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Are you experiencing an uninvited struggle in your life and sensing any witchcraft activities around your home or you? If yes, this article offers powerful prayer to destroy Witchcraft and make you feel at ease and blessed.

Prayer to Destroy Witchcraft Images

Believe me, I can sense the troubles you are going through because I have already been there. The exciting part of my story is that I perceived the wrong with my life but shared my doubts with the person doing it.

In this article, I am going to share catholic prayer against Witchcraft. Also, I will share a few extra tips and ways that will help you remove any negative energy from your home, surroundings, and you.

Before we go to the main topic, It’s crucial to understand the true meaning of Witchcraft or unethical activities.

True Meaning of Witchcraft

Witchcraft includes two words: witch and craft, which means crafting or doing witchy activities in negative ways. In order to understand Witchcraft more clearly, you must first understand the meaning of witch.

I believe Witches are extra blessed souls who have to gain powers from the universe by practicing spiritual activities. However, human beings are greedy animals; sometimes, they use their gifts to harm others.

Such people in society are addressed as evil doing Witchcraft.

Now, before sharing my prayer against Witchcraft, you must understand the signs of a witchcraft attack, for real.

Powerful Prayers Against Witchcraft

prayer to destroy witchcraft Images

“Lord God, You are the highest, holiest and most potent power that can destroy anything on this Planet. I pray you to please let the evil energy go away from my family and me. Amen.”

Witchcraft is terrible, bad karma; if someone is doing it, know that they will suffer more than they could imagine. You, have patience and keep praying; God never wants his beloved children to suffer.

Yes, witchcraft is horribly and highly effective, but God is more than any power. Do not fear evil but enhance your faith in the Good, Lord. He will never let you down. Use this powerful prayer to destroy witchcraft and protect your family.

prayer to destroy witchcraft Images

“Heavenly Spirit of Energy Source, cleanse my family, home and me if we have been affected by any evil energy. Pour your white light upon us, heal us and let your protection shield cover us forever. Amen.”

5 Signs of Witchcraft Attacks

  1. you can sense that your life, happiness, and excitement are slowly slipping away from your life.
  2. For no reason, you are going into debt, your health keeps disturbing, and life has become a struggle.
  3. Family members are falling apart, and conflicts are getting bigger and bigger without any real reason.
  4. Your regular spiritual activities no longer attract you, and you have started doubting the existence of God.
  5. Your house and surrounding seem haunted, and your mouth has no taste. In my case, I had a smelly mouth all the time.
  6. Everything you have worked for suddenly stated, resulting in you. Even others can tell you that something is wrong with your star sign these days.
  7. You have started feeling helpless and no longer desire to get help from others or see a better, bright day for you.

If any of the above points relate to you, believe me, you need to wake up. Also, force yourself to offer prayer to destroy Witchcraft activities and increase your spiritual exercises.

Here are some bible verses to clear your thought and make you believe that God is with those who are victims of evil energy or Witchcraft.

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Bible Verses to Pray Against Witchcraft

1 Samuel 22:23 “Stay with me; don’t be afraid. The man who wants to kill you is trying to kill me too. You will be safe with me.”

prayer to destroy witchcraft Images

Praying to Lord and having faith that He will protect you from evils is the only way to move forward. There are many mediums, and Ghost catchers do not get entangled in their Karma.

God, who rejected to accept evil souls and left them to purify themselves, is with those who walk on the path he had shown. If you are going through a challenging time, Use the below-shared prayer to destroy Witchcraft.

Leviticus 19:31 “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritisms, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.”

Never doubt your protector, savior, and the one who is father, but accelerate your faith during dark days.

Catholic Prayer Against Witchcraft

“Dear God, Holy Father, be my protector and keep any evil, Witchcraft away from my family and me. I pray to you to make me stronger and wiser to recognize the evil. Let my spirit be fearless in your protection and life flourish as it was before. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

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Witchcraft is nothing but using the wisdom, gift of God in the wrong way. You don’t need to crush the person who is doing that but protect yourself. Remember, if someone is blessed with such a gift and using it to harm somebody, they will pay in the end.

All you need to do is keep your eyes open to recognize the person and use prayer to destroy witchcraft someone had done. God is the source of all the magic; If he can create it, He can destroy it.

“Heavenly Father, My life is becoming a struggle these days, and I can strongly sense someone is trying to destroy my happiness, family, and me. I value your guidance, my savior. Therefore, I will never go to any medium but will ask you to destroy all the negativity around my home and family. Let your power become stronger than any other evil source. Amen”

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Powerful Prayer to Destroy Your Enemies

“Dear God, I never harmed a single spirit in my consciousness, but someone is trying to harm my family and me. I still don’t want their destruction, but I want them to clear their heart and think good of others too. I pray to you, Lord, destroy all the hatred of my enemies and let them feel your wisdom, power, and bliss, so they never think bad of my family or me. Amen.”

prayer to destroy witchcraft Images

Wishing bad to those hurting you makes you no better than them. If you walk on God’s path, ask God to enlighten their path so that they too can wish others happiness just like you.

Using Prayer to Destroy Witchcraft and asking for wisdom and mercy for those doing it makes you a wonderful human being. God not only protects you from your enemies, witchcraft activities but strengthens your aura to protect yourself.

“Holy Father, I am sensing some evil, witchcraft activities around me which is making me sick. I don’t know who is doing it, but I pray to you to strengthen me to deal with this evil energy. My savior, protect my family and home so that we can fearlessly walk on the path you have been showing us. Amen.”

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Prayer to Destroy Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Life

When you feel your life slipping from all the highest you have brought it, know someone wishes for it. No need to panic when God is on your side. Use this Prayer to Destroy Witchcraft attacks and protect your life.

“Heavenly Father, I have never felt so helpless, but today, I feel broken when my life is going down. With your grace and guidance, I had built my life around your mercy, and someone is trying to destroy it. Protect me, Lord, strengthen me to fight evil harming my life, and stand tall. Show your mercy and allow me to accelerate my life better than before, In the name of Jesus. Amen”

prayer to destroy witchcraft Images

Downtime is an opportunity to strengthen yourself and accelerate your actions for a better life. Never waste your time searching for help; instead, remember, God is always beside you.

God is always waiting for you to ask him to protect you as He loved his obedient children more than anyone.


1- Is it right to pray for revenge?

Before I answer your question, Let me clarify one thing, the thing you ask for from others, will come back to you in double the amount. It’s the way Karma works, you get what you give away.

Therefore, never wish ill or take revenge but spend time in God’s shelter and ask Him to heal your wound or pain. God has assigned karma to take care of humans’ actions, let Karma do the rest.

2- Can God take revenge for me?

God is the father of every soul either with God karma or bad karma. However, he has created a system called karma, which takes care of each one of our destiny. If someone did wrong to you or you did wrong to anyone, Karma will give its fruit for sure.

Therefore, You don’t ask God to take revenge or think ill for those who harm you. You spend your time cleansing, healing and protecting yourself. Know that Karma is surely taking care of their actions, even if you can’t see it.

Final Words: You may Use anyone’s prayer to destroy witchcraft attacks and protect your family from harm. These malicious activities are powerful, and I know they can ruin lives sometimes.

Accept My prayers for you and your family and hold yourself tight; no evil can harm you when God is on your side.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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