Father, My friend [Name] is in need of my Prayer and your mercy. I pray you to bless him with all that He needs right now. Protect him from all the adverse situations and provide him with enough strength to pray and stay strong. Amen.”

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Having a genuine friend who cares for you and wishes your good is the highest level of blessing from God and the result of your good Karma. I believe it’s a relationship that needs most of your Love, care, protection, and Prayer.

Including your friend, who is in need, in your Prayer is one of the kindest things you can do today. You may use this Prayer for the happiness and Love of your friends and let God take care of them.

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“Dear God, Please bless my friends and protect them from any painful situation and evil person. They color my life Lord, I pray you to color their life with all the color of happiness and Love. Amen.”

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Short Prayers for Finding Love

“Dear God, Guide me to open my heart to the person You have created for me. Lead me to the one who shares in Your grace and kindness. Grant me patience as I wait for the right person, and help me recognize them. Amen.”


As they say when you look for something or someone, you will surely find it. It’s crucial to keep your mind and heart open to recognize that person. Often people get confused as their mind is messy and not focused on life.

You may use this prayer for happiness and love you are looking for. Make sure to not get obsessed but stay focused on other important things in life. That’s how God helps in recognizing the right one at the right time.

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“Heavenly Father, guide my steps toward the love You intend for me. Bless my journey with encounters that align with Your purpose, and grant me discernment to recognize the person You have chosen to share in Your love with me. Amen.”

Short Prayers for Happiness and Love

“Gracious Lord God, in Your infinite love, lead me to the joy that comes from embracing Your will. Help me find happiness in gratitude, kindness, and the beauty that surrounds me. May Your love be the source of my true and lasting joy. Amen.”

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When it comes to love life, it’s crucial to love yourself in the first place. Never burden yourself on others but love yourself so much that they gravitate towards you.

You may use this short prayer for happiness and love which will help you stay aligned and attract happiness in your life.

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“Heavenly Father, fill my heart with Your boundless love. Teach me to love others as You love me, and guide me in creating relationships built on compassion and understanding. May Your love shine through me, bringing joy and warmth to those around me. Amen.”

Short Prayer for Love Relationship

“Heavenly Father, bless our relationship with the power of love. May Your grace guide us, and Your understanding bind us together. Let patience be our virtue and forgiveness our strength. In Your name, we seek harmony and lasting love. Amen.”

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It’s crucial to be grateful for the person you found love in the first place. It’s a relationship that genuinely is the deepest one so it’s important to bless your love and the person everyday.

You may use this short prayer for happiness and love you have already found. In addition it will help you radiate more love and happiness around you.

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“Lord, grant us the wisdom to communicate with kindness and the humility to listen with empathy. Bless our relationship with a deep connection that reflects Your love. May our actions and words be a testament to the bond we share. Amen.”


1- How do you pray for true love?

In order to let your love appear in your life, radiate love and gratitude. While praying express your faith and gratitude for God and imagine what kind of life you will have after meeting the person.

“Dear God, Loving Essence of all there is. Please fill me with your sacred presence. I ask for your love, guidance, and blessings as I explore the deep reaches of my heart. I ask for your assistance in releasing that which stands in the way of true love.”

Final Words: Unlike me, There are thousands of people sending you prayers for everlasting Love and happiness around the world. Asking God to guide you and send the right person in your life is the best way to attract your soulmate.

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Stay Happy, Stay Blessed

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